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immortal ( IIII ) male Lux Founder
king of fear
played by Freakshow


Thresh - League of Legends

A web of darkness coils around a thin, nimble frame that stands at six feet tall and then some, each onyx tendril whispering to the next with supple, gloomy tones. Tender flesh thinly lies atop the curving, graceful surface of slimy tendons over bone. Softly toned muscles define his shoulders and hips, leaving him with a starkly slender poise, his spine curving upward softly to give him an elegant, lurking gait. Dainty paws touch the soil, leaving small imprints behind. A narrow muzzle erupts into brilliant, ruby colored eyes carved into a handsome face. Large ears taper into a round, sitting perfectly amidst a countenance of surreal innocence. Three pairs of very small black spikes sit smugly atop his dome - the first smaller than the next, as smooth and elegant as marble, with the tips just poking through the velvet tresses that blanket them. Three distinct white 'v' shaped markings sit widely upon a vast sea of black, starting a collar on his throat and decreasing in size as they crawl downward, pointing toward his stomach. White speckles his face in tiny spots, mottling his forehead, the areas around his eyes, and the bridge of his nose.


p. Knock-turn Ehm-eel Grig-or-ee
+ Inquisitive Nocturne can be quite the curious fellow. He constantly seeks knowledge and has an insatiable thirst for such, often eavesdropping from a distance to obtain his information. He tends to keep his knowledge to himself, save for when it truly comes in handy.

- Hostile Nocturne will always be your enemy. He may form relationships with others, but it will always be at a price, and almost never a negotiable one. He doesn't particularly enjoy getting close to others and often acts bitter and hateful to keep others at bay.

+ Callous Nocturne has hardened into a creature indifferent toward the feelings of others. He does not develop feelings of his own, and rarely ever shows sympathy towards those who are suffering, whether from his doing or not. He lacks a sense of sympathy and therefore does not pity others.

- Determined This man will get his way. He will go to extreme lengths to make sure his plans continue on the path he aims them toward and will not stop for anything to ensure that they are completed. Once he comes to a decision, his mind cannot be changed, lest he finds a better proposition.

- Deceiving Nocturne is quite the skilled liar. He is cunning and intelligent, often twisting things around to benefit him, and feeds on those that cater to him. Though he seems pleasantly innocent on the outside, something a bit more sinister bubbles beneath his skin. He persuades others into doing his bidding through misleading information or through promises of the desires of others, though he is indeed a man of his word, most of the time.


Nocturne was born to a wench created in life to do nothing more than reproduce. He was not the only child Pieire birthed, having given life to two half-siblings before him, which she took much pride in. She didn’t love their father, a male born to a litter of five warriors, having left him as soon as she had been filled with his seed. She raised her first two whelps on her own, making sure they were protected and cared for only so that they would survive. She meant to turn them into savages with her teachings, but they held minds of their own. But as was her nature, she turned her back on them, growing violent and reckless. During this time, she was courting another man by the name of Torture. She loved this man not, deeming him as simply just another to fill her womb, and as such he followed pursuit. But he fell for her, deeply in love. But she was a woman ill to temptation, and when another male began attempts to court her, she complied. Upon finding out of his mate’s advances, Torture became heartbroken, and though he knew it was his pups she carried, he left. He granted her four lovely puppies, to which she gave birth on a warm spring evening. They all held her colors, all but one of them. A male, dressed in a shade of black darker than even the darkest moonless nights. He was branded with the mark of his father, three stark white arrow-headed stripes upon his breast, and eyes as red as the blood that would soon spill from Pieire not but months later.

While Pieire was busy tending to her new children, the life of her previous mate took a dramatic turn. During a mission to kill his own family, a brother of Pieire’s mate received news of his sibling’s affair. When confronted, Pieire’s mate agreed to rid the world of her existence. The three brothers searched for days until they finally came upon her whereabouts. On a sultry summer night, they attacked Pieire first, who was a seasoned warrior, and even though a female, held her own at first with her gift of shape shifting before she perished under the claws of her previous mate. Her first two children escaped, being older than her most recent litter, whom succumbed to the wrath of the three males – except Nocturne. At seven months old, he followed the idea of his older siblings and escaped through a small cavern to save his life. The three males followed in pursuit, but the dark night of his coat camouflaged him in the cave and after many moments of remaining concealed in a tight crevice, the trio of brothers gave up on their search for the boy, assuming he could not survive on his own. When they left, Nocturne crawled out of his hiding place, stricken with grief for his mother, whom he’d never known to be aggressive, and he collapsed sobbing. He didn’t understand why she’d been slain, but for whatever reason, he couldn’t seem to let go. He moved deeper into the caverns, staying for what seemed like an eternity. But it was nothing without his mother. He finally grew tired of the same scenery, making his total stay within the caves just barely a month before hunger drove him out to explore. He was still a mess, full of depression and misunderstandings, but he knew he needed to eat.

He remained alone for nine days before he found company, hunting small game to keep himself alive when his father made a sudden appearance in his life. Torture appeared one night, out of the blue, notifying Nocturne that he'd been following his son for a few nights in advance. Nocturne didn’t know who he was, and his father, under the impression that Pieire was still alive, lashed out at Nocturne in an attempt to make the woman feel the same pain that he’d felt the day he left. Nocturne didn’t know what was happening, and in an attempt to protect himself, he scarred his father’s face. Upon seeing the rage in his father’s eyes, Nocturne fled for his life, easily outmaneuvering the hulking Lux as he was much more agile and lanky to do so. He traveled on his own for a few more weeks, his other siblings nothing but tormenting memories to him now. He traveled farther and farther from the place in which he'd watched them tear his mother apart, and while the memory would always be vivid in his mind, he tried his best to move forward. Nocturne came into contact with another wolf much older than he at the age of seven months. Her name was Tatilma, and she was as lovely as the moon was bright, with satin silver fur and black markings that complemented her greatly. She had red eyes that resembled his own, and she took him in as her son. She taught him about soul shadows, about the magic he possessed, and about the ways of Victus. He lived with her for quite a long time, though his trust for her only grew to an extent due to her behavior. She was strange, always mumbling to herself and skirting around specific topics such as where she came from or what she was doing behind his back. He grew to put his age at a year and a half before she assaulted him in the name of sacrifice to a deity he'd never even heard of. Unbeknownst to him, this opened a portal that attached him to a darkness that he’d come to know quite fondly. Nocturne escaped her without having to take her life and continued to live a solitary life once more.

Upon his travels around Victus, one day he came across a peculiar creature. She was a bird with feathers as white as snow, her skin and beak all pigmented a soft, delicate pink. Her eyes were a brilliant red, much like his, and he immediately knew he was going to be her caretaker. The tiny hawk chirped at him helplessly, her wings broken and bleeding as she lay upon the hard ground. Relying on what Tatilma had taught him, Nocturne healed her appendages and nursed her back to health, though the blood never seemed to stop weeping from the wounds that had been inflicted upon her. It was strange, but he brushed it aside. He came to know her as Dementia, and tamed her as his soul shadow – for a price.

He was almost two when he met her. The woman he’d fall head over heels in love with. Her name was Quis Cavae, a shaman woman native to a pack of Victus – Atrox. He grew quite attached to her, coming to know her as a close friend and then as a woman who held his heart. But he was wrong to elope with her, as the rules of a shaman were that you vowed to live a life without a spouse and you could not bear children. She disappeared, and he searched endlessly for her, but never found her. He returned to news that she’d birthed his pups upon Atrox territory and were being cared for by the pack shaman, Nineve. He was a father. He immediately sought his children, but when he asked Atrox to hand them over, Nineve refused. This infuriated Nocturne. For endless months he pestered the pack into giving his children to him, but they never agreed. His constant visits led him to meet his daughter Solstice, and soon after Nocturne was confronted by the spirit of his mate to confirm his worst fears. Cavae was dead.

He fell ill to grief, succumbing to the price of taming his soul shadow. He’d never known that a deadly spirit was attached to her – the whole reason she’d fallen from her nest and broken her wings. They never stopped bleeding because the demon was still attached to her, but it seized the opportunity when Nocturne turned weak to attach to him instead. Nocturne pressed his emotions down, caging them and never dwelling on them for too long before he ignored them again. He was broken, and the more he suffered, the more the demon grew. He became darker and merciless, and began killing without reason. He’d never murdered before, but he was no longer himself. The entity took over him, trapping his true soul and filling his body, taking complete control of his life. He then turned to Dementia and killed her. After a few months of adjusting to his new body, the Gods blessed Nocturne, for reasons unknown to him, with the powers of a Deity. He came to be known as the Deity of Fear, until Victus was torn apart by the Gods and its residents were tossed into another world. The deities came together to stitch Victus back together and bring their comrades home, losing their prowess in the process. Enraged, Nocturne then turned to Atrox, kidnapping Nineve to torture her for weeks before she escaped. But he was not finished with the shaman that held his children from him.

After a while of being on his own, Nocturne courted a second female by the name of Callia, who provided him with his second litter, but he loved her not, and came to understand that he’d never be capable of love again. However, he sired her children upon intentions to build an army with them, and that he did. Upon their birth he formed a pack under the name Bete Noir, which eventually came to be known as Exilium, where he met a pleasant woman named Sybil. When Callia left he stole a distant female from Atrox who mothered his third litter, and then he let her go when he found that Nineve had birthed a recent litter. He searched for her children, aiming to turn them against her. But one of her daughters by the name of Saahdia could not be swayed. She refused to go against her mother, and so he took her life. When Mirrorion appeared, Nocturne wasn't too impressed. He asked the God for an alliance to which the man declined. Nocturne politely accepted the answer, but did not forget it, and harbors ill intentions toward the man that turned him down. He sought revenge of sorts, though instead he was met with Mirrorion's disciple, Nerys, whom cursed him and sent his mind into an ill state of insanity. Nocturne spent months trying to rid himself of the plague's magic, finally riding out the illness and returning to Exilium. He traveled to Lazuli Falls where he intended to free the Carus territory from Mirrorion's wrath, though when he called out to Carus, he was only met by Mirrorion himself. Having just recovered and still feeling weak from the plague magic, Nocturne fled and left Carus to repair the damage themselves, although unto his knowledge, he became infected with the God's magic. Feeling exhausted and no longer worthy of leading Exilium after many absences, Nocturne left the leadership of his pack in the hands of Sybil, who became his mate. However, when news arrived that she was carrying his children, Nocturne had already disappeared. He had grown ill once again due to Mirrorion's magic, where he spent months in Limbo, suffering under the God's magic. His body died somewhere in between, though by some miracle, the former deity of fear has ressurected.

soul shadow

Two of these large creatures follow Nocturne, lacking eyes and displaying neon green glowing mouths lined with three rows of teeth and a slimy, slippery black tongue, the only immediately distinguishable traits about these creatures aside from their downy black fur and large black claws. They don't seem to have any other features, no eyes, no nose, no visible face and they seem to just lurk around the shadows around Nocturne. They communicate through bio-sonar and sound much like a dolphin or whale, using clicks and whistles as well as infrared and nightvision to view their environment. They stand on four legs, their front limbs being significantly longer than the back, giving them a gorilla-like stance. The bottoms of their legs are flat and sport no pads, covered in spiky, downy black fur that does not reflect light, like the rest of their body. Nocturne brings them forward to aid him by summoning them with his summoner ability, during which they appear by climbing out of black crevices in the ground.


Aeternum Nocturne's life was taken when he turned three during a ritual that he performed on himself in order to gain eternal existence as well as power.
Healing Nocturne's healing power is displayed through glowing white tendrils that painlessly sew over the body of whomever he is healing, and they only appear directly wherever Nocturne is aiming his healing, for instance during the healing process of a limb, the white tendrils only appear on the limb rather than the entire body, whereas if he's healing someone fully, it appears all over their body.
360 Nocturne can see all around him. He can project this ability through his sight or he can project it to be his eyes for him, giving him a full three-hundred and sixty degree view.
Time Control This ability enables Nocturne to slow down or speed up time. He can also pause time, enabling him to gain advantages by moving around while time has come to a stop.
Sororis Nocturne can create duplicates of himself. He can produce up to six at one time, though it is severely damaging and draining to uphold all of them at once, so he generally sticks to two or three unless he feels his situation is extremely dire.
Telepathy One of his more favored abilities, Nocturne uses his telepathy to gather information about others by eavesdropping on their thoughts. He can speak this way and will often choose to do so rather than speaking verbally. He can go as far as to make his chosen subject speak the words that he whispers into their thoughts.
Mimicry Nocturne can copy the appearance and abilities of others. There is hardly ever any restriction on what he can portray. He can be quite an imposter, mimicking other wolves and causing confusion and havoc. He can portray even the slightest of details, down to eye color, fur texture, scent, and voice.
Seduction Nocturne uses this power mostly on females but will often try to seduce anyone into doing whatever he desires. He can use this ability to persuade others into doing his bidding by overwhelming them with a lust for him.
Venom Nocturne's venom is incredibly potent, but it can also be harmless, depending on how much he injects. Its effects and uses vary incredibly and it can cause a wide variety of effects from anything as simple as fevers, muscle aches, head aches, blurred vision, loss of hearing, and other mild side effects to things as severe as seizures, bleeding from the orifices, insanity, death, and an extension of other severe reactions. It has a variety of uses as well, the most common being his use of it for closing wounds.
Ghost Nocturne uses this power when he wants utter and complete stealth. It renders him completely invisible, his body, scent, and even the sound of his footsteps, save for the chill that follows him.
Aura Reading Nocturne will use this ability from time to time in order to gather information on others. He uses this power to look into the past, present, and even at times the future of other wolves.
Elements Nocturne has mastered all four elements - wind, earth, water, and fire. He has an affinity for his flames, however, which appear white and hardly ever hold any smoke to them. When they do it's a dark obsidian in color and never fades to gray or white.
Energy Nocturne's electricity appears white and creates a popping, crackling, static sound. It is incredibly hot and he often uses it specifically for offensive attacks rather than defensive maneuvers, though he will not stray from doing so.
Bone Modification Nocturne's bone modification is quite a sight to see. He can manipulate, twist, and contort in many, many ways due to manipulating his bones. He can produce a variety of both weapons and armor out of his body, and most often uses this ability.
Summoner Nocturne more often than not uses this ability to summon his soul shadows. He can also use it to walk ethereal planes and even cross over into the land of the dead. He uses it to speak to others that have crossed over as well, and often times they can reach out and speak to him.
Sense Casting Nocturne can heighten his senses with this power. He can hear, see, smell, taste, and touch things that others may not. Through his sense of touch during this heightened state, he can see the history and movement of objects. During his heightened state of sight, he sees in a state of infrared detection, though the heat signatures of others do not portray in shades of reds and oranges, but rather as static silhouettes. Blood Drink Nocturne feeds on the life force of others. It drives him to seek victims that will allow him to drink from them as it strengthens him though never fully satisfies his thirst for blood.
Seether With this ability, Nocturne can turn himself fully transparent. He can phase in and out of shadows and travel through them as one himself. He particularly enjoys manifesting this way. Allora Vox Nocturne can project his voice into an alarming volume in order to frighten or deafen opponents. He hardly ever uses this ability, however, and will only rely on it during appropriate circumstances.
Blood Scourge Nocturne can manipulate the consistency of his blood. He can make it thicker so that he hardly bleeds and can even harden it into scabs to prevent himself from bleeding out. He can also use it to form long strands in order to lash out at opponents, though he doesn't generally rely on such a power. Necrosis Nocturne particularly enjoys using this ability to frighten others. He can reanimate dead corpses and potentially 'bring them back to life', so to speak. He can force speech and movement from these creatures and can even use them for offensive tactics if he so wishes. He can also obtain memories from these bodies.
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