Poltergeist Omen Tombstone
Ghost Witch | Current Beta of Carus and wife to Asmodeus Trahern
A bucket of paint tossed in the air, splashed with droplets of black here and there. It all comes raining down on the figure to mold and make the creation of the body. A fluffed tail sways from side to side on a rare occasion, commonly seen languidly following behind with nothing else to do but to just be a mere use for balance and a sass of a walk. A thick coat of fur brushed out cleanly, and neatly groomed with a hints of imperfection hidden away from the world. Legs to move with an even pace, though speed was never a gift in favor just a brisk gait is all that's given. Lavender-lilac eyes, dull with a stoic expression glued to her face, staring with little to no care of what event occurs. Ceased Aging at the Age of 2 Years, 6 Months

Here is her voice
Commonly known to be a little hermit crab or a recluse, perhaps sometimes bitter even if she does not wish to get herself involved in such petty little things called conversations or group socials. It's a bother upon her case. The young woman generally keeps to herself, generally spotted in a thickly wooded area, or in the comforts of home, cleaning and tending to the little things, always in the need to keep busy. All work, little to no play. Stubborn and a bit hard-headed sometimes, Worrisome, she can become if something isn't going right or there is something wrong but she is unable to place a paw on it. Poltergeist does have a tendency to over work herself to the point past exhaustion. She can and most likely will go days upon day without sleep until her paws give out and she collapses. Though the following day she would be right back on her paws, carrying out the same thing no matter her condition. she brushes off the problems or is in denial about them ( including the schizophrenia ) "Everything is fine." A typical statement crawls from her untouched voice. She is quiet; with a voice nothing ever heard what seems to be a whisper. ( The snake represents the little voices she hears )
Growing, as a pup was rather normal perhaps, almost boring it seemed for Poltergeist. Her parents were nothing too important, her mother a healer, and her father fluctuated between hunting and battling for any future wars that may take place. She was born in her mother's second litter, Incubus and Demon being her first, where as herself, her twin brother, and her sister were born a year or so later. There was the typical play-fighting between the siblings, Incubus was generally always the winner, where as Demon would be second. It was at an early age when she had met her first sighting of the paranormal. An old family relative she had but thought nothing of it. Eventually, simply other than the fact that she was close to her twin brother, she befriended one or two but never a linked connection. A year had come and gone, as she and her litter-mates were young adolescents. The atmosphere within the family had changed It was tense, heavy and unforgivably dark. Incubus had grown more aggressive, aching for a fight. A prediction. Incubus had slain Demon in a fight and announced defeated, he was assumed dead. Weeks after his death, Incubus had coaxed Poltergeist into aiding him in another fight. At first she turned her nose from him, Yet only moments after that, did a slithering hiss steer her in the other direction. Do it Its voice laced with venom, callous and wickedness, taunting and teasing to coax her into her brothers bidding. Mumbling something about it to Incubus, the wolf simply snorted and shrugged it off. "You're crazy." She spoke of it no more, and agreed to assist her brother in the scouting of the territory. The same night in that patrol, Incubus was anxious, readily on his paws, while Poltergeist herself, kept a distance from him... he killed their brother after all, whether it was played out as an accident or not. Why was she even with him? Was this a set-up? Was his plan to hunt her down too? She shook her head and simply followed. Incubus mentioned something about two loners trespassing in their home. Those whom were in hierarchy at the time were settling with their own worries, leaving the secret massacre a secret to them.

Remembering vaguely it was raining, making the sky appear darker than it did on clear nights, the stars and moon hidden away, shunned by the dark gray clouds as the pitter patter of the rain came trickling down. Every now and then was there a roll of thunder or a bolting flash of lightening... I never knew he was leading me to aid him in slaying our parents. I thought it was simply a typical patrol and strangers were hardly ever an issue. We would be leaving to move on to another land, a nomadic pack we were at that perhaps a tribe. I studied a little bit of everything but was never known to raise a paw to my parents or my siblings. I maybe fought Inc once and the rest was up to Demon, Phantom and Banshee. It was a wretched night. The both of us were soaked with the hairs on our backs clinging to our skins, almost unrecognizable. The voice the voices in my head kept coaxing me on to not stop, to keep going, follow after my big brother. I never thought much of this and shrugged it off and continued. I never knew any better. When we came into view of what seemed to be an empty den, I never realized it was home my parents. Incubus turned to look at me, the jokers grin on his face, mixed with the Cheshire's smile. Tension and nerves tightened in my stomach with a hard knot. Something was going to happen, someone was going to die tonight. I-it happened so quickly. And I fell for it. Earsplitting screams and cries broke through the storm as the rain fell harder, and harder. There was blood! so much blood everywhere. Whoever was in here that we were after put up on hell of a fight, though eventually, maybe an hour or so, my brother and I were victorious. I looked over to him, looking for any satisfaction from him but instead only to see him disembody the dead wolf before him. "What are you doing?" I panicked. "Making sure he's dead"a near demonic growled ruptured from his throat with a side stare. The lightning flashed and I stumbled back in surprise, horrified. I turned to look at the corpse that I had slain and shook my head. This wasn't like me! this isn't like me. Why did I do this? What drove me to it?

Questions kept coming... It wasn't until after did Poltergeist come to the realization of what she had done... not to mention who she had done it to. Eyes were rolled back, the body just lying there with a fatal gnash painted across the neck, soaked in blood. There were other bite and claw marks riddling this body. Of course, she and her brother were cut up but nowhere near death. She fled from the scene where as her brother had stayed. Days after she had quickly made the decision on leaving the pack. She couldn't stay, there was just no way. She had seen the souls of her parents walking in the general direction from the borders of the trees to their home where the massacre had started. Unable to bare this guilt, the little voice inside took advantage of that and tore her down, belittling and ridiculing her. Tearing with her sanity in an attempt to break her, yet she'd fight back. Soon after the decision made she confronted her twin brother in her departure... "I'm leaving."

Victus, before Lux

Victus after the Ritual
Returned to Victus.....
Due to her mental state, Poltergeist forced herself into hiding once more in efforts to seize the behemoth that dwells within her. There is no known information that this has been successful, only she has just awakened from a deep long slumber.
JACKAL VUR | Acerbus | Mad-Man | Vagabond | Best-Friend
Sired one litter with her, adopted her albino child after Asmodeus and Poltergeist had their very first litter. He is an interesting man, she will give him that. Poltergeist and Jackal have known each other long before Poltergeist arrived to Victus. The both of them know their strengths and their faults and how to get into each others skin before they rebuild the space between them. He is one of the very, very, very few who she can entirely trust, though never to admit it whole-heartedly. Jackal knows everything, every detail and every piece of history Poltergeist has faced. He is her best and closest friend and the father to their litter after Poltergeist fled from Carus when discovering Asmodeus was having an affair. Jackal is also one of very few who is able to successfully subdue the behemoth that dwells within her and some how manages to understand the paranoia in which her mind plagues her while having the ability to put her in her place when when she is being too much of, well, herself and vice versa. Jackal has saved her in countless occasions such as when she was on the brink of her mania when she nearly killed Avarice after shutting herself in an abandoned cave for several weeks.
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ASMODEUS TRAHERN | Lux | Husband & King
The relationship between Poltergeist and Asmodeus has been more or less of a roller coaster ride. She first met him, prior to the ritual when she was the Shaman of Simul during Kondojui's reign. A bit of a harlot, and a womanizer, Poltergeist did everything she could to shut him out, she wanted nothing to do with him. She tried, time and time again to push him away and yet, stubbornly enough, he was there, and there was a spark beginning to ignite. It wasn't until then, when Simul raided Atrox, and Tigris Greenfire had taken her prisoner. It was Asmodeus who came to free her of her enslavement. Under the assumption that she was to return to Simul, it turns out that she had been essentially a form of Peace Treaty between Simul and Carus: Asmodeus would save the Simul Shaman if he were able to bring her back to Carus and basically signed over. Baffled, bewildered, confused and perhaps feeling betrayed, this left Poltergeist at a loss. She couldn't go back to Simul, and she was not Lux born so how could she stay in Carus? He could purify her: But she needed to trust him and she did. Poltergeist was one of the very first few to ever undergo a purification ritual where she died Invisus and was rejuvenated as a Lux beneath Lune's pillars. Soon after, Poltergeist gave birth to her first litter and heirs to Carus; Celeste♀, Rentaar♂, Yaminah♀, Avarice♀, Bambelina♀, Enpharmos♂. Reno♂, Annalise♀. Avarice, her only albino child was quick to be denied by their father which began the suspicion and hardships of their relationship. At the time, Albinos were considered impure and horrible omens in the Carus kingdom, however with her love for her children, Poltergeist never thought her daughter to be as such. Avarice was either to be killed or exiled from Carus. Unhappy with either outcomes, Poltergeist set out to her best friend whom then raised Avarice as his own. These were not easy times for Poltergeist as she soon realized Asmodeus was having an affair with another woman who eventually challenged her crown and desire for Asmodeus. Heart-broken, devastated and fondling with the strings of Reapers grasp, Poltergeist shut herself out from Asmodeus and hating ever fibre for his being. As the years went by, the GODS grew angry and effortlessly tried to destroy Victus. Mortals versus the Heavens; Asmodeus returned once in attempt to make amends with Poltergeist and she was quick to shut him out as the begrudging woman wanted nothing to do with him, her heart long shattered and she had been recovering during an incident and the loss of her youngest son, Zoran who had been killed during the Purge. Soon after when Victus was beginning to replenish, Mirriorion the false god attempted to wreck havoc throughout Victus. Poltergeist fell into a deep comatose state during an unknown time frame where she rejoined the ranks of Carus beneath the late Tuoni Tuska 's reign. It was to her surprise where Asmodeus soon arrived once again leaving her with mixed feelings. Struggling to do so, she wanted to continue to push him away again focus on her work. Her mind and heart conflicted only to soon realize that her heart still ached and yearned for the Raven King. Since then they have rekindled their relationship into a stronger, tighter bond.
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FALL AUTUMNGAURD | Lux | Past Flame & Friend
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MORGÄNA UCILIECE | Acerbus | Eastern Vagabond | Mutual Indifference
Simporep ellecer spernat ectotatet hitiore, ut aut invent ex ea natum licit alicimi, qui a quos ex et provid moditempella vollessed qui quam dollaut explitatis quasi conse nimil inctota turerio ratame am sum res volum ipicabo. Xeris eria aut laborat explam velesequam se nus, sit ut poresci pienisi optatestios ut eos autatius.Nest, si coresed eatemos num reictem velitat iscium lignam ut fuga. Ex exceraest, comnihic tor arum fugiant.Gendantis et iurionsectet id ut facidis doles velland ellabor essimost ad et re moleni aceatem oluptaq uaspit, adistis sim ut ut aut et asseque magnienis pra sum fugia commolesed
Deviations & Mutations
Long Fur | Mutation | In addition to her unusually long tail, over the years, a thicker "mane" has grown giving the maiden a more "bohemian" or gypsy-styled addition to her looks. Occasionally, a few strands of locks will fall over her face, otherwise grooming is relatively tame.
Cat-Claws | Mutation | Such as a cat who is able to retract their claws, Poltergeist is able to do the same. Though she is not a woman of violence, these are more used as a defense mechanism lest her Behemoth has been unleashed.
Sense-Casting | Mutation/Deviation | With heightened senses this works as both a positive and a negative. Poltergeist is Schizophrenic so it is often times difficult to depict reality versus fallacy. In most cases, she prefers to use the enhancement to ensure the well being of her family and close acquaintances. This also is used with her patience finding wound and ailment sources.
Tactus Vitae | Mutation | Well attuned with nature, primarily of plants and herbs, over the years with passing step, young plants spring to life in her wake. Even in the harshest of winters and the driest summers, her path follows with vivacious vegetation.
Behemoth | Mutation | Her behemoth is perhaps one of many things she does her best to control and keep confined. Only when she is under an abundance of overwhelming stress or anguish, and perhaps threatened does this beast manage to break through its barrier. Poltergeist's behemoth takes on its own form: It is entirely black, and its "eyes" hold a reddish glint. Usually shapeless, though often times taken upon a wolfish "outline" this form is incredibly fatal and extremely dangerous to where it is near impossible to subdue until it is able to soak in victim's blood. The only way to subdue her behemoth is to strike her down unconscious.
Wonder Womb | Mutation | This is a more recent discovery as of Y14 when Poltergeist became pregnant with her second litter sired by Asmodeus.
Venom | Deviation&Mutation | One of the few things Poltergeist is able to control is her Venom. This is secreted through her claws and occasionally through her jaws if she is angered. The venom takes on a soft, pale lilac color. Its toxin is neurological and neuromuscular such as that of a black mamba.
Telepathy | Deviation | This deviation allows Poltergeist to communicate with others through the mind. This can spread, given her strength in magic as far as she intends for it to stretch before forcing her unconscious, seeing as this can be pretty strenuous. However, Poltergeist generally only uses her telepathy by means of communication with those she is close to, or feels the need to inform messages in a private manner, and only if she able to telepathically connect with another if allowed.
Allora Vox | Deviation | Only once in her time in Victus has she ever used this and it was more so her Behemoth in control. Essentially used as a defense mechanism, this allows her to scream what sounds to be an ear-splitting banshee scream.
Dryads Gift | Deviation | This allows Poltergeist to manipulate plants of many shapes and sizes at her whim. Usually, however, Poltergeist uses this for medicinal purposes in assistance with her Tactus Vitae magics.
Ghosting | Deviation | Reclusive in nature, it is not uncommon for Poltergeist to use this to get herself out of situations which make her uncomfortable. The title "Ghost Witch" followed suite despite her given name and has meaning behind it all.
Spell Block | Mutation/Deviation | This immunity disables any kind of healing magic to be used upon her. Should anyone attempt to heal her with magic use, it will only worse her condition. She is also immune to most venomous bites.
Star Keeper | Deviation | Since her purification ritual several years ago with her blood touched by Lune's light, Poltergeist has grasped the magic of Star-Keeper. As explained in its description, small white orbs of light reign from the heavens and implode on contact into dangerous, glittering dust particles of heat.
Luminary Bond | Deviation | Poltergeist shares Luminary Bond with Asmodeus Trahern.
Enigma | Deviation | Another trait that dabbles with good versus evil. Sometimes she is able to control it, and in other cases, she cannot due to her paranoia schizophrenia. This skill enables the manipulations of shadows and doppelgängers. Essentially, she unintentionally wounds up scaring herself into a fit of dystopia.
Blood-Scourge | Deviation | Blood manipulation, one of the many defenses Poltergeist uses but cannot entirely control the amount of blood she uses as it is her blood she uses to defend an opposing threat. Using this causes a severe amount of blood loss and can easily become subdued. Often times her blood scourge manipulates her blood into a rope-like whip or spear.
Osculum Lunae | Deviation | This is solely used to protect her loved ones by encasing them within a thin yet powerful shield structure but still allows the one she is protecting movement.
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