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Q. What is the maximum amount of characters that I can have?
A. You can have as many as you want. We hope that you know your own limits.

Q. Where can I find someone to make me pictures/graphics/etc?
A. There are many graphic studio forums, or you can post in out Art Studio board. There are NO set manipulators, these people are volunteering to do things. So BE KIND to them and do not push them to finish an image that they are doing out of kindness. We are not paying them to do this.

Q. Where can I find pictures to use for my characters?
A. You can look under resources on deviantart.com or under CC licenses on Flickr. You may ask photographers for permission to use their images, but not all will allow it. So please be respectful and give credit.

Q. Can I create and use a magic/mutation not on the store's list?
A. No. We may add more mutations and magic at a later time, but for now only the ones in the store board are allowed.

Q. Is there a place to suggest things for the site? (ie. Mutations/magics/features/plots/etc,)
A. We have a suggestion board in Chat. The rest of the staff team will review and discuss the possibility of adding suggestions.

Q. Can I create Legends/Myths/Stories that are not on the Legends list?
A. It would be preferred that you send your idea to the staff so we can add it to the list and that way others can use it and know what you are talking about. Suggestions for legends are greatly encouraged!

Q. What do you do when a thread is finished?
A. You may post that the thread is closed, but there is nothing special that you need to do to close the thread.

Q. Can I be involved in site events? (Plots, Games, Parties, etc.)
A. YES! That is what they are there for. The site will have various IC and OOC events eventually, and we would love to see everyone participate in them!

Q. Can I be part of the staff team?
A. Please don’t ask us this question. If we think we see a member that would be best suited to the staff and think we need the extra help, we will ask that individual person. We will not take applications for staff members.

Q. Is there any reward for advertising this site?
A. If you would like to advertise, please PM the links to the advertising posts to Crys or Rhys. They will give you 5 Paw Prints per advertisement to whatever account you wish! Please make sure when posting your advertisement that we have not already posted there, and that you use one of your character’s name your ooc name on the other site so we know it is your post.

Q. Help! I can't find “insert item here!”
A. Please PM a staff member if you need any help! All of us are pretty friendly, and that’s why we are staff! We're here to help you out =)


Q. Are characters with colored fur allowed to be created, or does this have to be bought from the store?
A. Yes, you can have a multi-colored rainbow wolf. Mutations and powers are the only thing that have to be bought from the store.

Q. Can my character break the six foot height limit?
A. The only way to do this is with an RR ticket, and the max the character can reach is 7 feet.

Q. How can my character become a higher rank?
A. They must ask for permission from their Alpha in their request board. Many may require an audition post.

Q. Can my character be a different species of wolf, but still join a pack? (ie. Invisus -> Atrox, Acerbus -> Simul, etc.)
A. No, we would prefer this not happen. The pack wolves are usually extremely racist towards outsider species. The packs would not accept another species other than their own.

Q. Can my character breed out of season?
A. Yes, but the chances of success are much lower. If you look at the thread describing how pups are designed and made, you will see that in season the chances are even, but out of season there is only a twenty five percent chance of success.

Q. What is the limit on the amount of mutations/magics my character can have?
A. There is none. If you have a goal to buy everything for one character, go for it.

Q. What happens to pups born out of mated pairs/non-blessed mated pairs in the packs?
A. It depends on the Alpha. Some may allow them to live, others may kill them.

Q. What happens when a character dies?
A. It goes to the next realm known as Ferus. You of course, do not have to continue playing the character in the next realm.

Soul Shadows

Q. What exactly are the soul shadows and how does one acquire them?
A. The soul shadow is believed by the wolves, a piece of themselves born in another creature. They must find this animal, and bond to them. The soul shadow is an already living and existing animal. It is not a spirit, or some sort of ethereal being. It is a living, breathing, eating, bleeding creature. They can die, breed, and do anything unbound members of their species can do.

Q. When a wolf is born, how do they get their soul shadow?
A. When the pup reaches one year, they are sent out with the Shaman and other members of the pack to seek out their appropriate shadow. Once found, it will be a test between them. The healers of the tribe trains the young pups in the ways of gaining a shadow. It is a test of wills. The wolf must gain its meditative state, and still be able to move and function quickly, should they choose a shadow that would intend to fight back.

Q. Is it unusual for a female wolf, for instance, to have a male soul shadow or vice versa?
A. No, gender has no major role, nor does the animal. Some wolves may take on appearances of their soul shadow, but the gender does not matter.

Q. Do the soul shadows have to be animals which are naturally present in the wolves' environment? Do they need to be more like woodland animals, or can they be animals which would never interact with wolves in real life? For example, more exotic animals, such as pandas, tigers, poison dart frogs, etc?
A. For roleplaying purposes, no. Your wolf may travel as far as they wish to tame their soul shadow, although some soul shadows may suffer through the weather accommodations can usually be made by the wolves. Your wolf could bond itself to any animal. Please note though, whales and other such extremely large animals are not recommended.

Q. Can I have an aquatic animal, like a fish, as a soul shadow?
A. Yes. Because of the bond, we are allowing that the creature to breathe through their wolf. They can sort of float/swim through the air, but not much higher than their wolf. They are not flying technically, and will need frequent trips to a water source should they follow the wolf around a lot.

Q. Is there a size restriction on the soul shadows, or can wolves be connected to an animal of any size? So, like, could I make a wolf bonded to a bear? Or a lion? Or do the animals need to be smaller or less powerful than a wolf?
A. No, there are no restrictions. The reason the Shaman and healers usually travel with the young wolves to gain their soul shadow is because if they decide to tame an animal that can cause them a lot of damage, they need all the protecting and healing help they can get until the soul shadow has been fully tamed. For example, a young wolf decides to tame a tiger. Depending on the tiger, it may or may not wish to be bonded. Should it decide to fight while the wolf is trying to bond, the wolf has a very high chance of being injured. The healers are there to focus their healing powers on the wolf and the Shaman to watch over the healing as well as the bonding of souls.

Q. If my soul shadow dies, does my wolf die too?
A. No, not entirely. Although a piece of them has died, the wolf will live on. Wolves that lost their shadow are highly looked down upon, and seen as weak. They are thought to be a curse and a bad omen, and not welcomed into pack life. It is almost impossible for them to gain another soul shadow.

Q. Can I have more than one soul shadow?
A. We have a very rare shop item that allows for this, and we may have special contests items that you can gain an extra or replacement shadow.

Q. Do the wolf and soul shadow have to stay with each other constantly?
A. No, that is entirely up to you. The soul may wonder freely and almost never be seen, but it may be at risk to suffering injury.

Q. How does a wolf recognize that an animal is another wolf's soul shadow and not just another prey or enemy animal?
A. Both wolf and soul shadow can have a symbol on them or wear a very simple matching stone that connects them. Soul shadows may also wear tufts of fallen fur, or even the lost tooth of their wolf. Also, the animal may not show fear or have knowledge of members of the pack from its mental connection with its wolf and thus "know" the other wolf.

Q. Can soul shadows communicate with other animals?
A. Yes, soul shadows can speak to one another telepathically. They cannot however, communicate telepathically to a wolf other than the one they are bonded to. They may speak to them though and be understood.

Q. How does the Shaman actually train the puppies to gain their soul shadows?
A. Basically, the young wolf must "mind wrestle" another creature to be bonded to them. A shaman is very hands on from the time of birth with the puppies, acting as a den mother and sitter as well story teller. Wolf mothers may also teach their pups legends, but its very common for the Shaman to do this chore. Pups are taught from a young age that they are meant to find another living creature to become their shadow. No one knows why, but it is the way they have always known and lived by. The Shaman will start from young ages to train the puppies to be patient and focus their energy, often even using their powers to help them to develop critical thinking. As the puppies age, the Shaman will begin to give harder tasks, such as the will to meditate and let ones soul wonder the forest. Many believe this was the first way soul shadows were claimed, so the wolf could not be physically hurt. It is very rare to find a pup with such extreme mental skill to do this though. The Shaman will decide when she feels the young wolf is ready to claim their soul shadow, often around their first birthday, but some have waited longer. The shaman, healers, and a few other members of the pack will travel with the pups in hunt of their soul shadow. Only the pup will know when they have found the right creature, no one else can tell them what is right or wrong for them. It is a instinctual feeling. Some soul shadows will fight the bonding, and that is the most common reaction. After all they are facing a predator. Some soul shadows can inflict more damage then others, as some wolves have bound to large beasts such as elephants, tigers, ect. This is why the healers and Shaman follow to help heal the youngster while they are trying to meld their soul. Other members of the pack are there to protect the healers and Shaman should the pup die. No one is to step into the middle of a bonding process, even if the pup is certain to die. As hard as it may be, its natures way of weeding out the weak.


Q. What special abilities do Shamans have?
A. Shamans are very gifted healers and feel almost no drain on their energy when using any of their abilities. Instead, they may feel overwhelmed or a heightened sense of energy if they do not use their powers for some time. Other abilities they have are known, and some spoken only in legends. Commonly, shamans can communicate with other wolves telepathically, and given permission by another wolf, may enter their mind to see memories. Shamans are perfectly capable of forcing their way into another wolf's mind, but permission is asked out of respect for pack mates. Some legends say that few Shamans can actually control another wolf’s movements and thoughts, and create shields to defend themselves or their pack in times of war, and have very powerful abilities to summon the powers of the gods.

Q. What things will a Shaman teach to the new pups?
A. Shamans are responsible for the training in legends, pack history, and how to tame their soul shadow. The age can vary on when the Shaman believes the pups are ready, but commonly it is around one year of age. They will teach the pups how to focus their minds, to meditate on taming and bonding to their soul shadow. Methods can vary depending on the shaman, and individual pack beliefs, but the most common way is a very simple manipulative energy focused through meditation and sealing a bond between their soul and the soul of the other creature.

Q. Why are the Shamans unable to take mates or have puppies?
A. Shamans are believed to be a very pure source of magic, and a direct connection to the ancestor, either the sun or moon depending on their race. For this reason, they are not to take mates or raise pups as most things considered holy are meant to remain “pure”. They are meant to serve all members of the pack and to teach the others pups.

Q. Can healers take mates?
A. The pack looks down on it, but it is not forbidden. It is only disliked because should something happen to the current shaman, one of the healers will have to take their place.

Q. Why can’t I make a male healer or shaman?
A. It’s not impossible, but again looked down on. Why? Because 99% of the time, males are the stronger of the two genders and thus seen more fit for a fighter’s class. Females tend to be more suited for the scouting ranks or healers. However, there are some legends that speak of male Shamans, though they are rare. Females are also believed to be much more attuned to nature, with the ability to bring life into the world, and the blood gift of birth. They are seen to be much more connected to the gods than any male could be.

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