Gods & Founders.
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The Gods were the creators of Victus. They are Soliel, the God of the Sun who created the Acerbus. Cinerus, the Middle Goddess and protector of the Invisus and Lune, the Goddess of the Moon mother of the Lux.

The wolves of Victus worshiped their Gods for centuries until eventually their prayers faded and the Gods were all but forgotten. Displeased with the races the Gods awakened and put forth a great wave of destruction that would be forever known as the Great Purge. For three days all of Victus was condemned to fire, ice, and darkness. But the wolves of Victus would not go so quietly. Namasté, the Deity of War, summoned Soliel and defeated him in battle in order to save what was left of the Acerbus. Empowered by his demise, Vinea, Valypto, Jackal, Axel and Eclaireux combined to vanquish the Goddess Lune - an epic feat for mortal souls. Cinerus, regretful of her part in the Purge sank back into her slumber quietly and without confrontation. The intensity of all of this magic and the destruction of the Gods created a portal in space and time, transporting the wolves to a parallel universe. But for some this new world was not enough.

The Deities all set aside their mortal differences and combined their powers for one momentous cause - to stitch the world of Victus back together. Their success meant the destitution of their own immortal magic; as it spilled from their bodies and nurtured the new world; parting space and time again, for a portal back. A portal home.


The Founders are wolves who were once Deities, but sacrificed their powers in order to recreate Victus; thus founding the New World.

NAOS SUHAIL - former deity of loyalty
ASMODEUS TRAHERN - former deity of command
NAMASTÉ UCILIECE - former deity of war
HYSTERIS GREENFIRE - former deity of wisdom
CALAMITY FALLS - former deity of passion
EIDOLON STELLAR - former deity of protection
ISSAR EROWYN STERBEN - former deity of death
NOCTURNE GRIGORI - former deity of fear
NINEVE GREENFIRE - former deity of magic
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