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Shadow to the Light [Deus] - Jackal - 03-20-2017

Where we wander, where we weep, where we run into the deep. The pup song hummed through his mind with the flicker of his son's voice. Jackal's temple pounded. The summer night felt off kilter. He was weary still from the ordeal with Poltergeist at the Chasm nearly two weeks before. He'd been unable to do more than travel to sources of water for three sun passes. Even now his body objected, abeit a far more quietened discord than then ten days prior. His magick was restored, though using it for any serious measure brought migrains that blinded him more than his lacking eyesight.

What is your purpose here? Here being - Jackal paused with a flick of his tail. Nostrils inhaled wet moss, stone, and pine. Water was a rushing static in the foreground. Ears shifted. The sound of his muscles moving was an overbearing creak, taking away the finer details of his surroundings. Acerbus lifted his lip in disdain for a savage second. He could guess well enough. Carus scents were old, lacking patrols spanning months as he considered a low bush to his left. Abandoned territory. Good.

He continued without further concern to locale. Instead he focused on the swing of his Lantern with each step, relying on the petranom sound to stablize his senses. Or perhaps it was his mind that struggled to process all that swarmed him. Jackal inhaled once more, touching the scent of sap and damp soil. Lazuli falls' roar became ever more defined. He narrowed distance until his thoughts began to wash away in the rush. Only at this point did he choose to sit, close enough so the spray struck his face and dappled glass panels. Moss and stone comforted him with solidarity. Yes..Here he could ease his suffering. Release his conscious to the consistant roar of the falls and submit to the mediative zen his head needed.

----  *  ----  *  -----  *  ---- 

OOC:: would like this to be a random hapchance run in, so neither of them are looking for each other. IM SO EXCITEDJAHI I'M NOT CERTAIN WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN

*Set before Noresmir Drown thread*

@Asmodeus Trahern

RE: Shadow to the Light [Deus] - Asmodeus - 04-02-2017

cruelty brought the orchids

I'm sorry that this is so late and sucky :'c

Among the menagerie of terrain's in Victus, the falls had also suffered an unfathomable hardship with her serene landscapes fouled by the corrupted embrace of malignant fools parading as God's.  Rumors whispered; vagrant tongues spoke; each tale being a questionable recurrence of the events that had truly transpired here.  Many claimed that Mirrorion's blood seeped into the water, killing anything that dared breath beneath its surface.  Others spoke of a creature following close in the shadow of Mirrorion's wake that dammed the falls and forced a drought throughout all of Victus.  Even still, after the resurgence of life and nurturing touch, the falls were beginning to prosper much like the rest of the world as it all began to heal.  

Carus was no exception.

Steadily, languidly, they were beginning to move beyond the death of the thunder king that had left their hearts heavy and minds curious for what happens next.  It had not been his prime intention to take the crown so readily from the dead man's head but no other would step forward, there was no one that could fill the spot that Tuska - and many others - had left behind.  Including you, Asmodeus.  The thought was but a murmur among the myriad musings coursing throughout the depths of bewildered inquisition.  What truly happened to the thunder king?  Why had he come here of all places?  Vivid, bold eyes raked across to the distant river then swept over to the canopy of the Luna tree before finally falling down below where the shadow of a stranger wandered closer towards the maw of the basin.

His eyes narrowed as the scent of citrus and ginger - an oddly distinct bouquet - tickled the back of nostalgic wonderment in a way that both bemused and intrigued the shadow lord.  Familiar... but yet, I've never seen this man before.  The indigo creature moved closer, metallic box contained between ebony lips before being laid upon the earth as the man wandered closer to the falls as if... meditating.  Subtly, Asmodeus tilted his head before making his way down the lengthy trail of stone and moss, of water and earth combined in a harmony of serenity.  His steps were akin to a feathers touch before they stilled entirely behind the man whose presence roused a great curiosity to writhe within silent speculation.  "To see an acerbus so far in the north..."  He began on a distasteful notion before it eased into something a little more... amiable.  "What, pray tell, brings the sun so close to the land of the moon?"  

RE: Shadow to the Light [Deus] - Jackal - 06-10-2017

He smelled beautiful.  Jackal knew who stepped so careful upon youthful brush and spring grass.  Felt the truth in his bones, an ancient knowledge that surged emotions through him before conscious thought could bring definition. The wolf was ozone and rain, wet stone on an autumn night, like a damp chill that seeped into the bones.  Refeshing, consuming, the calm rebirth after a savage storm.  Long ears flicked behind him, noting the easy steps that drew the man to Jackal's back. His blood sang with Lux, and the scent was too reminscent of Avarice to be of any coincidence.  Jackal blinked, a personal gesture of consideration, as the name of the former deity came to the tip of Jackal's tongue.

Perplexities reigned.  A bitter taste sat in the back of his throat, a measure of admiration took to his spine, and secrets stole to his black lips, eager to be shared.  Acknowledged.

Oh, you poor, miserable blind beast.  Ease your ambition, lest you become lame with its weight.

To see an Acerbus so far in the north... Gravel tones said.  The blind wolf could hear the tempered disdain, the age and experience that brought once a vicious zealot to a measure of graceful comprehension.  Jackal's shoulders eased.  What, praytell, brings the sun so close to the moon?

Nose pointed to his paws, and inhaled the smoke curling from his Lantern. He considered for a cluster of heartbeats how he wished to approach, and thus continue, this spawning conversation. Measures of sun being attracted to its shadow, quips of light and reflection, yet none formulated into the spirit of his mood.  He huffed a gentle laugh, nearly unheard over the rush of water a foot in front of him.

Once, Soliel cursed me because of my adoration for the moon.  And soon followed, Lune cursed me for being a child of the Sun.  He tilted his head, listening to the froth of water. Therefore, I have concluded I am an eclipse. A shadow.  Certainly, you know what this is like?  Jackal plucked his Lantern from her place between his paws, and turned to face the Lux.  Nostrils inhaled heated scents, ears soaked in the pace of heart and depth of breath, toes sensing the vibrations of the Lux's motion.  Once facing his visitor, as is polite, Jackal resumed his leisure, seated posture.

Lantern settled by his left paw, now flickering a light mimicking the hue of Asmodeus's irises,  Jackal relaxed with a laugh, bass causing the earth to tremble ever so slightly beneath their paws.  I admit, I preferred the reign of you and your deity cousins.  Jackal gave a crooked grin and a soft chuckle, while he continued to consider the Lux man.  A wolf he'd known in unsavory ways for many years; a wolf who he was meeting for the first time.

I am Jackal Vur.  

-----  *  -----  *  -----  *  ----- 


RE: Shadow to the Light [Deus] - Asmodeus - 07-19-2017

cruelty brought the orchids


His was the shadow of Soliel entwined with the fervid passion of Nocturnia's forbidden adoration.  The orchid-kissed silhouette was surrounded, swallowed and wholly devoured by the tantalizing saturation of decadent sea-green and the tainted touch of swirling violet ambiance.  Those shifting chakra's, those wavering aura's could tell a story that the mouth could not weave, the eyes could not fathom and that the soul could only hope to feel as it pressed taut against pounding vitality.  Asmodeus cautiously observed the shifting hues as they shuffled and swirled, as they broke beyond the aloof composure of a man seemingly wed to enigmatic wonder.  His attention was keen, honed and practiced like the whetted edge of a sorcerer's trained intuition - for that, Asmodeus embraced the green-eyed knave with a crooked leer smeared upon seething lips.

The waters - still roaring in the near distance - partially froze in the air hovering betwixt them that held an almost bitter taste as it was drawn, languidly, through searing lungs.  Winters touch still harboured its claim over the falls.  Ice clashed with snow; water speckled their feet adorned with flakes of clinging frost as they stood in a momentary lapse of stagnant animation almost studious in its purpose.  The man lowered his head to the flickering flame contained within a prison of glass and mineral.  Blue, searching eyes swept this strangers entirety as if that alone would unveil his reason, his guarded cause for standing this close to the northern border where Lune's influence heralded high.  To some, it was nigh suicide.

Laughter was outlandishly domesticated while it rolled from the other's tongue in a dance of amusement.  Asmodeus knitted his brows, the dark shadow creasing the line of his piercing gaze that would not leave the strangers own milky unsighted pair.  Does his presence unnerve you, oh grand king?

For a moment did Asmodeus surrender to solitude and that overwhelming wash of serenity as a demanding drop of ice-water landed upon the midsection of his nose when it had turned towards the looming heavens rolling with the threat of an approaching storm.  It was given little regard when baritone drawl severed the delicate veil between clamour and lingering hush.  Asmodeus listened.  Black ear turned forward to indulge every word as if they were some mystic secret meant to unlock the tomb of this strangers vibration of Mystic reticence.  The raven king concluded that the man posed no immediate threat, that he lumbered between the posts of violence and peace - for this time, at the very least.  

At his query, Asmodeus would ponder in silence, musings racing as he contemplated his precise wording.  "In essence... perhaps."  Asmodeus offered on an almost whimsical sign that resigned him to collapse into a seated posture before the shadow and before the man seemingly fashioned from confident bearings.  This stranger... he knew far more than he was letting on.

Vibrant eyes narrowed intently, piercingly, penetrating the husk surrounding this creature of a clandestine bearing.  Asmodeus simply listened and said nothing and instead contently resigned himself to the inevitably demanding quietude while the other spoke as if he had known true who Asmodeus was; it was like he had known every secret guarded deep within the shadow kings heart.  Dark, malignant curl entertained silken lips when a name - at last - traversed that grinning tongue.  "You are mistaken, Jackal Vur."  Asmodeus replied with a brazen, almost bordering haughty defiance, baritone.  "We were not God's.  We were arrogant fools playing with powers beyond our control - in the end, we are naught but men resigned to our fate bestowed by the true God's."


RE: Shadow to the Light [Deus] - Jackal - 08-28-2017

You are mistaken, Jackal Vur.  Came poignant voice, a pluck of deep tones that spoke to him with the stark detachment of a mentor.  Jackal vibrated as his excitement manifested and intensified.  Ears arched high on his head, swallowing the Carus king in all the blindman's attention.  We were not Gods.  We were arrogant fools playing with powers beyond our control - in the end we were men resigned to our fates by the true Gods.  His voice was a haunt of history Jackal did not and could not know.  Perhaps it was for the best that in Their fall to Victus, they destroyed any opportunity for those to achieve such greatness ever again.  A terrible, maddening action of protection.  Jackal's bass gave way to a chuckle as he considered all the manifestations of thought Asmodeus's lesson brought to his mind. Stone and soil rippled as water with each wave of his low laugh.

It is for this reason that no amount of animosity could ever overwhelm the respect you command from me.  The Acerbus grinned a twisted and burdened smile.  This ancient battle of Acerbus and Lux was worn on every wolf of both breeds. It could not be ignored, it could not be forgotten - but he did not have to follow the path.  Often he did not.  As he sat here before this wolf of greatness, this wolf of black he'd known in ways he should not, he found this ancient animosity evaporated.  All that remained was the stark obviousness of Jackal's own personal disdain, coloured by mistakes of Asmodeus history.  A history, from the tone of his voice and the depth of his words, he knew and lamented.  The air gew heavy with ozone and humidity.  Weight on his skin as pressure altered.  A storm churned closer, providing an additional charge to this enthralling scenerio.  Jackal tilted his head, nostrils flaring as he consumed information borne on the southern wind.  

Do you intend on keeping her by your side, this time?  Oh, but he could not resist.  There was no guarentee of any future interactions with this Shadow King; Jackal would not lose any opportunity to delve while he could.  He hoped the Lux would not only divulge, but participate and inquire himself.  The blind wolf did not expect it, despite his hope.  Afterall, what reason would the Lux have to give inquisition to the eccentric Acerbus?  It would be accomplishment enough to gain the reactions he sought in his spurred line of questioning. 

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RE: Shadow to the Light [Deus] - Asmodeus - 01-12-2018

cruelty brought the orchids

-Exit Asmodeus-

The shadow of his brow both dark, furrowed, clashed against the vivid line of narrowed eyes while they pierced through this sun sworn man of Acerbus kin. Blind, Asmodeus assumed, eyes unfurled from the nuances of light and distraction, yet seemingly saw far more than the shadow king could ever dare fathom. "Do you intend on keeping her by your side, this time?" Despite the conflictions warring in heart and mind - a ravenous, relentless tide against pride and arrogance - raven-skinned lips peeled back in a jackal's mantilla vice. "Ah," He would offer subtle voice on the same breath as a pillowed sigh. "I see now. That would make you the fabled vagabond, then." The indigo warrior, the scholar, the doves grounded pillar. Her closest friend. For a flitting moment, a wave of envy overwhelmed the wavering king; it purred devilish secrets against the racing hymns of cerebral doubt. His smile faded into a more stern sentiment with the shift of his jaw and the arrangement of his stature. Ever the picture of his status, lofted, the heralding king of the North, Asmodeus stood as unwavering as the mountain, the rushing falls they now stood before. "Yes. It is in my every intention to ensure that she remains at her place by my side, through hell or high water. Does that answer suit you, vagabond?" I will not let her go again. I erred once; history will not repeat itself. Stark gaze would shift then to the towering spire where the resonating reverberation of her magical pull lured to him, whispered, beckoned his company. Smile, faint, returned before he would advert his attention back towards the enigmatic shadow. "If you will excuse me, Jackal Vur. She calls." He said nothing more; where he once stood a fading warmth now resonated as magic flourished and flared, teleportation escorting him back to the mountains where his attendance was requested.


Gonna go ahead and end this here bby. I'm sorry we couldn't explore this more, pls forgib ;~;