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The Beginning
For centuries, the ways of the wolves of Victus have remained the same. Untouched and as holy as the day they were first created. Tradition has been deeply rooted into the ways of the wolves. From the earliest days, there are stories of the Great Ones, whose newborn souls tamed the most mystical of beasts as their own. With them at their side, they ended wars, destroyed those who defied them and protected the peace of the world. In these new days, the oldest packs have grown more and more separated. What once had been a peaceful crossing, has become something truly dark and hateful. There are those of Carus, who are known for their wisdom and peaceful ways with the soul shadows at their sides. Guarding Victus as the past legends did. But their growing foes have much darker intentions. Atrox has become more and more distant from their close neighbors. New rumors are spreading daily of the cruel acts they commit to trespassers and to their own soul shadows. Only time will tell if these two packs will face each other, and what the dark race has in store for the rest of Victus.

The Awakening
An ancient legend realized, Atrox made a sacrifice in an attempt to gain a great power, but something when wrong. The blood of an impure tainted their summon to the sun, and instead, ripped open the world of the dead. From this portal, beasts of horrible nature and appearance wandered into Victus. The pack of Ferus, led by a dark and tainted Queen. With their appearance, new magic, dark and powerful sorcery has come to corrupt the world of Victus. Disease and decay have started on the mortals of Victus, wolves are disappearing, the birth rate of wolves decreasing. The peace of Victus has been shattered, and the rising threat of war draws near.

The Flood Gates
Several years after Atrox opened the portal to the dead, they have not relented upon the mortals. Feeding, torturing and abusing them in any way they can. But another ancient prophecy has stirred. With the portal incredibly fragile between the worlds, a new species has stepped forward. Long ago they separated their ways from Victus with a horrible blood sacrifice to create their own realm to rule and live as they pleased. And for the first time in many many centuries, they have returned to Victus. A fragile relationship is forming with their brethren. But so long ago the departure that left so many wounded and dead is not easily forgotten, and fear lives in every heart with this return. What will the future hold as the wolves of Imbrium return?

The Purge
After a long era of silence, the Gods are awake. For centuries, their mortal children had achieved greatness but they also had sinned. For centuries, their home had been torn apart and drenched in the blood of prejudice and war, until the Gods could not remain silent any longer. With their hearts swollen with rage and sorrow, they knew the world has to be cleansed of such evils. With their return, the sky splits open, bringing forth rains of fire, and the sea grows crueler, with countless tsunamis looming above Victus. The earth shakes and breaks apart, shattering under the wrath of the Gods. Packs are no more and wolves are dying. Will you survive the Purging of Victus?

The Gods once walked freely amidst their lush lands, birthed and sewn from their very flesh. It was an era lost in the great fathoms of time, and yet there still dwells a whisper between the very old and the wise of artifacts constructed with pure life energy. Fused with both heavenly and mortal blood, and forged through the primal reaches of strange, ancient magic, they were feared, or highly coveted, for each relic possessed a colossal amount of power. It is unknown who created them, for be them a God or a king, they would serve any who harnessed their power. They are no ordinary stone carvings, fashioned exquisitely with a passionate vision, one that few truly understood. Word spread of these relics, as did the chaos between tribes. The Gods took pity on the mortals' ceaseless war for these enchanted items, whose gifts had potential to bring great peace or great bedlam. And so they locked the relics away in a quiet corner of the universe, never to be utilized again. However, these relics also possess a peculiar distaste for being held, prisoner. Their sole purpose is to be put to use, to spread peace or panic, warmth or pandemonium. These enigmatic items seem to have a consciousness of their own, constantly desiring to be of influence on the world. They waited in manipulative solitude, for the perfect moment, after the great Purge when the Gods were weakened by the mortals' revolt. The galaxy in which they were being confined was swallowed up by their long awaited belligerence, and they plummeted themselves to the surface of Victus. To find and take ownership of these relics can spell divine or disaster depending on the nature of the soul. Will you fight to win a relic for your pack? Will you stop others from using them for evil? Or will you set out on your own and find it yourself? Everyone is looking for them. Everyone wants them. The game has begun.

The Battle of Victus
With the relics in the hands of those strong enough to harbor them, the alphas delve into solutions to quell the growing chaos spreading through Victus, thirsty for revenge, hungry for justice. Distrust for the spirits had grown into an unsettling need for retaliation, to uproot their once beloved Divinities and be free from spiritual confrontation. Setting aside their long abiding rivalries, they plot and scheme to dethrone the Gods permanently, to rid their mortal world of overlord deities. A sacred pool lay nestled deep in the heart of the Immortal Forest, wherein two ancient fish encircled one another for eternity, and it was said that if the fish were killed, the Gods would then lose their divine blood and become mortal. Mortals Vythica, Indira, Carus king River, and deity of Fear Nocturne all participated in the slaying of the sacred fish, succeeding in robbing the Gods of their divinity. But something unprecedented also came into play. With the Gods now uprooted and powerless, reality was ripped from the clutches of normalcy, throwing the land into a great void, whilst transporting all Victus inhabitants to another world, and another time.

The New World
The world was torn to pieces by the Gods, our creators, our great ancestors, the beings that we worshiped and who had once pledged to protect us. Displeased with our races, they awakened, with the intention to rid the world of their work, perhaps to start anew. In many ways, they succeeded, for our world is no longer how we remember it. Fire and ice have left it scotched, broken, and in ruins. The trees are black and the fields are bare, the mountains faces shining dull and gray with mighty slabs of broken stone. The wolves of Victus fought back against the Gods, driving them away; back to the abysmal slumber from which they came. It was this Last Battle that parted the seams of space and time, opening a portal through which many of the inhabitants of Victus escaped. But there were some who longed for the old ways... The Deities; Hysteris of Wisdom, Namasté of War, Calamity of Passion, Eidolon of Protection, Asmodeus of Command, Naos of Loyalty, Nocturne of Fear, Nineve of Magic, and Issar of Death - all set aside their mortal differences and combined their powers for one momentous cause - to stitch the world of Victus back together. Their success meant the destitution of their own immortal magic; as it spilled from their bodies and nurtured the new world; parting space and time again, for a portal back. A portal home.

The Scourge of Mirrorion
This plot is currently ongoing! Read about it here and here. Consider applying to play the big bad, Mirrorion himself!

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