River Janus
the silent king of carus
River Janus is a tall creature, reaching six feet in height, but his towering frame is nowhere near intimidating, in strength, because of his slender shape. His lithe body is built for speed and agility, with hollowed bones perfectly adapted for flight. While light, his body is also strong enough to hold itself against brute force, certainly better than expected. His skull is narrow with delicate features, including tall and vigilant ears, wide eggshell blue eyes, and a pale nose. Covering his slim frame, a thick layer of fur, thicker in areas such as neck and tail, serves him well in the wintery and northern climate of his homeland. His coat is light sand in colour with an even lighter colour painting his muzzle, underbelly, and tail in a long unbroken cream streak. There is also a dark line that follows his spine, starting at the base of River's skull and ending at his tail tip. He has four dark socks which only reach the ankles before fading into the base sandy colour of his coat. Dark splotches and spots, which resemble the markings you would find on the coat of a snow leopard, pattern his brown coat. They are especially prominent around his cheeks, shoulders, and haunches, akin to freckles. Sprouting out of River's skull are two pale antlers, giving him a sort of delicate but majestic appearance.

He has gained scars since the beginning of his reign over Carus. Several of which indicate the number of times River had to battle to preserve his leadership. There is one scar in particular which still bothers him to this day; a conspicuous, and clearly new, scar rips from the base of his throat to the left side of his chest in a jagged line. It serves as a reminder of his face off with Eleniel Tuarwen, a previous Queen of Atrox. It was once a cursed scar, given life by the witch's magic to torment River, but the magic has long silenced. However this old curse may be the reason behind the scar's permanence. Another major scar, inflicted by the same woman, could be seen over River's heart, a leftover from his murder. Now all that remains is the puckered pink scar where fur would never grow over. A vile reminder of the ex-Queen's power and his death. The final scar is a secret, hidden from the world until he speaks. While battling Poltergeist for the throne of Carus, River burned his own throat and this devastating damage has proved to be irreversible thus far. Merely using his voice causes unimaginable agony and so he no longer speaks unless necessary.

River's body does not age. Immortality was bestowed upon the man when he was five years old and now his body remains youthful. The only way he can succumb to death is through violence or illness; old age is not an option for him anymore.
Machiavellian is the best word to describe River Janus. However it does not mean this wolf is in any way inherently evil, though "good" would not be the first word you think when describing him either. He is highly ambitious and he craves success; he would go to any lengths to ensure it. While he is capable of being true and honest, River will never shy away from using means of cunning and manipulation to get the result he desires. He understands that the end indeed justifies the means, and it is his philosophy and life. Inevitably, with those extreme traits, River is an obsessive man. Once his attention is engaged and he focuses his mind on something, he starts to pick it, whatever it might be, apart to see if it would benefit him in some way. Such things that capture his interest often include contrasting ideologies. Think deceit and honesty, loyalty and betrayal, and peace and chaos. Especially peace and chaos. This Lux is desperately in love with the idea of ending the unpredictability of chaos, and thus achieving a perfect utopia with everlasting peace and steadfast order. In fact, River makes it his life ambition to witness this utopia before he dies.

Despite his strict philosophy and hectic obsessions, River can be a relaxed character and he is fairly comfortable with socialising, although he much prefers to be solitary most of times. Just like his much favoured ideology of peace and chaos, his steady nature hides a foul temper underneath, a cruel shadow lingering underneath the calmness. The shadow that is very capable of suddenly rearing its ugly head at any time. It is explosive, sharp, and very likely brutal; once swept up by his temper, River fails to care for collateral damage. Unfortunately, not entirely unlike a forest fire, River Janus's fiery temper does not alleviate as quickly as it flares up.
River was born to two young wolves, Romulus and Frost, along with his three siblings. The birthing was late and therefore a difficult process but, thanks to unfaltering support from the father, both Frost and their children managed to pull through. It was mid spring when the litter was born so the weather was not harsh and food was plentiful, allowing the puppies to grow up without any real difficulties. Once they were old and adventurous enough, the puppies started to explore and getting themselves in various troubles. Many times their parents had to come for them and scold them when they reached home.

One winter day, the four puppies stumbled into a Sabri den and the accidental meeting immediately turned bloody. Only three puppies came home, covered in blood and injuries; they were forced to leave the mangled corpse of their brother in the den. Both parents were relieved that the remaining pups had survived, but enraged that their curiosity had killed one of them. This incident spelled the end of River and his siblings' exploration until they learned how to fend for themselves.

After the incident, their lives progressed relatively peacefully, until a year later when Romulus was killed in a border skirmish. His death sparked the beginning of River's obsessive quest for peace. He believed if peace was present, there would not be a reason for the fight and therefore his father would not have been killed. This broken world was sorely in need for someone to fix this. A doctor, as he sometimes explained to his family. However whenever River tried to share his thoughts, they shook their heads at him, completely dismissing his opinions, and said that it simply was an unfortunate incident, even though he argued that it was something that could have been easily avoided. Seeing that there was no way they could convince him otherwise, the family eventually left River to his own devices. As he got older, the Lux learned how to make his way in this chaotic world, using whatever means necessary. He had lied, cheated, betrayed but he always made sure to cover his trail. Carelessness could, and would give way to chaos and thus costing him everything. His father's death proved him this.
Timeline in Victus
• Survived the Purge, an apocalypse sent by the Gods.
• Carus was destroyed and scattered during the Purge but after the cataclysm River united Lux wolves to form a new Carus and declared himself the new king.
• Axel Trahern, the son of the deity Asmodeus Trahern, returned to challenge River for the throne but lost. • Asmodeus Trahern appeared to River and gifted him his blessing.
• Met Lualia and they fell in love.
• Intense rivalry between Carus and Atrox was sparked by the hatred between River and the Atroxian Queen Andromeda Greenfire.
• Stabbed Andromeda's abdomen with his antlers when she appeared to save Quail from Carus pack meeting, rendering her infertile. Rivalry between the packs worsened.
• Joined Simul and Morvi in an alliance.
• Attacked Atrox to rescue stolen Simul children and a war between the four packs erupted.
• During the chaos of the war, Namasté, the deity of war, appeared and attacked Lualia, who was carrying River's pups.
• Namasté's attack killed one of their unborn pups, which only enflamed River's hate for Acerbus.
• After a brief period of peace, packs and groups started to clash when divine items fell from the sky.
• River took the Black Sun in his possession after fighting Valypto and Nocturne for it.
• After being plagued by nightmares, River and other alphas were led to the Immortal Forest by Indira and Vythica.
• They were told of a plan to avenge those who suffered during the Purge. They were told that the Gods deserved to die
• A ritual was performed and River, Nocturne, Indira and Vythica each performed their part which led to the deaths of the Gods.
• However, River could not remember what had happened after the Great Battle. But they soon found themselves in a new Victus, without the Gods.
• Another brief period of peace was shattered by the arrival of Mirrorion.
• Eleniel, who was Andromeda's beta, paralysed River in his sleep and killed him to assert her new power over him.
• But after some time, she resurrected him to ensure that he did not forget her power and his death.
• Breaking away from Lualia and unable to return to Carus due to unresolved guilt and pain, River surrendered to a life of endless wandering.
• However, after some time as a wandering hermit, River encountered Asmodeus, the current King of Carus, once more and was offered the deputy rank.
• His time as a beta in Carus was uneventful (with a minor exception of kidnapped pups).
• After some time, a stricken Asmodeus, unable to continue as the reigning monarch of Carus, stepped down and named his wife, Poltergeist a Queen. However, River could not stand by and so he challenged her for the throne. He emerged victorious, but he lost his voice in the process.
• River has a particularly strong affinity for time control. This ability to manipulate time has manifested itself in every Janus child and more often than not they master it by the time they reach adulthood.
• As a Lux wolf whose heritage is descended from the night sky, he has an innate power over stars; star keeper is another power in his arsenal that he is very proficient at.
• While he is not as skilled as he is with two powers above, River frequently turns to elements, particularly fire. Compared to the subtleness of his time control and the elegancy of his star keeper, his elemental powers are unrefined, unpolished, and thus very dangerous. Additionally, instead of taking on the usual orange colour, his flames burn red.
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