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Please note that many legends are just that, and not necessarily set facts.

In the cold of winter, high up in the Lunar Mountains, the moon came to her full girth and lay to rest on the mountain tops. It was here that her pure light was left glowing and alive, connected to the earth and growing rapidly to form the first wolves of the Lux species. They were pure white, the largest wolves to walk Victus, even to this day. As the moon took her place in the sky once more, she left behind her a new kind and a newly developed species. They were the most noble of wolves, and grew strong in their snowy mountain top home. They developed the land, and soon came to claim the lesser animals as what is now called a soul shadow.

One day, the sun looked upon Victus and spotted the Lux wolves. He despised them, for he considered them an unworthy creation of his sister, the moon. Angered by this, he set to work, taking his fire and passion and sided with darkness to create his own wolves. Unlike his sister who made her wolves too large and slow, he set to making his wolves thin and lean, easily able to run at high speeds he doubted the snow made wolves could even think of catching. He was proud, and watched them begin their war with the Lux kind as the superior beings.

In a time of great war between the Sun and Moon, maybe even before the others species existed, the two lost in their constant chase suddenly collided with Victus, each sent shivering drops of light falling to her fertile lands. They combined, and from it was born the Simul pack. The first wolves were striking in colors and patterns. These first wolves were believed to be the first peacekeepers of Victus. Powerful and strong wolves that could go and take and wonder as they pleased, unbound to any ancestors but themselves because they were unwanted by the Sun and Moon. A product of war that sought for peace.

Long ago, a wolf called Hekil lead the Carus pack. He was believed to be the closes bloodline to the the first wolves, the ones born on the mountain tops directly from the womb of the moon. He was tall and pure white, almost glowing. Antlers decorated his head and he possessed eyes that looked as if the oceans reflection had somehow come to rest permanently in them. He was strong and brave and believed to be the strongest Lux that ever lived. In his time, when Carus was so young, he not only bore the rank of Alpha, but also became his packs Shaman. The first telling of a male Shaman ever. Its something unheard of now, and nearly considered forbidden. But he held great power and respect amongst the pack then and even now, Hekil is considered almost as a god. Carus was strong under his watchful eye, and that of his mate Layra. Many stories are spread of Hekil, some true some false.

Long ago in Victus' past, a pup was born to a young rogue pack that dwelled primarily along the water ways. His pack was known for their long fins, strong gills, and unique fishing ability. They thrived all year long when other packs starved with their mutations that allowed them to survive on the water. This pup was meant to change his kin's ways. Undvarie, as he was called, was born to two proud warrior Lux parents. Undvarie grew strong along side his brother, both serving a promising future to their small pack. The youngster was prideful though, and he grew frustrated with the ways of Victus. He had dreams of greater power than any had ever known and even thoughts of complete control of Victus filled his mind. His pack could see the darkness that was over taking him, and though many tried to reach out to him, he was quickly slipping further away from them in his lust for power. Many of the wolves that grew up with Undvarie since their youth, accustomed to his strength and power, followed in his path and leadership, and they split off in search of a way to control the lands they knew they deserved. It didn't take Undvarie long to discover his own power as well as forcing others to lend them their own. Conquering the wolves around him became an addiction, and many followed from respect or complete fear for their lives, but he didn't care. They'd soon learn his true nature, and that his loyalty lied with himself alone. Coming to the great waters of his old home, a mass sacrifice was made. Innocent lives ended as those most loyal in his high guard slaughtered the wolves that had come enslaved or willingly to worship at his feet and the pack he had originated from for their refusal to follow him. The waters went red that day, a massive portal opening at his command as he began his decent underwater. Those chosen for their strength and power followed him and they built their new world together. To this day, the Ruler of Imbrium can trace his lines back to the great and terrible First King Undavarie.

With Carus’ powerful young alphas discovering the purification rituals, its brought forth ancient powers that have long been suppressed in many wolves. The ability to give and take away life. Only wolves that are truly masters of their powers could ever think to attempt such a task, and even with such focused skill it is near forbidden to perform such powers. Wolves with one or both of these abilities are known as Soulbenders. The first masters to uncover both abilities were Namasté, the powerful Queen of Atrox and her powerful young daughter, Nineve, the Shaman of Atrox, and Isilzheha an infamous loner for his devious crimes against his own kind. There are others as the first masters of Soul Eater, an ability to literally tear apart another beings soul. Nails a fierce pack wolf of Simul, Bacardi a skilled ghost that haunts and knows the Outlands better than any other, Calamity a powerful young Alpha in the outlands, and Calypso, a young promising healer of Atrox were among the few known to carry this ability. Few wolves stumbled upon their Resurrection powers, one Eidolon, a wolf who manages to wriggle his way out of any dangerous situation. Fear has spread with the knowledge of these powers, and caused an in balance in the way life and death is meant to work. It has caused some unsettling effects on the Ferus world, and their taste for revenge may be all too severe. Note: It is possible to earn Obsidian if a wolf is at master level and uses either of these powers successfully.

A list of characters created or born on Sordid Secrets that have more than proven themselves with their abilities, have gained their Obsidian magic skill level, and will forever be remembered here!

Acerbus - Deceased - Mated to Namasté - Hush made his way to the Legends by proving himself a powerful Alpha for Atrox, and by taking part in the trial that tore apart the division between the living and the dead by sacrificing a Lux wolf and her innocent blood, and by killing Simul's alpha. To this day, the name Greenfire runs strong through his children, and their own children. Hysteris killed the Simul King Kondouji during their attack on Atrox, and in doing so, became the first to discover the Soul Eater power. His soul shadow Glister was murdered during the fray. Haunted by her death and visions of the Simul King, Hysteris faded into darkness, and killed his second soul shadow Suchi. Having the last of his soul ripped apart, the Atrox King died on the outskirts of the Deadwood Swamp, where a massive quartz tomb marks his grave. Rumors tell of his mysterious resurrection as a deity, filled with an infinite wisdom...
Acerbus - Living - Mated to Hysteris - Pastly mated to Morikiah. - Namasté has become a legend by earning her rank as the fierce Alpha Female of Atrox by challenging her mate in a battle that has never been forgotten. She took part in the ritual that opened the gateway between the living and the dead, survived, fought, and led a great defense against Simul's raid that ended with Simul's Alpha dead, and has carried her name through her children. Morikiah returned after many years, and the two fought in a battle against one another that nearly killed them both. She made mortal enemies with Eidolon, after the death of Virginia; who she had stolen as a puppy and raised as her own only to kill her in front of him as punishment for deserting Atrox. After the death of her mate Hysteris, Namasté gathered the wolves of Victus together for the first time in history, convincing most to go to war with her and fight against the dead Queen Issar. She met her death on the battlefield, when Issar punctured her chest and lungs with the power of bone modification; but not before Namasté used Soul Eater to finally destroy the Ferus Queen. Rumors tell of her mysterious resurrection as the deity of violence, and war...
Invisus - Deceased - Mated to Nex - Vita was born to be a healer, but her meek and mild nature has proven throughout her life to be a downfall. Captured in her youth by the Atrox alpha Hysteris, she served the pack as slave for some time until her purpose in their dark ritual came to light. With her skill for magic, she was used to open the portal between the living and the dead, but something went wrong, believed to be caused by her impure blood, and she became possessed by the Queen of the Dead, Issar.
Lux - Living - Pastly mated to Poltergeist & Onoskelis . - Victus' local playboy worked his way into power as the Alpha of Carus, strengthening his family name once again. After fathering several litters, he settled on a mate in Poltergeist, though her blood was impure as an Invisus. A legend passed through his family name, as one of the strongest in the Lux line, soon proved to give an answer to this. Deus discovered the Purification Ritual and changed his mate into a Lux Queen. Later, his previous lover Onoskelis challenged Poltergeist for his hand. She won, and Asmodeus took her as his new Queen. The Great King met his death on the battlefield, in the war against Ferus.
Acerbus - Deceased - The firstborn and runt of Hysteris and Namasté grew into a powerful young Shaman that thrived in Atrox under the skilled teaching of her father and the previous Shaman Cavae. Nineve used the purification ritual on her brother's secret lover and changed him into an Acerbus so he could belong to Atrox. She was also one of the first to discover the ancient power of Soul Eater and Resurrection, using them to harvest and regenerate Ferus spirits. She then died on the battlefield in her mothers war against Ferus.
Acerbus - Living - Mated to Calamity Falls - Pastly mated to Bjoux. - A well-known alpha of the pack Ellyeir and later Aestus, he has certainly caused a stir through Victus with several flings and his current affair with the alpha female of another pack. He was a wanted enemy of Atrox for killing their delta, Audric. He is known for completing a resurrection ritual on his daughter, Virginia. After the Great War, he was seemingly blessed with a new power, in order to protect all those in need...
Acerbus - Deceased - Mated to Eidolon - Pastly mated to Kylar. - A fierce warrior and well known deserter of Atrox, Calamity quickly grew her power into a new pack Necrosis that later combined with Ellyeir to form Aestus. The great Queen led her pack in a raid on Simul, and used the ancient power of Soul Eater to destroy their alpha Naos Suhail.
Invisus - Deceased - Pastly mated to Mae. - The son of Simul's Alpha, Kondouji, Naos was raised inside the Atrox pack. Even after being rescued, he left Simul to raise a family with the estranged Greenfire Maerlasni. He returned to rule Simul after his brother's departure, where he was a much-beloved king. Naos fought a legendary battle against a dragon to protect Simul, and worked to create a pack full of laughter and love. He died in battle, in an attempt to rescue his daughter, and was enshrined within a large cherry blossom tree.
Acerbus - Deceased - Mated to Phantom - A lowborn omega of Atrox, whom after impressing the Alpha on numerous occasions, earned a series of promotions. Medias later found his heart taken by a Simul intruder, Phantom, whom he smuggled unlawfully into Atrox and later would marry. After the fall of Hysteris, Medias discovered the dangerous power of Malleus, which, after sharing this knowledge with Ra Greenfire, the Atroxian used in a cataclysmic ritual in which Ferus and Victus were merged as one. Later participated in the great War of Ferus and Victus, and lived to tell the tale.
Acerbus - Living - One of the last sons of Hysteris and Namasté, Ra struggled through an unnerving childhood, demons of immense proportions clouding his actions. Somehow he emerged victorious, molded into a hardened warrior, yet a man of many faces. He found himself among the mage, Atramedes and discovered the red man's strange, original power, Melleus. Ra then lead a ritual in which this power was used to drag Ferus into the realm of the living, making them vulnerable to attack by Atrox and whomever allied with them. He was king of Atrox for a time, before being unseated by his niece Andromeda. Many years later, he and Andromeda have reunited, and have deserted Atrox together to create a new legacy...
Lux - Deceased - She was born into Carus where she quickly became an exceptional healer, catching the eye of her Alpha, Asmodeus, and earning the Shaman position when she was four years old. At the age of five, she was the first wolf to ever be impregnated by Genus and had a successful litter of six. She became known as a mother figure to much of Carus, caring for each member as if they were her own child. She participated in three purification rituals throughout her years as Shaman. She died protecting her family at the age of 8, during the war Ferus waged against Victus.
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