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In the beginning, the two packs Atrox and Carus were founded by their patron god and goddess and decreed to be the bastions of each species. When Acerbus and Lux bred together, the species Invisus was created, and adopted by their goddess- who founded the Simul pack for them. These three core packs have existed for as long as anyone can remember, but in recent years a few other packs have sprung up as well. Here you will find some information on all currently running packs, as well as details on how to create your own.

These are the known species and their packs. Please note, everything below is just a generalization. Your character can be any size, any personality, and whatever you want them to be. They do not have to fit any strict guideline, and can totally break the norm for their pack or species. It is entirely up to you!! This is just sort of a 'back story' to give you an idea of what the culture of a set species is like.

Height: The wolves of Victus have been known to reach 6 feet at the withers. This is very rare, and commonly only in males of the Lux species. A height over 6 feet may be reached with the purchase of a Height Break add-on item (though the maximum height is 7 feet).

Weight: This depends on the size of the wolf, but they have been known to reach up to 300 pounds or more.

Length: Again, this depends on the wolf size and mutations, but they have been known to reach sizes up to 9 feet in length.

Born from the ivory dust of the moon, the Lux species was first composed from the very tears of the Goddess Lune herself. Lux wolves are usually plain in coloration and lack numerous mutations, however, their eyes tend to be exceedingly vibrant and alluring. Their beautifully sculpted bodies thrive in the subzero temperatures of the mountains, depending predominantly on their strength rather than speed. This species is the tallest of all the Victus wolves, commonly reaching heights around six feet. The Lux were long believed to be the very reason for the moon's arrival each and every night. The species was shrouded in mystery, dwelling only atop the Lunar Mountains where they were closest to their goddess mother. Some wolves still carry the belief that on the nights when the moon is absent from the inky blackness of the sky, something dark grows within the hearts of the Lux. These wolves are especially skilled in their abilities, recognized widely for their expertise. This species draws their energy from the moon, becoming vulnerable on the rare occasion of a lunar eclipse. The Lux are the species that first formed the Carus pack.

Height: 4.5 feet - 6+ feet
Climate: Freezing to cool temperatures, usually pertaining to snowy conditions and very low heat. These wolves are built for the mountainous and icy terrain, their bodies easily adapting to freezing temperatures.
Common Hues: White, cream, silver, browns, beige, tan, blues, golds, and light pastels.
General Markings: Eyes with light bases, colored with hues of blue or silver. Pink or light colored noses, shades of blue are also frequent.
Common mutations: Wings, feathers, antlers, horns, long fur, glow, moon drink, water element, and lumen.
Available Packs: Carus: home of the Lux, Exilium, the Wardens: member made packs

Acerbus wolves were born from the essence of the sun, created by the internal embers of the God Soliel's heart. Acerbus wolves are colorful and unique, embellished with many mutations and oddities that give their appearances captivating qualities. Their petite slender bodies are composed upon smaller frames, allowing them to perform much better by means of speed rather than strength. Dwelling within the arid climate of the swamps and surrounding forests, the Acerbus are able to acclimate to heat quickly due to their small stature. The deep burning passion that dwells within the hearts of the Acerbus was long believed to be the cause of the sun's fiery vibrancy. Yet, the species itself has long settled within the darkness of the potent swamps, a territory in which not many others can endure due to the toxicity of the water. Acerbus wolves are particular in their fighting styles, relying mainly on their small size to pose quick assassin-style attacks rather than utilizing any type of brute force. This species draws their energy from the sun, becoming vulnerable on the rare occasion of a solar eclipse. The Acerbus are the species that first formed the Atrox pack.

Height: 3 feet - 5 feet
Climate: Arid or humid conditions with high heat levels, occasionally those with high to moderate levels of sunlight. These wolves have evolved to survive in the almost toxic conditions of the swamps.
Common Hues: Darker colors are common, including black, reds, grays, purples, greens, and browns.
General Markings: Dark colored bodies with dark pigments. Stripes are common, as well as red or pink eyes.
Common mutations: Horns, blood drink, spikes, large fangs, cat claws, tusks, chameleon, photosynthesis, and fire element.
Available Packs: Atrox: home of the Acerbus, Exilium, the Wardens: member made packs

The offspring of a Lux female and an Acerbus male produced the Invisus species, which later became adopted under the care of the Goddess Cinerus. Invisus wolves are a hybrid species, combining many traits from the Lux wolves and Acerbus wolves. However, the mixture of powers of the sun and moon would not meld so easily. The Goddess Cinerus instilled these wolves with life, nourishing their energy with the powers of the earth. As such, these wolves tend to be gifted in the ways of the land, conforming to the natural environment in both mutations and abilities. Due to their hybrid nature, their bodily traits seem to be almost entirely random. However, these wolves usually have naturally painted pelts and stand at a height between both ancestor species. Their mixed blood causes them to be almost intolerable to climate change, therefore many Invisus dwell within the comfortable climate of the meadows and forests. Invisus wolves draw their powers from both sun and moon, rendering them vulnerable on both the occasions of lunar eclipse and solar eclipse. The Invisus are the species that first formed the Simul pack.

Height: 4 feet - 5.5 feet
Climate: Average temperatures that tend to remain fairly stable. These wolves thrive in the average climate and conditions of the forests and meadows of Victus.
Common Hues: Natural or 'earthy' hues such as greens and browns., however many colors are considered common due to the mixed blood of this species.
General Markings: Any considered common.
Common mutations: Moon drink, photosynthesis, chameleon, nature pull, earth element, wind element.
Available Packs: Simul: home of the Invisus, Exilium, the Wardens: member made packs

After a wolf has died, the wolf then loses all ties it once had with a certain species and becomes known as a spirit. Spirits wander the realm of Victus in either a physical or spirit form, usually identified by the small wisp-like tendrils of light that caress their bodies. Spirits can appear in many different ways and forms, some may appear to be still living and some can be rotting down to the bone. Like living wolves, spirits can still be injured magically. If ever they are dealt a fatal blow they will be returned to the realm of Ferus and face significant injury. However, a spirit cannot ever be killed unless their soul has been destroyed or consumed. According to lore, a spirit that walks the planet alone will eventually fade away, but those that remain bound together in the Ferus pack can almost live on in a way. The Spirits are the species that first formed the Ferus pack.

Height: The heights of the dead tend to range significantly.
Climate: Usually fair climates are habitable to these species.
Common Hues: Any considered common.
General Markings: Any considered common.
Common mutations: Any considered common.
Available Packs: Ferus: home of the Spirits, Exilium, the Wardens: member made packs

An outlander is any species of creature that is non-wolf, which also includes species from the bestiary. This status is only allowed after the "outlander" item has been purchased from the shop. Outlanders are not responsible for the creation of any pack, however an outlander may be the soul shadow to a canine companion. When creating an outlander, please try to stay true to the creatures origins and natural habits that they may possess.

Height: Pertains to specific creature.
Climate: Pertains to specific creature.
Common Hues: Pertains to specific creature.
General Markings: Pertains to specific creature.
Common mutations: Pertains to specific creature.
Available Packs: None

The Packs of Victus

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

Death is but a breath away.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.

A rebirth out of spiritual adversity causes us to become new creatures.

Creating a Pack

To create a pack your wolf must have at least 4 other followers, making you a pack of five to start out with. Once you have the requirements you can start your pack with a claiming thread in the territory you are trying to claim. Once your pack is set up with 5 member staff will create a group and sub-board for you in the pack's area for you to post updates, ranks, and things like that! All lands in Victus are claimable by any wolf, of any species, of any pack other than the Ritual Ground and the Immortal Forest.

Some packs are larger than others, but that can easily be shaken up! Once a month, a pack may go and stake their claim on a territory that is unoccupied. To prove a pack has the appropriate number of members to claim that land, it needs support posts. Meaning if you are claiming your second territory, the thread needs ten wolves to respond in support. If no other pack responds within a week, the territory becomes part of the pack's lands. However, another pack has the right to step in within that week and challenge them for the right to the land. Also, a pack may post one challenge a month to neighboring territories to claim it.
Claims and challenges can only be made if you have the right amount of wolves to help manage the territories, though, as listed below.

5 Wolves - One Territory
10 Wolves - Two Territories
20 wolves - Three Territories
30 Wolves - Four Territories

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