Powers & Mutations.
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While magic may have played an important role throughout the creation and foundation of Victus, it is not a very crucial part of development where characters are concerned. Here, we're very lax on what level of magic your character can conjure (unless it seems a little extreme) and let you decide how your character progresses their talent. This means there is no leveling system, no thread grinding, everyone can start on equal footing or they can begin weak and work their way up to being a grand magic user - the possibilities are yours. Below you'll find a list of retired powers that your character can use as influence for their future magic.


Mutations are normally obtained from birth, though they may rarely develop later in life, and it's strongly suggested that a thread is written to introduce new ones. These must be bought from the shop before they appear on your character. You get ONE free mutation upon applying your character to SS.

Long Fur - Makes the fur much longer in length, and also may cause such mutations as a lion's mane, horse's mane or tail, forelock, or other similar changes.
Gills/Fins/Scales - Allows the wolf to grow gills, fins or scales. They may cover the entire body or just small parts.
Spikes - Creates spiked growth from the body. The spikes can vary in color, and location.
Glow - Makes markings, or the entire body glow in a set color.
Feather Growths - Feathers grow naturally from any part of your wolf's body.
Horns - Allows the growth of horns from the skull only.
Large Fangs - Allows the growth of extra large fangs.
Antlers - Allows the growth of antlers, such as those on a whitetail deer, reindeer, or other similar species.
Tusks - The growth of tusks such as an elephant or wild boar.
Talons - Allows for anything from extra large claws to bird or dragon feet!
Spider Legs - This wolf has either spider legs in addition to or in place of regular wolf legs.
Hooves - This wolf has either some or all of their paws replaced with hooves.
Unique Eyes - Allows the wolf to have the eyes of other species, such as goat or tiger eyes, or even eyes that belong to no species known.
Feral - This allows the character to have any sort of mutations from animals not already listed in the shop. It can apply to multiple features at the same time.
Extra Appendage - Creates duplicates of body parts, such as an extra tail, extra set of eyes, or another limb. Or can create an entirely new appendage.
Blood Drink - This mutation has created a deep thirst in the wolf to drink blood. It may not be something desired by the wolf, but they are forced to drink or face a very slow death in a starvation like state.
Wings - Adds a pair of wings to the wolf. They can be any color, style, ect.
Cat Claws - Adds very large retractable feline like claws to your wolf.
Infrared Vision - A wolf with this mutation is able to see in infrared, their eyes picking out heat signatures at short distances, allowing them to see through obstacles and darkness that would normally blind a wolf.
Contortionist - Characters with this mutation have the ability to twist and bend their bodies in the most unnatural ways, including unhinging their jaws like a snake. Some say that these creatures have not a single bone in their body- and they do seem to break less bones, their bones bending instead of snapping upon impact.
Chameleon - The ability to change colors to blend into ones surroundings.
Veritas - From birth, the wolf with this mutation finds themselves unable to lie, and often they blurt out the truth as soon as anyone asks them. It is unwise to trust such a wolf with any sort of secrets.
Narcissus - A wolf possessing this mutation forever looks youthful and perfect, the very embodiment of beauty. Their appearance is different to every gaze, seeming to change to suit the tastes of whoever's looking at them. This mutation does not give the wolf mutations it does not possess- such as wings or claws. A wolf with this mutation may potentially never know their true face.
Stone - This mutation makes the wolf's entire body turn to stone when struck with, depending on the wolf, either sunlight or moonlight. The wolf's thought process slows and then stops, and they will only turn back to normal when the light source is cut off.
Sense Casting - This ability will greatly increase all of the common senses. Touch is magnified, able to sense the smallest vibrations. Sight can extend to that of a hawk, pinpointing details from miles away. Hearing can catch the faintest of sounds for miles around. Scent is increased to detect even a new blood drop within a few miles. Taste is enhanced to the point that the bearer can detect any poison from the slightest touch of the tongue, though scent can accomplish the same thing if one pays attention. The user has the ability to tone down their senses and keep them at less extreme levels.
Famine - This user is eternally hungry. Its body is consistently deprived of the nutrients a normal body would easily store. This wolf appears physically deprived, and are clearly recognizable by their sunken characteristics.
Moon Drink - This rare mutation acts much like photosynthesis, but instead of sunlight, the wolf thrives in the night. Drinking in the moonlight and surviving on it. The cycle has a certain effect on strength, as when the moon is its smallest and especially on the new moon, the wolf can become lethargic and weak. On nights of the full moon, the wolf is at its strongest. These detrimental effects are lessened when the wolf supplements their diet with meat.
Photosynthesis - This mutation changes the wolf almost entirely. They can live and produce food off sunlight, making hunting almost obsolete. Wolves with this mutation don't usually have much size to them, and tend to be weak in darkness and cold weather. These detrimental effects are lessened when the wolf supplements their diet with meat.
Herbivore - This mutation forces a wolf to consist on a diet of plants instead of meat. Toxic plants will still harm them, and attempting to eat meat will lead to vomiting and sickness. Wolves born with this mutation do not have fangs, but rather the flat teeth of an herbivore, and are often cast out of packs at birth for being too different and strange.
Nature Pull - Nature pull is rather like the blend mutation, though instead of gaining attributes from other living creature, the wolf gains them from plant life. They take on the vivid colors of petals; growing vines and moss along their bodies. Perhaps even growing a small tree from their back!
Tar - This curse makes a wolf's solid form melt down into a tar-like substance at random points in time, making their movement sluggish. Higher magic levels gain the ability to control the process somewhat, retaining their wolf shape.
Tactus Mortem - Often viewed as a curse, this mutation makes any ground or foliage the wolf walks upon wither away, and will kill foliage if it's in contact with the wolf's body for too long. These wolves are cold to the touch, and their unpleasant touch has a draining effect on living creatures, making them feel lethargic and at times vaguely nauseous if in contact for too long.
Tactus Vitae - Often viewed as a blessing, this mutation makes any ground the wolf walks on flourish with life and plant matter, leaving a trail of green and flowers following in their wake. These wolves are warm to the touch, and touching them provides a slight rejuvenation of energy, revitalizing flagging wolves and sometimes taking away mild pains or sickness with prolonged touch- though it fades as soon as they stop touching.
Blend - A random event where the DNA of a wolf's soul shadow blend to the wolf and changes the characteristics in a variety of ways. Such as tiger stripes if the soul shadow is a tiger, larger size, or larger teeth.
Behemoth - If the character is put under to much stress or finds himself/his loved ones in imminent danger, the a beastial version of them will take over and stop the threat- often, but not always changing their physical appearance. It's extremely hard to control the creature once its been let out and the only way to bring it back in is to satisfy it's need for blood. Everyone has different triggers and different ways they think of or deal with the beast, but it almost always ends violently.
Rot - This mutation is a rather painful one and a curse, causing a mortal wolf to suffer great wounds and to become a beast of gore. They are not healable, and will bear every open wound they gain throughout their lifetime, without the promise of death unless by decapitation. Wounds may fester, and bleed continually.
Lumen - A very rare mutation, wolves born with Lumen have often been mistaken for spirits. They are born with no visually substantial body, and are instead defined by a soft, starry iridescence. Though they may appear vaguely transparent during the day, they feel and can be felt. They glow at night, and can be found in an array of colours, however violets, whites and blues are most common. While one might mistake them for a ghost, they are indeed mortal, and may die of wounds, old age, and all other causes for a mortal death, as well was walk, talk, and reproduce as mortals do.
Patchwork - The wolf cursed with this has a very adaptable body. If a limb of theirs is torn off in battle, the wolf could replace their lost limb with one of another. Their coat my be patchy and contain many different colors of fur, due to their need to replace torn flesh. They may also replace organs, though doing so will make them ill for a while, and in rare cases it can kill them.
Hydra - Wolves born with two heads. A rare mutation, and three heads is possible, but rarer still. Each head holds its own brain, and thus its own personality.
Blood Bond - Sometimes two wolves are connected with this rather sad power. In most cases this happens to twins, or at least siblings, but even two totally random individuals somewhere in Victus can be connected, although this is very rare. Every kind of pain and wound will cause the "partner" to get the same wounds and to feel the same pain. They could be hundred miles away from each other, but when one of them loses a leg for example, the other one will lose it too, without any obvious reason. Even death will hit them both at the same time.
Wonder Womb - In females, it causes an abnormally large and fertile uterus, increased litter sizes, and increases fertility. For males, it enables them to become pregnant by other males and to give birth. This is a non-inheritable trait.
Regeneration - Regeneration is an extremely rare hereditary mutation that allows the user the ability to regenerate flesh, and even limbs, an ability that is normally reserved for highly practiced healers. Regeneration of flesh often takes a few days of rest, and in order to fully recover it takes roughly 5 days. Regeneration of a limb however, is another matter entirely. Limb regeneration is excruciatingly painful, often causing sickness and high fevers as the body goes into overdrive to rebuild the lost limb. The entire process takes about 2 weeks to recover completely, and during that time the wolf can often be incapacitated by pain. Regeneration cannot be used unless the user is at rest due to its extreme energy usage, and is not usable during battle. If the user is being cared for by an experienced healer the regeneration process can be sped up, but at the cost of causing more pain.


Any character is capable of learning the below magics at their leisure. These are not the only spells your character can know, they are just a guideline!

Imprint - This ability allows a character to leave behind a message in the form of a glowing pawprint. The message can be anything from a simple voice to an elaborate memory, complete with thoughts, smells, sights, tastes and feelings. If two wolves have this power, they can communicate with each other over long distances through these paw prints, with distance varying depending on magical power. Long distance communication is accomplished through one wolf touching another's paw print and wishing to speak with them, in which case all of that wolf's pawprints within the range of the caller's magic will start to glow. If touched in this state, the pawprints will be telepathically connected and can pass along the same sort of messages they usually hold.
Shrink - This ability allows a character to shrink down to an incredibly small size and back again.
Healing - The ability to diagnose and heal wounds or illnesses. This ability is very taxing and difficult to master, but higher levels of mages may soon develop a healing aura, which automatically preforms minor healing on anyone around the mage unless they deliberately stop themselves.
Energy - The ability manipulate energy, such as electricity or heat.
Sprout - Strictly a defense mechanism. It allows the user to take the form of a plant for a time.
Scry - The ability to divine the past, present or future through any reflective surface, typically water.
Venom - The ability to produce a toxic venom from any part of your character's body. Their tongue may become snakelike as a result.
360 - The ability to see in all directions at once.
Weather Control - The ability to manipulate the weather. Disaster level storms (tornados, hurricanes) can only be summoned at higher magic levels.
Dream Walking - The ability to enter another's dreams. The caster can alter the dream as much as they want until the dreamer attempts to take control, in which case the dreamer has greater influence. This makes the spell potentially dangerous for the caster if the dreamer realizes he has control. This spell can be cast from any distance as long as the target is asleep.
Sonus Vox - The power to vocally imitate any sound with ease, such as another's voice, an explosion, running water, etc.
Eyes of God - This ability allows a wolf to see through walls and trees, and even take a peek at the bones and organs of living creatures.
Time Control - This power alters the flow of time in a limited space, generally the area directly around and including the user. To those under its effects it appears that the world around them is sped up or slowed down. Skilled users may cast over a larger area and spread the effects to a group.
Sororis - The ability to create incorporeal replicas of oneself. They look and sound like the original, but cannot produce magic or move objects. Characters of average magical strength normally produce no more than 3.
Biosonar - The ability to 'click' like a dolphin and read the echo as an image, allowing a character to 'see' their environment without using their eyes. Higher levels of magic can use this sound to stun.
Telepathy - The ability to speak to others telepathically. Distance depends on magic level, and higher levels can even force their words through the target's mouth.
Mimicry - The ability to take on the appearance and abilities of another character. Magic level determines how long this spell can be held.
Seduction - An increase in pheromones and hormones to attract a mate. Has a very mild controlling effect.
Ether - This power enables a character that already has the Glow mutation to manipulate their glow into solid ropes of energy, using them as a extra appendages that can touch and feel as well as move objects.
Allora Vox - The ability to emit a shrieking sound wave that can temporarily deafen all surrounding opponents in close quarters. Higher levels of magic can direct the shriek with moderate accuracy.
Oscillate - The ability to make things vibrate and explode. The caster can also control the speed and volatility of particles within a certain object, sometimes forcing them to split their bonds and fall apart. It can also be used to allow a tangible surface to become intangible, letting things easily pass through.
Warg - The ability to see through your soul shadow's eyes and communicate with them over great distances. While looking through their eyes, the character cannot see through their own eyes, making the spell slightly dangerous.
Dryad's Gift - The ability to call and manipulate plant life as if it were one's familiar, controlling everything from the smallest vine to the oldest tree depending on magic level. Often used in conjunction with Nature Pull.
Aura of Truth - This spell creates an area around the caster wherein no entity can tell lies, including the caster themselves. Creatures inside the aura can sense it, and the spell fades immediately after the area is left. The size and duration of this aura depend on magic level. This spell does not force anyone to tell the truth, only not to tell lies.
Ghost - Allows the character to turn invisible and move without sound for a time, depending on magic level.
Echosing - The ability to sing mesmerizing and beautiful songs that can enchant those around them, allowing for an almost complete control if fully ensnared.
Basilisk - The ability to paralyze a target with your gaze for up to five minutes at a time, with sustained eye contact. Higher magic levels can potentially cause pain to the target's mind with enough effort.
Dowsing - The ability to track creatures or objects with magic. Higher magic levels can pinpoint exact locations, lower levels can only sense the general area. Prolonged use can become tiring.
Aura Reading - The ability to sense ethereal things about a being, such as magical powers or emotions. With touch, one can even sense some of the history of objects, though this is difficult and usually only shows random images. This does not work on living beings, though it does work on corpses.
Spell Block - The power to create a magical shield in battle, blocking a single cast. Repeated uses are extremely draining, and even experienced users are rarely able to use it more than twice in a single battle.
Assimilation - The ability to meld oneself onto inanimate objects, such as a tree, a rock, still water or the earth itself for a limited time, depending on the caster's magic level.
Scrawl - The ability to create spell runes which can contain anything from messages to hostile or beneficial spells. They can be fixed to objects permanently or just hung in midair. They are activated by touch.
Genderswitch - The ability to change one's physical and/or mental characteristics to those of the opposite sex. Those inexperienced in it may often trigger it accidentally.
Telekinesis - The ability to move and manipulate objects with one's mind. This is a difficult and draining ability for beginners, but can become quite powerful at higher magic levels.
Gaze Thief - When this spell is cast through eye contact with the target, the caster gains the ability to spy through their eyes. This spell blinds the caster to their own surroundings, and can only be maintained at a distance of one mile, meaning if the caster wants to use it to spy on an enemy, someone else must lead the blind wolf through enemy territory to keep them in range.
Shape Shift - The ability to temporarily change species. Bestiary creatures included, and you are not limited to only one animal. With experience, it is also possible to half-shift, only taking on some characteristics of another animal, such as a hawk's eyes or wings, or a tiger's claws. The duration which the mage can maintain the shift is determined by magic level, and lower levels may start to feel strain from the shift within a few minutes, whereas higher levels may maintain it for hours or even days.
Familiar - The ability to compel one specific species of plant or animal to adore you and do your bidding. The caster's hold and draw on their creatures increases with magic level. Beginners may easily hold one creature, masters may hold whole groups in thrall.
Crawler - The ability to walk up or down any solid surface regardless of gravity or lack of friction.
Seether - The ability to bend the shadows to the caster's will, changing their shape, darkness or density. Seethers can also turn into shadows themselves, becoming a dark, wisp-like smoke that is transparent and relatively unaffected by physical harm.
Lightmancer - The ability to manipulate light as you see fit- whether it is used to blind someone in a flash, light a dark area, or with higher levels, create illusions. (This mastery of illusions is different from Enigma in that it is presented physically, instead of manipulating the mind.) Considered the counterpart to Seether, cannot be used to create or manipulate shadows.
Spirit Walker - The ability to project one's soul from their body, so as to use it to accomplish tasks far away. While not tangible, an expelled soul can be used to send messages or cast weakened magic. While outside of the body, their soul is in a vaporous form that glows faintly, and the remaining body is unconscious and helpless. Master spirit walkers can even strip pieces of another's soul and manipulate it into a temporary spirit being.
Star Keeper - The ability to summon and control multiple tiny balls of light that resemble stars. These stars, while appearing harmless, can be used as weapons, shooting through the air in a burst of burning dust and easily cutting through flesh, though not rock or bone. Control decreases dramatically with distance, making them inflexible projectile weapons at long range.
Teleport -The ability to teleport from one place to another. Distance varies depending on magic level- beginners can only teleport a few yards, masters may be able to cross miles in an instant. To teleport to a location, the caster must be able to visualize it, and if something is in the way when they get there the caster can be horribly injured while combining with the object. Increased distances can be very draining on the caster.
Toxic Mist - The ability to summon and manipulate a poisonous, vaporous mist. Effects of the mist may sometimes linger in places that produce their own magic.
Soul Shift - A wolf with this power gains the ability to take over the body of a non-wolf animal, feeling what they feel and using their body as their own. The animal's mind can fight back for control of the body, with bigger and more intelligent animals being harder to overcome. This ability can be extremely dangerous, for if the battle for supremacy is lost, the caster may find themselves both unable to leave the body without the animal's cooperation and unable to effect anything around it, trapped behind the animal's eyes until they escape. While activated, the caster's original body is conventionally empty, and if the body dies (whether by starvation or injury), the caster is trapped in the new body. If the animal dies, the caster dies with it.
Phantom Weapon - The ability to summon a solid object to use as a weapon, such as a giant claw or a boulder. Magic level determines how large the object can be and how long you can maintain it.
Absorb - The ability to absorb some health from your opponent, damaging the target and healing the caster. The amount of health/damage transferred depends on magic level. This spell is considered difficult to wield, and cannot be cast more than twice per battle. It cannot be used to heal anyone other than yourself.
Hibernate - When the body has been subjected to extreme stress or injury, or if the caster wants to sleep some time away, the caster can invoke Hibernate, which puts them into a coma-like state. This state will heal all healable injuries, though once asleep, the caster cannot be woken, and must remain asleep for at least a week. Extensive injuries take longer to heal. The body must be protected, as the wolf cannot defend itself in this state.
Luminary Bond - A luminary bond is a rare and difficult spell that binds mated pairs together and gives them special abilities. They both gain the ability to speak to eachother mind to mind, heal each other of any illness or poison with a single touch, and have very strong and healthy litters. Additionally, both wolves lose the ability to feel romantic and sexual intimacy with any other wolf, and cannot be effected by seduction, echosing, or any love enchantment. NOTE: Both characters must have this item for the enchantment to be active.
Body Meld - The ability to merge with the body of your soul shadow, combining into a morph that has traits from both. In this form, the soul shadow and wolf can communicate with their thoughts. If the morph is killed, both soul shadow and caster die. This spell is extremely difficult to learn, and can only be mastered by high level mages who have a very strong bond with their soul shadow.
Enigma - This power enables the wolf to cast illusions over their physical surroundings. They may alter the colors, shapes, and entire mood around them; for example changing day to night, spring to winter, cold weather to warm, ect. These illusions come with whatever sounds, smells, details the weaver wishes. These illusions are however, not real; and such surroundings cannot physically effect or inflict harm on a wolf; and are used mostly to frighten, intimidate, or simply amaze.
Symbiosis - This power gives the user the ability to host a soul whose body recently died. Both host and "parasite" must have the item. This is a great counter to the Soul Eater power. If the soul finds an empty shell, the soul may attempt to inhabit it. This is easier said than done as bodies often reject souls that do not 'fit' properly, and the initial host's body may trap the roaming soul.
Blood Scourge - After obtaining this power the caster's blood becomes thicker and almost syrup like, making it harder for them to bleed. The caster will be able to control the consistency of their blood and use it as an offensive type weapon such as, for example, using it as a lance or whip only when they have an open wound on their body. Once the blood leaves the body it cannot be retracted back to the blood stream. In order to use the power the caster has to have ample blood amounts or they'll die from blood loss. Those with stronger abilities in blood scourge will be able to replenish their blood at a faster rate, making this power easier for them to use.
Flayer - The caster can conjure illusionary wounds all over the target's body that look and feel real, though they fade once line of sight with the caster is broken. The amount of wounds castable depends on the caster's magic level, and the pain is accurate to the type and severity of the wound created.
Osculum Lunae - A rare, but beautiful magic, far stronger in Lux wolves. This is a guardianship power, allowing the wielder to encase a loved one in a thin, but powerful shield, protecting it from all magic that may aim to harm them. A wolf with this ability may also send this guardian power to its loved one from a great distance, enveloping them in times of need. The magic glows a soft, moon-lit hue. This power cannot be used on oneself, however, and cannot last forever. It is most effective on loved ones and family members, especially that between mother and child.
Bone Modification - Wolves with this power can use their bones as weapons. They can create spikes on their bodies, shields, weapons, or armor. If a bone is broken it is felt just like in a normal wolf but heals faster sometimes within seconds. To a wolf without experience it can be a painful and exhausting process while master can do it with ease. It takes a lot of time to master but is well worth the wait. They can modify their bones to fit into small places but be aware that the internal organs are not modified and if they shift or become damaged it could be detrimental to the health even causing death. A wolf with this power often has an external bone somewhere on their bodies.
Solar Prism - By manipulating the forces of light itself the wielder can form triangular prism's that can be used to protect themselves or others. This power can also shatter, causing the prism to burst and send its shards in various directions as a means of attack. The size and durability of the prism is determined by the character's magical capabilities. While it is effective for all species, it's found to be stronger to the Acerbus.
Necrosis - An even more advanced form of bone modification where the caster is able to only manipulate the bones of dead bodies to 'reanimate' them, much like a walking corpse. Weaker levels of Necrosis will only be able to control a full skeleton but as they advance in power, however, they'll be able to control the whole body. Those able to control a full body can gather remaining memories left behind by that body.
Dream Eater - In order to harness and devour the dreams of others, the user must also have dream walker at their disposal. This mutation allows the user to 'eat' the dreams of their chosen target, and like regular food, each dream has their own specific taste depending on the one whom devours them. This mutation occurs mostly in spirits, for it would seem as if the dreams of a living wolf may help them keep their bodies from disappearing.
Sica - Sica, meaning dagger, is one of the more grim powers. It allows a bundle of magic to be discharged from the chest of the user, and aimed like an arrow towards an enemy. The bundle takes a dagger-like shape once it leaves the body, and each Sica is unique according to its user. Depending on the wolf, they may be shaped like shards of ice, wisps of smoke, or sleek blades. If a Sica meets its mark, it will dissipate, and does not leave a physical wound. It cannot kill a wolf, but magically weakens the opponent. The intensity and pain of a Sica depends on the strength and level of aggression within the wolf that wields it. The Sica is tiring to use, and may only be used up to 3 times during spars.
Summoner - A wolf with this power has very diverse abilities. Within Victus; the wolf may force its spirit to leave the body and wonder freely at amazing speeds across Victus; often using a hovering or flying path through the skies. They cannot speak in this form; nor touch another mortal and no mortal may see or touch them. With this ability the wolf also may call upon other spirits, pulling them into Victus and using them at their will if they are strong enough. With this power, the wolf also can cross into the lands of Ferus; the realm of the dead. It is dangerous to do so though; as a spirit may become lost or trapped. In either state; the mortal body must be well hidden or guarded. If the mortal body is killed, the wolf is cursed to wander forever as a spirit.
Malleus - The ability to realign electrons so that unyielding objects become malleable, bendy, or unstructured enough for removal or tampering. The user essentially becomes an external magnet to the world around them, though they can tone it down when not seeking to interact with objects at an electronic level. The user can dissect molecules at a touch in order to break their bonds, so that things will come apart like a knife through butter, with little traction and resistance. In example, one can essentially touch a tree and coax the bark to slide off of the tree like a blanket, or remove body parts as one would brush water from their fur, with no blood and no pain. Effective for emergency amputations, bodily changes, crafting objects or battle.
Crinis - The ability to alter the length of one's hair. With the Crinis gene, a wolf may will its fur to grow to great lengths, and back again. These creeping locks are tangible, and when used with a malevolent will, can be very dangerous, as wolves have been known to capture and strangle their enemies with this strange power.
Dissolve - This gives the caster the ability to dissolve into a non-solid substance in emergency situations, though the spell is risky, as it can often be difficult to reform. Often, the caster cannot direct where they drift off to, and the caster may temporarily lose their sense of self. This spell is extremely tiring and results in an exhausted caster when they have finally managed to reform. It can only be used once per battle, and the substance the caster turns into is set from birth- it will always be the same substance, for example, ash, or mist, or snow.
Genus -A rather sad power, this ability is usually only gifted to Shamans, and they are forbidden to use it on themselves. Genus allows them to impregnate a female by way of magic. There is no father, so puppies will take 80% of their mothers genetics, while the remaining 20% is taken at random, allowing a vast multitude of genetic possibilities.
Possession - This power may temporarily allow one to possess the body of another wolf or even the deceased, depending on how high the user is in magic level. While possessing, the true body must be kept safe to avoid damage and the host body must be within a 2 mile radius for the return of the soul to the original body. Wolves with higher skill levels may travel further distances from their body.
Silver Tongue - Through the power of subtle persuasion, the user can convince another wolf of whatever the caster wishes. The sweet lies must be somewhat believable, as one wrong move will cause the spell to shatter, and a second attempt would not be viable. Inexperienced users will take a long time convincing their victim, while powerful mages are able to utter a sentence or two and the spell will bind quickly. The effects are usually not permanent.
Rebirth - The ability to make oneself young again, reverting to the age of a newly weaned pup. This spell is irreversible, and the caster can only regain their previous age by aging naturally.
Wound Transfer - The ability to transfer any injuries or wounds to someone else, be it from the caster or to the caster. This ability can be used to heal or hurt, and makes the caster extremely hard to kill with anything less than a beheading or similarly swift killing.
Deja Vu - The ability to sort of rewind and replay a moment in your life. Usually only works for the immediate seconds after an event has occurred, however powerful users could even travel further back in time. The user has the ability to make changes on certain decisions or actions that may affect the future. This is a dangerous and unpredictable power as tampering with time can alter events drastically, however returning to the past does not always guarantee that the future will be changed.
Mnemokinesis - A power that is as treacherous as it is advantageous; drawing from memory in order to craft and create. The user is able to reach into their own, or others' memories, and essentially rebuild what it is they have seen. This ranges generally from inanimate objects to plants and small landscapes, though it may be possible for the masters of magic to breathe life into a living being from memory. This power does not directly tamper with the mind, nor the memory itself; it simply pulls from the memory. As memory is faulty and subject to misbeliefs and bad recollection, toying with it is a hazard and best left to those who train in the art of mnemokinesis their entire lives.
Puppet - A powerful ability related to that of Seether, where the user is able to control the shadow of a wolf, and by controlling that shadow, it is used as 'strings' to control the movement of the wolf, such as a puppeteer uses strings to control the puppet. The more predominate the wolf's shadow is the stronger the hold the user has on the wolf's movement.
Stasis - Only usable if the user's intended soul cradle has Symbiosis. A strange and enigmatic power associated with the sleeping Gods; the ability to put oneself- or another- into a state of potentially infinite hibernation. In doing so, the user's body dies, the soul remaining intact and in the care of a chosen vessel. When the soul is awakened, it may formulate a new body of its choosing, leaving the vessel to become its own self once more. In essence, the user of Stasis is reborn and is thought to be touched by the Gods for their ability to die and live of their own free will. Only the most powerful and practiced wolves are capable of casting and surviving this feat. The user's mind and memories remain intact, though most are said to gain omniscience from the experience. Its purpose is, after all, to declare oneself a God.
Salvation - Used primarily by extremely devout individuals, this power enables the user to call upon the aid of their most beloved God or Goddess. The effects range from the voice of said God offering assistance, to the God in question intervening in the situation, or even to a possibility of backfire - wherein the God that is summoned punishes the individual for daring to call upon it's power.
Retribution - The darkness to Phoenix's light, Retribution is the ability to curse someone using the caster's death. This spell can be cast at any time, and will permanently assign a custom curse to the target- in return, the caster will die the moment the spell takes hold. The curse can only be lifted by the caster's forgiveness, which of course means it rarely happens, as that would require contacting someone from beyond the grave.
Phoenix - The act of sacrificing your own life for someone else. Usually done when someone is dying but can be performed on the old - it cannot be used on a wolf who is already dead. The user's eyes and inside the mouth will burn with a bright yellow light, and the dying/old wolf will be wreathed in flames, their body disintegrating to ash. Amongst the ash, they will be born anew, as a cub (whether their memories will return to them or not can depend on the player). The wolf who uses this power dies.

Limited Edition Powers/Mutations

Limited Items can only be bought during special occasions, such as holidays or other promotions, and will be unavailable for sale the rest of the year. Normally they are only available for about a week.

Resurrection - Resurrection is a complex power, it enables the wolf a chance to bring the dead back to life, to reincarnate souls while a pup is still in the womb of the mother, and to speak to the dead no matter where they are. It is incredibly rare, and even with the ability to use it, it's not always guaranteed to work. A wolf must have a mastery level in their skill to attempt such task. The power itself is incredibly draining, and the wolf that uses this power risks their own death.
Soul Eater - Soul Eater is the power to inflict pain and bring about one's death by painful and torturous means. The soul eater is a dark and corruptive power, and may occasionally break and take over the mentality of a wolf if they cannot control its urge to destroy and feed. This ability is a gruesome and painful process of ripping a soul from the body, which can cause a variety of effects on the physical body, especially if the victim lives and the ripping cannot be completed. In this case, it is often due to the user suffering great damage as well in the use of this ability. Death is an incredibly rare occurrence with its use on adults; generally, they just suffer a great agonizing torture until the power has worn out the user. On those pregnant it can be quite effective on a single puppy, destroying an entire litter is much more difficult. A wolf must be at a master's level to use this power.
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