Pixie Ianthe Primrose

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Played by Okie

petite . nimble . lithe . agile . ethereal . haunting

A young woman born of the Lunesque specie, long, slender legs shield her natural small, and petite height. Her body is shaped, constructed in lithe, feminine curvatures molding in vixen-like features. A voice with a tender, soothing lilt of a winds gentle kiss, speak hardly above a musical soprano luted whisper. She is lean and agile never built for fighting, but delving more into the botany or scouting – even hunting purposes.
Spindles and sinews casually weave with intricate form as if poured from the colors of ethereal makings of Luna's grace. A daunting ghost or luminous dreamland colors dress the naked canvas of the alien creature. Colors of an evening approach in silver blues and soft, plush lilacs paint in a tye-dye mesh. Silvery-white speckles fleck beneath soothing celestial eyes. White, glowing branch like antlers grow from eye level and snake carelessly around slender ears before spindling off as both protection and decorative noise. Silk worm threads grow and hand loosely in web-like formation, often confused as spiderwebs until touch breaks through the sensory to prove silk-worm work. These strands web through her antlers and then dress throughout her lithe, enviously slender bodice. Silver-white blue roses grow just at the base of her right ear. Kindred petals hang loosely from silkworm strands and various places along her body with floral décor. Ethereal white stripes paint in a number of four in total ranging form largest to smallest down her dorsal before ending at the start of her abnormally long tail draping with exquisite, alluring gesture from behind.
soft spoken . intelligent . tender . endearing
bashful . observant . impish

Silken strands of warm honey-dipped words ooze in a soft, crisp and cooling lute of a wintry solstice. Alluring mystery canters genuine contours – oft ponderous and wonderment leave in question for a woman hardly ever sought. She intertwines her personality between a delicacy of etiquette and mannerism to a devilish, impish prime that seems almost unbelievable upon first sight. Manipulation swirls and pours from soft lips, in whispering words of sweet serenity. Truth or dare linger in a game of satisfaction as she ails for triumph, poised in deadly curiosity. Yet so painstakingly gentle with her way of words – it is almost deniably unbearable with hardly a sign of impatience and intolerance, she is quick with wit and steadily on her paws. Opinion slips from time to time, as she does have a voice should one question, she will certainly expose with bold justification. She is sturdy with her words in curt, whimsy words and filled with the most unimaginable patience, like a determined mother with a fitful child.
All of this only unravels itself as she grows more comfortable and accustom to her surroundings. Upon first approach, Pixie is known to expose a bashful personality. A sheepish bat of her lashes as she avoids imposing distance between herself and the social groups around her. She has a passion for the plant-life surrounding her, as being part of plant life herself. She is respectful of their places and hardly touches plants which are not meant to be harvested just yet. She is highly intelligent, however mindful of her own choice of verbal approach.
Passionate lovers homed deep within the nestling abode of the swamps doused in uncharted land welcomed a humble mirthful litter of three. A young boy, born with devotion and admiration, and a twin brother reckless and dashingly cunning following a petite sister beguiled with wit to the brim. Pixie while the youngest, hardly minded the concept of her being a bit out of the loop with two brothers whom often sought their pleasures and games of wrestle and tag. On occasion she would join in on their games and whether or not siblings had allowed her to win or she pushed for success she enjoyed their boyish games despite the cumbersome mother who wanted nothing more than a clean little girl against messy, dirty boys. Overall, the young little imp grew up in a rather typical, ordinary cookie-cutter like family. Though her mother had conceived at a later age in life, unlike most who bare their first litter in the early life of adolescence. By the time Pixie was breeching passed her childhood into grown youth, sibling brothers true to their adventurous nature left the swamps, the lands and furthered their desire of exploration. Oddly enough, the young girl was content with their choices, remaining home with her mother and father and her studies of the swampland and its beckoning swamplife. By the age of two, her elder parents had passed between the hours of the same day. This introduced Pixie to the life as an individual, alone as the shy nature slowly unfolded – as a year has passed since her lonesome self was left wandering, harmlessly lost.
  • Considerably new and foreign to a pack-life lifestyle, Pixie doubted herself severely; never sure what she was doing was right or suitable. There was a sense of loneliness which plagued her delicate little heart so she departed from Victus to search for her brothers whom left the little family one upon a time. She has just recently returned to Victus empty handed.
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    Spell Block, Healing, Shape-shift, Earth, Enigma, Imprint, Blood-Scourge, Reaper, Tactus Vitae