VII year old female Acerbus
played by Tasha
She is alabaster diluted with the scheme of ghosts and a touch of cream, seeming to hold little warmth in the pale oily sheen of long, tangled tresses that engulf a willowy feminine structure. The White Raven; though bound to the earth, she appears in mid flight, impeccable android poise woven with the silent threads of sinewy proportion. Tall, slender; her thick layers billow whilst she travails in serpentile propriety.

Languid physique is but a series of slow, roving hills from snout to luxurious tail. Her limbs are endless and lissome, hooked carefully in the skeletal chasms of irresistible abdominal and posterior curvature, aquiline talons dipped in charcoal. Visage is a bright masque of pure white, rostrum elegantly tapering into a svelte and narrow skull, where nesting is her bottomless stare and delicately contoured horns of pure, pitch ebony.
Meticulous - There is no room for mistakes when one clings to their life by the thread of chance and fortune. She is a thorough creature by sheer nature alone. She does not expect perfection from others, only herself, and possesses a personal, unspoken oath to never accept discrepancy. She thrives in places which enforce a sense of order in this world so chaotic, and though she never knew intimately the intricate meanings of peace and turmoil, she still upholds the elusive philosophy as best she can.

Fragmented - A life lived completely alone has many repercussions. Her memories have become blurred and smeared over the years, nearly the entirety of her existence lost in a strange haze of partial images and voices barely heard. She suspects she is quite damaged, a broken soul who at last was given a chance to rebuild herself after so much time spent and wasted in the name of survival. Her speech has also suffered from so long of not being used, her words short and conveying as much as she possibly allow.

Deep Thinker - She leaves no stone unturned, all details and nuances absorbed into her awareness with near photographic memory and a penchant for sifting through the many questions and their seemingly unattainable answers. Her nights are oft sleepless, and when she is able to rest her dreams are fitful and uneasy. After years spent in no one's company but her own, she frequently escapes into the endless cascade of her ceaseless thoughts.

Shrewd - It is not wise to be overly confident when she is your opposition. Unlike what many would come to believe, given her history, she is not easy to manipulate or cajole. She may not completely understand the true complexity of social interaction, but she is highly intuitive, and can easily sense when the intentions of another are ill or harmless. Her aptitude for remaining a near infallible pillar comes from raw, feral instinct, which was carved with great precision through her experience as a vagrant.

Aspiring - She was taught nothing in the beginning. She knew nothing of hatred, love, happiness, or sadness. She knew nothing of desire, or passion, or what it was like to pursue a personal goal. When her journey carried her to Victus, she realized quite promptly that desire and passion were held very dear by the creatures who lived there, and that they were even a necessity of survival.
It is a perilous way of life to raise oneself, to be bereft of guidance, to never learn the crucial importance of trust. It was a lonely existence, one which she never reviled and only grew to swallow. And yet each cycle of seasons passed and she came to realize her state of being was inconsequential and brimming with missing pieces. She only survived, never made privy how to truly live. After almost a decade in isolation, she began to search for something, anything, that would fill the ever incubating void in her spiritual consciousness.

Her first quest of betterment came with the plight of journey, the endless hours within her own mind at last dedicated to finding a niche, a place where she could, and would, belong. It was no longer fulfilling to simply serve herself. It was time to serve others, to break the everlasting egg of her alienation and bestow the yolk of her soul to them. When she settled at last, she remained elusive, immaculately hiding her presence and paying scrupulous homage to the strict scent boundaries drawn between tribelands.

True to her deepest nature, she chose to observe this nation from afar initially, hunting and gathering the information necessary to assimilate into the society of the peculiarly war-torn country. She knew very well what she desired, but her actions had to be calculated. Surviving on one's own was a ruthless but simple matter; seeking the appropriate fellowship would be the true challenge. .