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Seether   Asmodeus Trahern   Star Keeper
∞ (XIII) / Male / Lux / Played by Jahi



Upon the gallows of judgement I stood ever the picture of immaculate fortification, a Bastille of unwavering tenacity that wove grand fables of a malignant war. A behemoth - a titan cast in mortal flesh - I did not quaver as the verdict passed by those rugged lips and my own quirked a slanted smirk brimming with an almost boyish, debonair charm.

[Listen, mortal]. Burly masculinity forged by the voraciously persistent guidance of vigilant savagery; midnight silk effortlessly stitched upon timeless flesh. He stands bathed within the musk of a devils acrid ash ever unwavering, perpetually undaunted from the towering spires of smouldering opposition. Cowardice. Fear. Determination. Hope. Emotions are obscured beyond the stoic mantilla of audacious intrepidity fleeing only in the light of fatal urgency. Seemingly moulded by the image of Nocturnia's enkindled scourge he poses as a monolith to predatory magnificence sleuth, cunning and coiled in a silhouette of gallant artistry portrayed always as the immortal warrior. Marred by the impassioned lacerations of hostile brutality immortal flesh is torn asunder; laden and sullied through the voracious appetence of hellacious destruction, unsightly scars peer beneath the thick pelt of shadow-stained obsidian. Carved from the corner of his right jaw down the pillar of his throat lies the deepest slash - the others lost upon the canvas of honed sinew and silk-sewn tresses. Auditory perception surrendered to ruination, the left cartilage torn and shred by malicious inclination. Dissuaded not by abnormal mutilation shall refined beauty reflect through the boyish coil of coal painted lips or a visage heralding claim within the house of dominions fervent reign. Stark gaze of oceanic slumber peers unrelenting, cold and harbours all the compelling allure of Medusa's lethal glare. Bow and bend. Obey.


Her skin was a masterpiece created through the guidance of scrutinous divines; her features flawless, her mind a boiling kettle brimming with knowledge and her body /w a n t i n g/. I could not deny the savagery behind those eyes for I craved it — I demanded the lust of her lips tracing mine. Above all else I yearned to see her fall upon those seraphic knees and /b e g/.

Stubborn - Passionate - Destructive - Domineering - Arrogant - Family-oriented - Charismatic - Womanizer - Possessive


I remember... falling. Cascading winds cast immortality into abyssal nothing where smog became a comforting cradle until all that remained were brisk, veiling shadows. Fire burned; searing plague tore like maelstrom talons throughout the fibre's of my entirety. Torn asunder, robbed of power, I fell from the heavens to walk amongst mortal kin a bitter remnant of who I had once been.

  • Born between the loveless coupling of Pieire and Riodion.
  • Pieire vanished - forever - into the mountains to birth her litter of two, Leviathan and Asmodeus.
  • In that time Riodion was with an unknown female who gave birth to Asmodeus's half-brother, Nocturne.
  • During their rearing, Pieire kept the two pups within the mountains. They developed a close bond and began to distrust their mother, seeing her selfish desires.
  • As the pair grew older, Pieire began to grow more distant and violent towards her children.
  • Riodion's brothers - members of one of the neighbouring packs - discovered the trio within the mountains and set upon Pieire.
  • During the attack, Leviathan and Asmodeus had fled to safer ground unknowing of the death of their mother.
  • Lived alone with Leviathan for a year after the attack.
  • Despite their bond, Asmodeus fed into hormonal demand and attempted to rape Leviathan to which he'd sustain life-threatening injuries that would scar him.
  • Was found by a wandering wolf, Onoskelis, who had healed and mended his battered form.
  • Tamed his first shadow, a coyote named Jaikari.
  • Grew close to Onoskelis while in recovery and eventually became mates with her.
  • Onoskelis went missing not long after, his searching efforts leading him deeper into Victus territory.
  • Eventually began to lose hope in finding Onoskelis and found comfort in multiple women, one of which he'd continue to persue - Poltergeist.
  • Had an unknown litter with Ansleigh Entlier. The litter consisted of Larsa and Ruark.
  • Had an unknown litter with Tunet Zmeu. The litter consisted of Alethea, Kaede, and Daedra.
  • Had an unknown litter with Issar Sterben. The litter consisted of Satiara and Arabasti.
  • Stumbled upon the abandoned pack of Carus and took claim of it.
  • Began an affair with Lacrimosa, his shaman.
  • Continued stalking the mysterious witch, Poltergiest, and freed her from Atrox. He did not return her to her home of Simul much to the witches disdain.
  • Discovered the purification ritual to cleanse Poltergiest's invisus blood and became mates with her, making her Carus's queen.
  • Had his first known litter of pups with Poltergiest. The litter consisted of Celeste, Yaminah, Rentaar, Avarice, Bambelina, Enpharmos, Hamaliel and Annalise. At the time these were not his only existing children.
  • Began capturing acerbus and invisus wolves for the purification ritual. Purified over twenty wolves; many did not survive the procedure.
  • Claimed his second and third shadows, twin kaliki's named Shivali and Rais.
  • Onoskelis returned and having his emotions conflicted, began having an affair.
  • Onoskelis challenged (and won) Poltergiest for the right of being Asmodeus's mate and the title of queen.
  • Challenged Æstus for rights over Lazuli Falls and won. The battle earned Carus an alliance with the defeated pack.
  • Had his second known litter with Onoskelis. The litter consisted of Alexandria, Liam, Saul, Caralise, Atticus, Axel, Adyta, and Lucien.
  • Joined in the war against Ferus where he had lost his life only to be reborn as the deity of command.
  • Lived within the immortal forest where he had an affair and litter with Nineve Greenfire. The litter consisted of Vythica, Apollo and (a pup I forgot because DAD OF THE YEAR RIGHT HERE).
  • Interfered with the war mainly between Atrox, Carus and Simul where he assisted in putting it to an end by attempting to drown Quail and saved Lualia from Namaste.
  • Protected Carus during the great purge where the two Gods were slain and victus were thrown into a parallel world.
  • Sacrificed his deity powers and status in order to restore Victus to its former state.
  • Entered a stasis meant to heal his injuries from the sacrifice. His hibernate was being siphoned by Mordecai which has left him incapable of waking.
  • Has been saved by Eidolon (with assistance from Tuho) and once more returns to the conscious world.

elder of C A R U S