male - lux - 5'10 - 290 lbs - two years
voice of red velvet - scent of pine needle
single - polyamorous - panromantic
Crux is a man who is still coming to terms with his life and the many intricacies of social living. He is eager to learn and eager to please - making him very malleable to anyone who might find interest in sculpting him.
Crux has large fangs and a distinct nose with a handsome arch to it. His ears are long, thin, and tapered and his tail is curled and very fluffy. He has very thick, curly fur, which sheds incessantly during the hot months. On his shoulders is thick muscle that is paired with very thick fur that sticks out and gives the appearance of much more muscle on his shoulders. Because of this fur, his head appears to sink low, giving an almost reverse-arched look to his neck. At will and often at night, Crux can make his eyes and white speckles across his entire form glow like stars on a constellation. He can control these glows individually, allowing him to appear to be covered in twinkling stars.

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Crux is an observant, somewhat quiet individual. He prefers to lie in wait, watching and planning before making any moves in any realm of his life - be it romance, hunting, or other, more dangerous things. While he is ambitious and wishes to learn, putting himself forward in order to find those who can teach him, he can sometimes find it difficult to put himself out there in more social settings. He tends to mistrust those around him and their motives, always unsure whether they mean him well or will turn against him at their earliest convenience. He can be insecure about his possessions and friendships, wary of strangers stealing his beloveds' affections. Upon learning that Carus prides itself on monogamy, he will find himself in a pickle - he is polyamorous and has a tendency to be afraid of commitment. Regardless of his inclinations, if he finds someone to love who requires monogamy, he will be loyal to them, whatever gender they may be. He desires to learn magic and will seek out those who perform it in order to learn their craft and power. Will change as he matures.


Around close friends and lovers, Crux absolutely opens up. He cracks jokes and makes faces, jokingly makes odd noises and wrestles those he cares for. If he were human, he would tickle them to tears. He loves a crude joke, especially those sexual in nature, and can sometimes go too far. Even among those he feels a connection with, if he feels he has made them uncomfortable or upset, he will do anything in his power to make it right, even going out of his way or comfort zone to bring justice to the situation. Has the potential to change.


Malaera Trahern

A child, the first he truly met of Victus. The one who introduced him to Carus, in a way - he discovered her while trespassing near the Shrine of Asmodeus. He thinks fondly of her and wishes her only the best - though he worries she will not survive.

Poltergeist Omen Tombstone

Mother to the child Malaera, beta, and wife of the past king Asmodeus. She is the first adult face he saw in Carus and was the one to accept him into the pack. He witnessed her rise and fall at the hand of River Janus, but does not think ill of her for it. He respects her and wishes to please her and learn from her - for her magics are something special.


Crux was born in the wildlands in a small family unit of two parents, an aunt, and one littermate. Both his mother and aunt, as well as his littermate, had large fangs, so early on he believed that everyone would have fangs and his father must have just lost them. He heard tales of a pack known as Carus that was filled with wolves just like them, and though his parents had never been, his aunt claimed to have once had a lover among the pack. While there was no proof of this, Crux was amazed, always wanting to learn more about this icy pack, too far for little paws to travel. When he reached his first year, his aunt took him north to seek out a Soul Shadow - and soon, he found Thorn. She was alone, hunting below the ice, where he saw her with the help of his infrared vision. She was hesitant at first to follow him, though it was clear before too long that they were meant to be together. After the success, they returned to his home pack, where they discovered that his mother was pregnant and something was wrong. She was in pain, barely able to move besides to throw up the liquid inside her gut. She was hot with fever and delirious. Little did she know, but one of the children inside her was literally sucking the life out of her. His father, too, was weak, though his injury was grief of knowing his life mate was dying. His father refused to eat, remaining by his mate's side and snapping at any who came too close, even his own offspring. Crux's aunt fled to find help, but never made it back, leaving Crux and his littermate to fend for themselves as their father finally succumbed to starvation and their mother to her fetus's inborn power. Onwards they went, seeking out a new home in Carus.

Year 15

Winter's Kiss

Crux and Thorn came across a young wolf pup near a shrine in the mountains. Her name is Malaera and she is the daughter of the king and beta of Carus - Asmodeus and Poltergeist.

drink the ocean

Crux and Thorn came down from the mountain with Malaera and encountered Poltergeist. He indicated his desire to join Carus.

The 9th Wonder

A pack gathering, Crux watched from the outskirts as Asmodeus gave the throne to Poltergeist and then vanished. Poltergeist was immediately challenged by River Janus, who won the throne in a battle of magics, which most of Poltergeist's young offspring witnessed.

did you know the devil drives a suv

Crux went out in order to seek out River Janus, the new king of Carus.


Crux's soul shadow, Thorn looks like your average polar bear, though her pawpads are speckled and her eyes are a very light silver. Thorn is very protective of Crux, often following him around and sitting beside him. If he wishes to be alone, she will watch from a distance, never quite sure she wants to leave him alone. She can often be crass and crude, making jokes that would make your grandmother pale. She has no filter when she speaks to Crux, and often he has to force himself to pay attention to something else instead of laughing along with her.