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These are many of the site events that happen around our busy realms! World events are ones that may involve all the realms, and all species may participate. Pack events are held exclusively within a pack, and happen in the pack’s home territory. Many events can be either or, but we have listed what they commonly are. Also, some events involve the use of a “health bar” depicted here. This is not always required though and the thread starter or staff may choose how its done!

Time to celebrate another year in the lands of Victus, to meet the new and upcoming members of the various packs, and to find out the latest gossip on one another! Not only a time of celebration, but a great time for games. Many wolves pair up and spar, partake in group hunts to see which team can catch the most game or the most exotic game, and many other celebrations. The Autumn Festival is also to celebrate the growth of new litters, new marriages, and the beloved that they may have lost in the previous year. This is a world event only, held in the ritual grounds in the Victus realm.

A seasonal event where many of the toughest young wolves gather in the holy ritual grounds of their realms to begin the hunt. Three beasts that have been captured are let loose across the lands and the young wolves begin their hunt! Wolves will make one attack per post, weakening the beast. The wolf that gets the beast under 10% first will claim it! What he chooses to do with the beast is up to him. He may kill it, as many creatures are believed to bring luck should you share its blood with your pack, or adorn yourself in a part of the body. He may choose to claim it as his soul shadow, or gift it to another wolf of their choosing. This is a world event, typically held in the Victus realm during the Autumn Festival, though special occasions may bring this event out at other times.

A group hunt consists of three or more wolves and may or may not boost a wolves magic skill. Wolves may do this on their own without the health status bar, or staff may set up a thread using the health status for the beast. This even may be a world event where wolves try to catch as many animals as they can to prove which pack has the best hunters, in which case the health bar will be used. For this, each wolf will get 5 attacks using the same hit points as the face off game, and the same dice roll chances to hit a single prey animal, or a chance to hit all five listed on their health bar. After each wolf has made their five posts, the team that has the most prey animals below 10% or has the weakest group of prey animals will be decided the winner and receive 100 paw prints. For a pack hunt or small group of wolves they may choose to use the health bar system for a single creature to work together to bring it down, or not use the system at all and bring it down.

A promise of life to another, weddings are usually cause for a great celebration! Weddings usually involve a ceremony in front of the pack mates only. Though, depending on the ranks of the ones to be wed, it may be a World event held at the Autumn Festival for all packs to attend. The process of a wedding usually involves the high ranks. They will give the pair their blessings and send the two off to hunt to prove their compatibility, respect for one another, and test their ability to work together. When the pair arrives successful the pack will sing of their union. Many of the pack members may bring various gifts such as armor, jewelry, feathers, or various other items to show their respect and bless the new couple.

A birth ceremony truly takes place after the puppies are old enough to wander from the den and meet the pack. At this ceremony, the Shaman and her healers will announce the puppies and the parents chosen names for them. The pack will be given the opportunity to meet the puppies and offer them gifts, food, or other things such as special training.

Any loss of a pack members is hard, and all have served a great purpose to the pack. Funerals are often held by the pack to honor them. If the body is still available, packs will gather around it, and cremate it together, singing their praises and asking for the god's to bring them safely to the other side. Many may stay and mourn around the ashes for several days, and hunting is not done on the day of a funeral. It is a time when all are truly peaceful.

The purification ritual was discovered by the Carus alpha, Asmodeus in year four. His study of his race led him to have a dream, in which he believed a god brought him the message of how to cleanse those of impure blood. For the Lux, they must capture those of the impure on the night of a full moon, and bring them to their mountain home where a special water of alter has been created. Within it, those of the impure will be bled out to death, their blood mingling with the water. If the moon should answer, there will be a cleansing of the impurities. The healers and Shamans will then push the blood back into the veins of the wolf. They come alive once more, pure, a Lux. For Acerbus, it works much the same. In their swamp lands they must bleed the wolf out in their waters in the sun's boiling heat, and may only do it on the day when the moon is to be a new moon so her power can not protect those they corrupt. The Invisus may take who they please, but they must also bleed one of their own out with the other wolf to share the mix of blood, and they may only do it at twilight on the night of a full moon, when the power is most equal between the Sun and Moon.



1. A dice roll determines which team goes first. That team's players must all post their attacks first. Once each member has posted their attack, then all members of the second team will post their attacks.

2. You can not post WIP posts or post spot holders. This is to give us an accurate date on which posts were made. Late posts will NOT be accepted.

3. A player has three days to make their post in groups of 3vs3 or higher, and 2vs2 or less have one week to make their posts. If they do not post in their set time period, they will have 10 points removed from their characters health as penalty and their turn skipped on to the next player.

4. A wolf that participates at Mastery level CAN NOT gain their Obsidian pendant through this should their team win. The ONLY ways to earn Elite are through true spars, wars, heals, or other various ways. Not from a game!

5. If you would like to do an official rank, mate, etc challenge this way, YOU MAY do so. Just please notify the staff so one of us can set it up for you!

6. At the bottom of every attack post you make, please clarify the attack you used, if it was on a certain individual, or if it was an attempt at a group attack, also if you used any defenses. Also include whether or not you used a magical or physical attack.

7. The Absorb power may be used to regain health and also cause an attack. It will only heal the wolf by 10%, no matter full or partial hit, but it will deal damage according to the table below. It may only be used twice in a battle.

8. If you run out of mana you will not be able to use any further magical attacks.

9. Mana will only be reduced if you land an attack. The amount taken away depends on the hit and not the skill used. All magical attacks do the same amount of damage based on the table below.

The winning team will have their magic skill boosted! They may also have their choice of 500 Paw Prints, or a free power or a mutation. The losing team will receive 200 Paw Prints for competing.

Partial Hit Full Hit
Beginner 10 15
Intermediate 15 20
Advanced 20 25
Master 25 30
Legend 30 35
Player Team
Beginner 10 5
Intermediate 20 10
Advanced 30 20
Master 40 40
Legend 50 50
Partial Hit Full Hit
Beginner 15 20
Intermediate 20 25
Advanced 25 30
Master 30 35
Legend 35 40
Partial Hit Full Hit
Beginner 30 35
Intermediate 25 30
Advanced 20 25
Master 15 20
Legend 10 15
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