Rules & Regulations.
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» Rated R: SS is rated 3/1/3 based on the RPG rating system for incidents involving vulgar language, sexual innuendos/references, and extreme violence. Due to our mature content, it is required that all members be at least 16 years of age.

» R.E.S.P.E.C.T: Be respectful of each other. We don't want drama or fights breaking out. If you have an issue, please contact a staff member.

» Thievery: We do not tolerate theft in any way, shape or form. If it is not yours, do not touch it or bring it to our site.

» 200 Words: Always remember the golden rule of writing; quality over quantity. Make your posts tasteful, engaging and beautiful. We do not require that you write like Shakespeare but we ask only that you give each post your all. To help appeal to an intermediate-advanced audience, there is a 200 word minimum for each IC post. While it is not mandatory we would like to see our writers attempting to mirror their partner's length.

» Placeholders: Please don't create 'holder' replies to threads to reserve your spot unless you are posting to the thread immediately. Holders are replies that contain a short segment of an uncompleted post or something of the like.

» Custom Profiles: When extensively coding profiles, please be aware that there are certain things that must always be accessible. For OOC accounts, you must always provide access to sordid's homepage, a way to search for the user's posts, and a way to see all the user's items. For character accounts, you must show all of those things as well as all the required fields for character acceptance.

» $$$: Nonmembers are not allowed to sell goods or services for real world money until they have at least one accepted character. Selling goods or services for site currency is fine.

» Advertising: Links to other roleplaying sites in signatures are not permitted.

» Flow of Time: Every 19 days our time equals one month on SS. Every 60 days our time equals one season on SS. Every 243 days (8 months) our time equals one year on SS.

» Dimensions: Avatars are 300x400px. Tables are to be no larger than 98% wide.

Characters, IC & Account Creation

» Account Creation: Each character must be on a separate account named after the character. Every member is also permitted one OOC account.

» Inactivity: Accounts will be moved to inactive upon request or failure to respond to an activity check. Characters who have been moved to "inactive" will need to reapply after updating their history and other details to include events that have taken place in-character, including a reason for their disappearance. Additionally, users who have been inactive for more than six months will need to provide a fresh writing sample.

» Homo sapiens: Humans have never existed on Victus and, thus, any mention of them in your profile will result in your application being declined.

» Lifespan: The wolves of Victus typically live until 10 years of age with 13 being the oldest possible without Aeternum (immortality).

» Research & Consideration: When creating your character, please try to be considerate to those reading your content. Do not use too many pieces of actual religions and make sure to do your research on mental disorders. Improper or offensive content will be declined.

» All Powerful: No god-modding or power playing another persons character without their permission. Please note that parents of younger puppies, alphas and Gods will have leniency in certain situations. If you are not comfortable with something please speak with the person or a staff member.

» Pack life: When joining a pack, your character must make an in character joining thread and have one of the high ranking wolves welcome them in. Once you have done that, post in the pack census thread to have your group changed and the packs color added to your name!

» Bad JuJu: When creating your character, albinos and melanstic wolves are shop items or rarely born on site. They are supposed to be an omen to the wolves of Victus!

» Imitation is not flattering: Blatant wolf versions of copyrighted characters (example, a wolf version of Draco Malfoy or a wolf version of Cersei from Game of Thrones) are not allowed. A character is considered 'blatant' if the reference is caught by the audition judge before the audition is accepted. If the character is subtle enough that the judge doesn't notice before accepting it, it's fine.

» Items: Starter items are meant to stay on the character account they are given to, though any others you buy you can move if you decide you would like to do that!

Breeding & Puppies

» It's the season: Breeding season will always be in winter meaning that all puppies and characters born on site (unless a breeding pass has been bought) will be born in spring/early summer.

» Breeding Age: Males and females must be at least two years of age before they can reproduce successfully.

» Ya Nasty: There will be absolutely no graphic mating threads on SS.

» Litter Requirements: Characters must have at least 3 completed threads to request a breeding. The staff will do a roll to determine if it was successful or not and how many puppies you have to put up for adoption! You can see more on this process here.

» Preventing the baby boom: You may only have one litter per season. This means only one of your characters can have a litter at a time.

Fighting, Challenges & Leadership

» Fighting conditions & terms: It is up to the fighting pair to determine their own conditions and rules for the fight, however, we must stress that, under no circumstance, is god-modding or power playing allowed. There is a three day grace period between your opponent's last post where you must reply or be disqualified and you must notify staff before the fight occurs so we can prepare.

» Claiming land: Packs are able to claim more land depending on their numbers. To find out more, read this page.

» Mutiny: In order to instigate an alpha challenge your character must meet the following requirements:

  • Your character is at least 2 years old.
  • The alpha is not currently immune (alpha's are immune within the first 30 days of their leadership or 30 days after their last challenge).

» A happy pack is an active pack: Alpha's are required to display a higher rate of activity than other characters. While we understand that life can get in the way of rp, we still require alpha's to post at least once every two weeks. Failure to meet this bi-weekly post will result in a warning; do it twice and you will be removed from your position.

» Types of Challenges: Below you can find the different types of fights and challenges we allow here on SS:
Sparing: Generally, a friendly fight done for the sake of improving one's battle prowess. Very rarely will serious injury occur.
Dominance: When challenged, higher ranking wolves have the option of attempting to put their subordinate in place with a glance, by force or simple posture. These fights continue until one party submits to the other. Often these fights are bloodless but serious injury can occur.
Challenge: Done when one character wishes to take over the pack. The opposed can choose to accept, display their dominance or submit to the challenger. This can be a battle to the death or characters can seriously maim or disfigure one another.
Death: If both parties have agreed (oocly) then their characters can fight to the death. There is no surrendering. There is no backing out. There is no mercy. Two wolves enter and only one wolf leaves.

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