Our Staff Team.
Welcome to Sordid Secrets!

TEMPEST - Founder, Host, & Administrator [ PM | Email ]
Tempest is a friendly mythical beast. If you can catch her, she'll bless you with advice, and perhaps a single magical boon. She likes pina coladas, long walks on the beach, and Isilzheha.
NAMS - Co-Administrator, Graphics & Bio-Acceptance [ PM | Email ]
Namaste might SEEM really intimidating, but the truth is, she's full of malevolent power and it could spill over at any second, ripping the fabric of our reality in two. She likes wine, animals, and Lexx.
SOAR - Co-Administrator, Graphics, Coding, & Editing [ PM | Email ]
Soar is an elegant being not of this mortal realm, but she likes to spend time with us humans for some reason anyway. She likes her new status as a UNIVERSITY GRADUATE! Congrats, Soar!
KII - Bio Acceptance, Events, & PR [ PM | Email ]
Kii is a gentle forest nymph. She's a friend and a mother to all animals, and a huge fan of flashy gifs relating to pokemon. She likes dogs, cats, and whatever else she can offer a good home to. That includes you, but only if you can fit under her bed.
ISILZHEHA - Editing, Events, PR, & Bio Acceptance [ PM | Email ]
Isilzheha represents the unfaltering element of chaos, and would totally punch Lexx in the tit for $5. Maybe even for free. He likes naughty words, naughty gifs, and being a good and caring friend.
LEXX - Editing, Events, Graphics & PR [ PM | Email ]
There's not much info on this local cryptid. She cries a lot, and is usually moist to the touch because of this, kind of like a frog, or maybe a snail.
JAHI - Coding & Editing [ PM | Email ]
Jahi comes from a faraway land where she is known as "Your Royal Highness, Empress of the Dawn and Stars and Sea, Queen of All She Beholds, God-Given to Us, the Proles." Here, we just call her Jahi, because it's easier.
EVER - Editor & Events Co-ordinator [ PM | Email ]
Hello everyone! For the members who I haven't gotten the pleasure to meet quite yet, my name is Ever! I'm a 21 year old college student from the US, who is usually procrastinating her butt off and organizing groups and doing activity checks rather than my homework. I'm a vegan, and I have pretty strong opinions over animal rights. INFP and generalized hippie dippie star child of the universe. I'll help you with anything you need! Even if you would just like someone to plot with or exchange some ideas, I'm game! I'll do my best to make you feel welcomed, and help get new members started off right!
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