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Immortal |Acerbus| Female
played by Incardnay
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The road has been long...

Born in a time of war and strife, it came as no surprise that within only a few days of her birth, the young pup's mother found death.

It was her fault.

If her mother hadn't have been moving her pups to a new den and had to go back to get her, the man that she was slain by would have never seen her to begin with. Yet the love of a mother had drawn the young female to return for her youngest child and bring her to the new den.

The man who killed her mother was a Spirit known as Mortarion.

Mortarion was the warlord of a pack of spirits known as Mordre that bore no shame in the slaughter of Acerbus, Lux and Invisius wolves, for they saw themselves as the Lords of the land and as those who were immortal - they felt it was their right to take what they wanted from those who had caused their deaths and defiled their lands. They hated the mortals, but on the day Rionach's mother died - something strange happened.

No sooner had he slain her mother than he heard the mewls and cries of the pup that the woman had collapsed to the ground guarding; protecting with her love and using her body itself as a shield.

While he thought at first of slaying the child, he realized that he had been wanting a child of his own and with a harem of females that hadn't given him what he desired - this was his chance. So rather than slaying the young black pup, he plucked her up and drew her away from the carnage itself.

He named her Mortarion after himself, meaning "Bringer of Death" but when he discovered that the whelp was female, he gave her the middle name of Rionach which meant "Queen", for he would raise the young female to carry in his footsteps as a living legacy.

He raised her with only the best and when the time came for her to learn what war was, he taught her everything that he knew. Within months she would follow his armies to the battlegrounds and there he taught her by letting her observe his tactics. A warlord in his prime and keeper of souls, her father was never found to be wanting when it came to the battlefield - triumph always known as his own.

Those that her father preyed upon however, were those of whom he considered weak - the mortals. Those of whom still lived and breathed and yet didn't fight to their fullest potential to gain their rank in the stars. Greedy, he stole their souls from them and taught her how to do it as well.

Growing up wasn't easy for Rionach though, for due to her being a mortal, she was hated within the pack. She had nobody to talk to, nobody but her father to confide in. She often felt left out due to the fact that nobody cared to talk to her, outside of shooting snide remarks at her and at times challenging her in fights to test her ability with magic. They used to taunt her with trying to get her to attack them physically, knowing that physical attacks didn't work on their kind. They bullied her, battered her, beat her and mocked her. While she was young she endured it, but when she got older she learned from it and used her previous experience to get the better of those who had previously bullied her. You'd think this would gain her some respect - but it only caused those of the Mordre to hate her even more.

When she turned a year old, he gave her a large crystal lantern, however, so as to let her keep her souls within it. He trained her in the element that she chose and also taught her ways of which to use the crystals he adorned her in, to her advantage, too.

And yet even he could see that his beloved daughter, his warqueen in the making - was incomplete. She was lonely and in her loneliness, unhappy. She could fight, she could come up with the best of tactics and triumph on the battle fields all day - but she wasn't happy. Outside of her father's company she was still alone - still an outcast to the very pack she had been raised into. All because of her pulse.

The other spirits didn't enjoy her company, for she was that of which they hunted and some looked upon her in hatred while others gazed upon her in envy - for she was able to change her stars due to her youth. It didn't matter how well she did in battle, how many fights she won - nothing was enough to gain the approval of the predjudice wolves in her father's pack and it was due to their critical stares and ways of treating her - that she learned to be callous. Why? Because her father told her to never let anyone see that they had the power to effect her because in taking away their ability to see their harm done to her, she took away their power and made it her own. So Rionach grew to be cold and callous, never dropping her guard or letting others read what came to be her poker face.

Despite the fact that he had always forbid her to leave the territory that he had raised her within upon her own, her father eventually ended up releasing her out into the world. He enchanted that crystal of which she carried with her, so that if she wished to speak with him, find him, hear his voice, she had but to look within it and know that he was never far.

So just as she turned two, there was a ritual to ensure her safety even further - her immortality given to her - and after the festival itself ended... she was released of her duties to the pack of Mordre. It didn't take her long to find new lands, but these ones were strange... she found other Acerbus.. Lux.. Invisius...Spirits.. and Outlanders out here.. This world was far different from the gloom that she had been raised in and she longed to learn more about it - to discover more about the species here and perhaps even discover more about herself.


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Lanterns - These are not just any lanterns, but crystals that will eventually hold within them the souls of others that she has gathered, while some of her crystals hold energy itself such as fire or electricity. She is seen to hold a large orb of a lantern with the locks of her tail and have dangling from the spikes of her shoulderblades, smaller lanterns of which all have an etheral glow of pinkish orange most of the time - but have been known to at times change to colors such as green, purple or even blue. These lanterns are suspended by locks of the woman's own hair.

Her pelt itself is thick but smooth, bearing the coloration of pitch black that cloaks her from head to toe. The strands of her tail are longer than most though, flowing behind her like a banner of silk. Along with being long, the strands of her tail are seen to seemingly have a mind of their own - capable of clutching at a single large orb of a lantern and at times even lashing out at others. This is due to the fact that the woman bears the power of Crinis flowing through her veins, meaning that her pelt can change in length whenever and also become quite animated, too.

Eyes of the woman are hard to look away from, for in their depths smolders the color of a brilliant flame. Even in the darkest of nights her gaze itself seems to be luminescent, piercing and yet oh so very hollow at the same time. She bears a stare that seems to look straight into one's soul and when ignited with vehemence is quite the frightening gaze to hold.

When it comes to her size, she is seen to be tall and leggy, though she is not at all emaciated in appearance for the fact that she is full of elegant curves that rest in the right places. A healthy young female, her muscle mass is neither too great nor too little, giving her the athletic and yet lithe build she bears, leaving her a portrait of beauty and femininity.


Phoenix Rising

Fierce, she has been seen to be volatile with the tendency to break out into open violence due to her temper being a rather indefinable thing. Sometimes her fuse seems non-existent - at which times the creature will go into a formidable rage. At other times though she seems to have a painfully impressive amount of patience. She bears no patience for the pompous, the arrogant, the ignorant and when challenged - is never one to back down from a fight, no matter how high the odds are stacked against her. Pain isn't something she fears, let alone something she's afraid to endure if it gets her what she desires most. In most battles she fights with wit, disliking the energy needed to actually fight physically. But if backed into a corner - that's when the warrior in her comes out and she is unforgiving and a fearsome thing to behold. In battle she is ravenous, striking with her fangs, muscle and claws like the monster that she is, never relenting or yielding until she is satisfied. Not all battles are won with fang and claw though - some are won with wit and in such things, she is seen to be a skilled tactician - moving others along like her own personal marionettes and by the time her enemies realize that the bear trap is there.... it's too late.

The ever skilled tactitian, she prefers to watch in silence when around new crowds, learn and observe them from a distance. Perceptive, it helps her pick out a good plan of action before any is truly in need to be made, which is why battle itself comes to her so easily. She is always evolving, learning and rising as a newly born woman every day - for every day she is better than she was the last.

A natural recluse, she has been said to be cynical, critical, impersonal and callous due to being a rather judgemental character. She has standards that she expects others to meet and upon their failure, she shifts her attentions elsewhere. Time is a precious thing to her and she hates to have it wasted on the trivial and weak. She seems distant towards most though it isn't because she lacks the ability to communicate, it is simply due to her inability to take pleasure in the companionship of others. Raised in death stricken lands, she is simply indifferent to the matter of companionship and acquaintences. With a thickened hide, she comes off as icy in personality. Death is common and while some grieve, the dame feels nothing due to how common it was when she grew up. It is seen that she has her own morbid enjoyment in the talents she bears in playing reaper and dominatrix; transforming what is considered horrific into a true form of art and pleasure. A sadist, none are safe from the lass and if she wills it - even slumber and hiding will not save them from screaming her name.

There is no denying that she is beautiful and it's only further accentuated by the way she carries herself with a feminine grace and charm that is distinctly her own. She exudes a kind of allure and composure that remains no matter what situation she is in. Refined and eloquent when she truly does choose to speak, she seems to be a savvy enticer and when the time comes can be very manipulative or choose to seduce the hearts and minds of those she chooses. The reality of the woman is that she does little to involve herself with intimacy and romance, for she finds most affairs to simply be a captivating distraction and nothing more. It would take something truly special to catch the woman's eye, to truly make her smolder and writhe in passion; though many have been fooled too soon into thinking that they had done so - they failed.

Despite the confidence the woman exudes, there is also an air of loneliness that drifts around the woman that can't quite be figured out. She walks like a queen and bears the voice of one too, and yet there's something about her that gives an overwhelming air of sadness. Just what her past is remains a mystery that she doesn't seem keen on sharing. A rogue she wanders alone for the time being, though it's hard to tell just what she is searching for - for not even she seems to know.


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Little facts:
Rionach will eventually begin gathering souls. But only once I buy her Spirit Absorb. She considers herself a guardian of the fallen due to the fact that she was raised by the dead (Spirit wolves).

Her pelt is capable of changing in length as well as becoming animated enough to actually grip and constrict about things. It is due to this that her tail is capable of carrying the large orb of crystal that she carries with her everywhere. Animated - sometimes it feels almost as if the strands of the woman's fur have a mind of their own, lashing out at those that try to steal the crystals or so as much touch them. This stems from her power of crinis and her own telekinesis though. Her fur itself is not possessed.

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