Appearance Born from a strong line of Acerbus genes, Valkyrie is the very essence of what makes the Acerbus. Her figure is very thin and streamlined, perfect for quick movements and squeezing into tight spaces. Her legs are endlessly long, granting her an added bonus of elegance. Her ears hold a bit more length than average, giving her better hearing than most. She is bathed in hues of violet and indigo, a gift from her father. Silvery white markings flow in a lacy sort of way to form a criss crossing pattern up her front left leg and back right leg, ending in elegant swirls near the base of her legs were they meet her body. The silvery white colors the bridge of her nose, six small lines surrounding her left eye almost like a star. Small white dots line the back of each of her long ears. More swirls and dots decorate each of her thin shoulders, the markings playing across her back. There is an almost diamond shape on her lower back, above the base of her tail. There is a solid, smaller white diamond in the center with two other thin lines surrounding the center, the outer most shape ending in swirls near the corners. Another set of diamonds can be found on her left thigh, consisting of a white dot in the center with two lines of diamonds outlining it, the outer most ending with the corners swirling slightly and dots. The white stretches down to her tail though ends before too long. Her tail is much longer than average, easily able to drag along the ground behind her and wrap around her if need be. Large wings grow from her shoulder, black and indigo in many places. While she is, for the most part, elegant her wings could be something that either make or break that streak. They often appear rather ragged and beaten, as though they'd recently taken a beaten. However, because her bones are hollowed for the most part to make her excellent at flight, she is able to move about with much more ease than most. She is able to use and present them in a way that shows her elegance, excusing the beaten and rough look of them. Her eyes are a lighter shade of violet and indigo. Often times her silver white markings glow. She is very talented when it comes to using her venom, a milky silver white substance that burns and numbs and, eventually, eats away at the muscle and flesh that is infected with it should it be left alone too long. She is also known for her fire element, a trait she inherited from her mother. However, her fire is a silvery color and is something she will be well known for.

Personality Valkyrie is an odd being, showing one side of her personality while completely hiding the more ugly part. In a way she is much like a two sided mirror. Generally she acts haughty and superior. She knows she had good looks and will not hesitate to use them to pull those around her in, to surround herself in loving followers and admirers. It is not really much of a surprise that most of those who surround her will be male. She is manipulative and can come off as a bitch, harsh and cold. She does not seem to take the time to stop and think about how her actions and words might affect those she comes into contact with. She does not hesitate when making a decision or acting, at least not on the outside. She seems to know what she wants in life and goes for it. She thinks herself higher, better than most she meets. She is easily jealous and can throw a fit if she does not get her way. She can best be described as a brat and, while she knows this, she seems to act like it doesn't faze her.

Now then, dig underneath the bitchy exterior she's thrown up as armor and you'll see that there is more to the story than meets the eye. What you'll find is a nervous little girl whose self esteem is not something to envy. She fears that others will see the ugliness in her and push her away. She does not feel beautiful in either physical appearance or personality. Her mind is one of a sick child who puts herself down far more than she should. It is because of these insecurities that she acts the way she does, to make up for it. Because she had inherited a weaker version of her mother's power to control the minds of men she uses it to her advantage to help with her issues and make her feel better. Because of this she really doesn't know who is really her friend and who is simply around because of the powers she possesses. She is terrified of getting hurt and, because of this, she keeps most everyone pushed far away from really getting close to her heart. If one would see her around her family they would glimpse into the truth of her heart. She is kind and passionate and is capable of a lot of love. She is gentle and nurturing, a vast difference from her typically harsh manner of dealing with things. If you'd follow her at the end of the day you would find that she hates how she treats others and generally cries herself to sleep from the guilt. But of course habit is hard to break, especially when one has a sick mind so she will probably not change much, at least not until someone can crack through her armor and get to know the real her and coax her out. If anyone like that exists that is.

History Valkyrie was born to Eidolon, Deity of Protection, and Calamity, Deity of Passion. It was just after the chaos of the Purge that she was born to the couple in the peaceful calm of the Immortal Forest. But her parents were worried that the peace was only temporary. Though they wished for all of their children to grow up normal and happy lives, they knew how dangerous and vulnerable it would be for them. It was for this reason that they, along with Nineve and Asmodeus, performed a ritual on both litters of demi-god children in order to speed their time up so that they would grow and mature at a very rapid rate. It is because of this reason that she never got to experience much of a childhood.

After she was grown, she had left the safety of the Immortal Forest to explore a bit of the world, seeking out her parents pack of Aestus who was being taken over by a girl, Mira, who her father had helped. She stayed there for a time though, as things grew worse and the world threatened to be torn apart, her father pleaded with her and the rest of their children to flee to safety. Though she felt like a coward, she did just that, flying into the unknown until the world seemed to pull itself back together somehow. It was only after some time that she dared to return, uncertain of the whereabouts of her parents or siblings.

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