“The wish to hear such baseness is degrading.”

Fall Asreva Autumnguard

four-year-old immortal male Lux
played by Crow


“And now I fell as bodies fall, for dead”

Debaser. Articulate serpentine oppugnancies’ residing within ashen flesh. His form black like ichor as it presumes a sense of iridescence like that of molten oil. Voidmeld fur embraces the nebulitic mist of his mane that cascades endless. Ephemeral, behind him. His eyes are an olden touch, the mark of his ancestry and his ancestry before; Colorless. White. A harsh breaking of the black. A breaking of the gentle lavenders and amalgamating tones of what lay beyond his sharp, effeminate features. Upon his head two horns of vantablack; forged in the likeness olden myths.

He is androgynous, his form somewhat emaciated and elongated. Ribs furl beneath tightened skin, limbs lie sinewy and dubious in their support. He cares none for the mantle of a god. However, this does not persuide him to not carry himself with purpose; venomous pride. His tail is long. Longer than most. It spans like the stellar-fire he embodies, dragging upon the earth like a dogged veil. His voice holds a fragile sense upon its sounding. Its light and delicate and overtly quiet and inspires sympathy like that of a parasite would a host. If one was to approach him, it is only a matter of respect that he would demand ones attention.


“They yearn for what they fear for.”

He is without filter. Unbridled. Unpredictable. He speaks his mind freely knowing that consequence is a concept he’s dealt with many. Although pragmatic to assume a sense of goodness within him, he is irredeemable. There is no love nor kindness that exists within a man who solely exists for a purpose he knows not. His prevalence leading to many a reckless notion that has left him with permanent disability; his lack of sight. Ever still he is an unfriendly man. A fortress. A being seemingly unaffected or unable to process emotion and thus so regulates what he lacks with logic. This makes him a sociopath in a sense. Filling holes of concepts he is unable to relate to. He never changes, never is able to be moved or influenced. He knows himself better than that of the others he isolates and in his own private mind he finds comfort. Stability.

He is unable to care for others further than practicality. He can form an attachment to another due to a curiosity of their personality. Further than that he remains distant. Professional, unapproachable in every sense. Perhaps somewhat domineering, thriving amidst anocracies. Yet for the most part Fall keeps his sense of community to a minimum and lives amidst the past for moving on is a struggle he can’t partake in. He holds his vengeance close to his chest, breathes unto them for his experiences have become him. He is self-aware of this, he worries for himself yet does nothing to try make it right. Habits are an addiction, an anchor, a sameness he clutches too.

He is dark in a sense, sarcastic, a Byronic hero in all his thralls of dark mystery that seem to embody his covert being. His mind is a prison, his mind is impenetrable. Within the notions of existence. He finds it hard to not see the humor in the stupor of it all. His pungent existentialist’s viewpoint permeating his outlook vastly, from that of Canidae in its base instinct to that of everyday act. It’s pointless, monotonous. He denies it. He denies it to the point of taking action against it in the form of his suicidal nature and his distaste over the irrationality of his existence. Yet never was he not in control, his death was by his own hand. He suffers from depression, it stems from the stresses of untapped burdens. From this comes its own problems, his inability for motivation, his incessant exhaustion. His desire for his own permanent fatality.


“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost”

A bastard born of incest on the whims of an elitist bloodline. His mother, Sophianna Autumnguard was wed to a man of high esteem. His father; her brother. A captain of the guard who served his beloveds mock husband. Fall was a secret, a symbol of infidelity and so his mother showed shame to him. Keeping his birth a secret as she bore another child to disguise him; Lithia. His sister. She was short lived. Sophianna’s morals ending in a brutal demise of youth; pitting her children against each other. Fall won. He was rewarded with something he had never quite experienced before; affection.

It was never a shock to his mother when the truth was unveiled over Fall’s existence and so in his anguish over his wife’s betrayal. He banished her and his false son. They wondered the ice scape alone. But he was his mothers favorite. He would prevail, even as she lay down in death, the cold embracing her. Even as he walked alone. He didn’t bury her. Alone, he was found by another lost soul. A crow, her name was Adelaide but within falls youth he used her as a replacer and thus became accustomed to naming her affectionately; Mother. Adelaide become falls soul shadow there upon the darkest hour.

Lost fall stumbled upon Victus by chance, his first introduction that of the deity Nocturne. Fall cared very little for fear tactics, haunting the grounds of Beta Noir restlessly, resentfully. He had nowhere but to remain and retrace. There trespassing upon the borders he met Wulfric a woman who he was initially rocky with. Claw against flesh against wretched flesh. They fought a few times after that until upon the raid of Attrox Fall used the commotion to disappear amidst the offing of the forest. Fall was punished for this by Nocturne who removed his eye, vouching to wear it as a trophy whilst Asreva dealt with his indignancies.

Founding an old place of gathering for fugitives upon a wall of ice. There he remained as king of the watch until Wulfric approached him with her devotions, which he accepted. He also met poltergeist who treated his eye of infection. His attitude towards his soul shadow became increasingly volatile, seeing her as an outlet to release his stress as she carried the burdens of his anger with honor. It was only a matter of time before in a moment of unbridled discord he mauled her before that of wulfric. She comforted him. He blamed her.

If was not long after the event before fall left Victus, consumed by revenge he targeted the ‘’father” that cast him aside. Who supported his family’s extinction. Restless nights and consummation of stress he found himself outsmarted. The lord confusing him for his long lost wife’s brother and in his distress he took out his long kept frustration upon fall in the unfairest sense. Fall revenge became an outlet for his own father figure to seek revenge upon him and it became a bloodied cycle. Fall won. He always won. This man was not his sister but he ended him in the same way; by tooth and claw and unceasing mauling.

He returned to Victus with blood on his hands. Breathless, lifeless he fell under step of Eleniel where he was reunited with Wulfric. He cared little for childhood spats and lost promises. She was patient, she was better than most. But he was traumatized, ruined, wrong. He wanted to be everywhere she was not. Eventually bailing on Attrox to become an aimless renegade. He ran into Nocturne who took his other eye amidst a one-sided fight; Fall had not the energy to retaliate. He was overwhelmed. It was too much.

Blinded he became consumed by the further ring. Either that or schizophrenia but the voices he heard where real to him. Life lost, idle beings of the fade that inhabited such an idle world. He’d run into Poltergeist. He’d stay with her for a little while, perhaps some aspect of trust had developed regarding her, a sense of safety. regardless it was soon broken upon her breakdown, her accusations of him being something he wasn’t.

It became too much for him. He took his life.






Soul Shadow


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