Mira Prati

the moment's gone, there's no surrender. forever now unsaid, the words that might've melt december

FULL NAME: Mira Prati

AGE: Immortal

GENDER: Female



PACK: Simul

RANK: n/a


HEALING: info here
IMMUNITY: info here
ENERGY: info here
VENOM: info here
360: info here
TIME CONTROL: info here
GHOST: info here
AURA READING: info here
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It was clear from a young age that Mira would be far from your typical, average female. Y'know, those pretty little girls with their lithe forms and slender curves. Instead, from the very day she was born, she was much larger than average. The proof was all in her paws. Those big, floppy paws that no one thought she'd ever grow into. Well, she did and they're still just as big, along with the rest of her. She'ls bulky, albeit not due to fat. Never that. If you even considered that Mira would let herself go like that, you'd have to be insane. Toned muscles, a hint of the past she spent mostly on training, make up her physique as she stands tall and proud. Clearly, she feels at ease with her tall body. She takes pride in her more masculine, powerful body. Who wants to slink around, anyways? She doesn't need that. Her long limbs are much better, in her opinion.

It's probably best to not take it personally when it appears that Mira's stern, golden eyes are glowering at you, because half of the time she truly isn't. Alright, well, maybe a quarter of the time. She has a fierce presence to her. Razor sharp, long saber-tooth fangs sprouting from her mouth and vicious spikes on the end of her long tail only add to this effect she has on others. It doesn't help, either, that the she-wolf is hardly ever seen smiling. When she does attempt a smile, her fangs make it look all too silly. Instead, she is, more often than not, found with a serious, nearly blank, look on her face. Because of this, she is often viewed as unapproachable. Don't worry, I don't blame you. Many view it as that way, although she doesn't seem to truly care.

Blessed to blend into her homeland of Simul, Mira's fur can make for wonderful camouflage. Natural hues of nature can be found embraced in her fur. While blue isn't a common colour found in nature, it blends into a shade of green. This blending process continues, with this green morphing into a lighter green, which then processes into a muted yellow, that ends up with an off-white colour. Naturally, like the rest of her appearance, her fur is coarse and rough to the touch.

If you're looking for someone to feed you sugar coated lies about how your fur hardly makes you look fat, I would highly recommend Mira as your go to for these charming compliments that make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Not. If someone comes crawling to Mira simply just looking for an ego boost, they won't get it. With a tongue that drips venom - quite literally, in some cases - she isn't afraid to bluntly tell another her opinion of them, nor may remarks that borderline a more sardonic attitude. There's, in her opinion, no point in lying. Anyway, why would one want to hear such petty words that don't mean a thing? Not to mention, her "critiques" could actually be helpful. At least, she likes to believe this. After all, if you point out that someone is an annoying, bloody idiot, then maybe they'll eventually see the light. Even if they don't, the "constructive criticism" is still there. Mira doesn't seem to realize that sometimes - "sometimes" - her words can come off too harshly. Honesty is the best policy, isn't it?

If it hasn't been made clear already, Mira is far from a warm, maternal driven she-wolf. Instead, she can be viewed as a serious case of killjoy. Bets have been made that she is incapable of truly cutting loose and having a good time. She is much too serious for an of that. Even when she was a pup, her days were spent training in the art of fighting, rather than socializing and "play". In fact, her definition of play probably has something to do with sparring or some other straining activity that others would simply groan at.

It's a known fact that this fiercely driven wolf seems to have a "one tracked mind". Yep, it's proven in her that it isn't just males with such a focused mind. Naturally, her's is focused more on Simul than anything. To a fault, she is extremely loyal to her pack. She has no problem pushing well passed her limits if it means a better outcome for the pack in which she grew up in. While you can call her what you will - such as a sour, old prude - there's no denying the lengths she would go to help out her packmates, even if her ways can be a little.. pushy. Only just a little, though.

To complete this serious picture that is painted of Mira, she is more of a realist than anything. She is down to earth and focuses more on logic than dreams. While she can actually be quite the reckless firecracker - willing to charge into fights without looking back - she does have some sense in her mind. Her very tactical, strategic mind. While her tactics are more often than not blunt and too the point, she does indeed have a brain. She isn't all brawns and no brains; not in the least.



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