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Sundara vs Trixie COMPLETED - Jahi - 05-25-2017

Name vs. Name
Health & Mana





@Trixie @Sundara Aethelbeorn

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Trixie - 05-27-2017

Bouncing steps carried the eager girl over a terrain of dusted stone and rust toned earth, littered in the debris of crumbling rock from those both big and small. Each rolling from the paws of the young wolf as a bicolored gaze roamed freely over this new land. Little attention paid to what rested beneath her feet other than in texture as the soft grounds shifted under her weight, leaving a trail wherever she walked. Her thoughts far from the consequences that wandering so far from the watchful eyes of her companions may hold. Though should a father or flowered woman even attempt to scold her, it would be dealt with. 

Punishments lacking against the child as they were hardly even attempted. A piece of understanding likely staying potential aggression even if it did nothing to calm the worries so often expressed to her. But she was a free spirit, a being destined to wander no matter the emotional ties one may hold. Always holding on to the freedoms gained in her past life where nothing worked against her to way down the mind of the playful and none dared to hold her back from doing what was desired. And even in remarkably different living conditions, she planned for it to be no different. 

Traversing over the lands, a speckled form danced between the towering stone as the majority grew larger. Orange capped paws running against their smooth surfaces when she passed them by almost as if they would give her the answers to this place. But while the stone stayed silent she could still feel something out there. It was calling out for her to come deeper, to live out the dreams of violence that played so many times over in her mind. This foreign call more than enough to entice the young girl to further her wanderings. Whispered rumors gained from those passed circling her thoughts on repeat. 

This was a land of senseless fighting and bloodshed for nothing but self-glory and sport. Oh how it got her heart racing, it was all so perfect. All that needed to be done was locate the one promised to her. This unknown had to be somewhere upon these hallowed grounds. And once she found the other, then the real fun could start. By the pull of foreign whispers, Trixie’s steps are guided to where a wolf of flower and feather stands. Only a moment of time taken by the girl to see the most abundant traits the other bore before setting into action. 

It did not matter to the darkened one what the stranger was doing. The strange pull from before told her this was the one and she was not about to waste any time with simply staring the other down. It was go time. With a huff blown from her lungs limbs stretch out as paws thunder over the earth, kicking up dust in her wake and clicking nails against smooth stone whenever one should break the sandy terrain. A snarl rumbles from deep within her chest as ears fold back before a head tucks low and a body angles a shoulder toward the unknown. Aim taken by the maned one to throw her body into the wolf of silver fur in an effort to tackle her to the mixed soils. 

Head tucked low, Ears folded back to reduce ease of grabbing them

Type - Physical 
Action - Charges forward aiming to throw her body weight (with the shoulder) into Sundara in hopes to tackle her to the ground.


Sundara takes 15 damage

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Sundara Aethelbeorn - 05-30-2017

She stood with a silent calm, the breeze lazily moving through her feathers and caressing the flowers that bloomed in her fur. It has been awhile since she was last alone, the busy life of a pack wolf kept her moving and always around others. Though she loved her packmates, she really did, moments like this were always welcomed. Without the constant sound of voices and movement that would mark a lively home, the quiet made the breeze louder and the sound of birds clearer. She had to wander ways away from her home to find such a spot even though there was no comfy grass to lay down on and her fur was dusty from the dried dirt that was underfoot, she still enjoyed her time alone. Another plus was the no fighting, and the no blood. Even though every fiber in her strained to fight something, it was nice to have a time when claws and fangs weren't trying to cut her skin and spill her blood that ran through her veins. She would return soon enough to the world that was locked in a constant struggle for power and pride. And when she did she would be ready to once again fight for her life and the lives of others.

A small tickle started at the base of her skull, a feeling that something was going to happen and a wave of fury washed through her. She knew that feeling all too well, it was the feeling she got when a battle was about to happen. In the back of her mind, she knew that this peace was never going to last like she wanted it to. That she would be forced back to the real world before she wanted it to happen. As she stood the sound of paws thudding against the ground caught her attention and she started to turn to the sound. A heavy weight crashed into her side and she was flown several feet away. Her side hit the ground and small, sharp rocks cut into her. As she started to lift herself up, she spotted the one who had attacked her and she snarled at the bitch. Jaws opened up wide with a pop, her lower jaw descending to a point where it was unnatural and most other jaws would have broken.

Digging powerful paws into the ground, she flung herself at the stranger, hoping she would crash into her and bite down hard on her neck or side. She felt her body get ready for impact, joints loosening and becoming fluid. Bright blue venom dripped from her fangs and some spilled from her mouth as she charged, a silver blur in the sunlight.

Attack: Charges full speed with open jaws to bite down on her neck or side and inject her with a large amount of venom (automatic thing, she doesn't have control over the venom)
Defense: Joints are loose, jaws are opened wide enough to protect her neck
Injuries: Bruising where she was hit and where she landed, cuts on the side she landed on


Trixie takes 15 damage

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Trixie - 06-08-2017

Recklessly throwing her weight around had always proven to work in the past when under the care of her mother. So the young wolf saw no reason why it would not aid her here as well. Those thundering paws refusing to halt their action as all focus was placed upon the distant stranger. She may not have known the silver furred creature and right now she did not truly care to. All that mattered to the speckled girl in this very moment was to satisfy her own blood thirsty desires and in doing so, unknowingly care for those of these grounds as well. 

With that snarl taking hold from within her, a body is angled as she moves. Lowered and directed before that sturdy form barrels into the more slender. Momentum carrying her forward long after she had collided with the other. And while her aim had been to tackle and pin the stranger this, in a way, was just as satisfying to the child. Being able to see the way the lighter was flung back and skidded across the jagged earth. It all brought a twisted smile to the girl’s lips. 

Though Trixie does not dare lift her head any higher. All in effort to ward off retaliation and prevent the other from so easily attempting to tear open her throat. Bicolored eyes remained upon her new found target as she pushed from the ground and those jaws widened impossibly wide. And to the child that only meant more time to evade the clutches of those dripping fangs. So she moves too late after the stranger lunges forth. A sharp pain felt against the back of her shoulder. The force against her knocking her back a few paces yet she does not hesitate. 

A body shifted as she took to action, even should the other still be working to hold fast upon her hide it did not give her reason to falter. The maned one’s own tainted maw parting to lay bare the mix of saliva and venom of amber tones that so plagued her. Efforts made as the hyena child’s jaws reached out for one of the stranger’s flowered forelimbs. Teeth targeting just above the ring of flora as she hoped to pull the other off balance or even crack and rend the leg useless for a time. 

Head kept low to guard throat, ears still back

Type - Physical 
Action - Reaches out to crunch into one of Sundara's forelimbs, a bite tainted with her own venom (wasn't sure if Sundara just bit or did a bite/hold so left it kinda vague)

Envenomed bite along back of shoulder near side

Sundara takes 10 damage

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Sundara Aethelbeorn - 06-13-2017

Movements were fast, actions and reactions blurring in fast forawrd as the two females started their dance. It was a deadly dance that had the potential to end with one of them dead, as was always the case with battles made to spill blood. Her blood boiled and the marks along her side stung and stretched as she ran hard and fast. She felt her fangs sink deep into the shoulder of the other female and flesh broke beneath her fangs. Blood ran hot over her tongue and she refused to let go, even when the other one struck her. A sharp pain came from her foreleg, and her reaction was to pull away and tear her leg from the bitches mouth. A snarl tore from her lips and she leaped away, landing on all her paws while taking weight off of her right leg, where the skin was torn and blood soaked the pure, silver fur. Jaws opened wide again, like a snake that was getting ready to swallow its prey whole.

She was not used to this feeling of pure violnce and bloodlust, she was used to being calm and stable. To understand why there was fighting and what she was fighting for. This was nothing of those sorts, there was no cause and no reason to this fight, except to spill as much blood as possible. And that was what she wanted to do, to tear and rip chunks from the other female and maimeher until she would not be recongized. Her power built up inside and the air started to feel heavier. With a swift movement, she leaped severl feet back and crouched low to the ground. Soon her intentions became clear and a loud thrundering clap could be heard from the skies and then the lightening struck the ground. She aimed it to hit the other girl on her back, side, head, and haunches. She left her magic filter into the air and allowed the storm to rage on and the rain to start pounding down ontop of them.

Attack: Leaped many feet away (about thirty-forty or so) and unleased a large storm with lightening aimed at Trixie
Defense: Low to the ground, neck protected, jaws wide open, and antlers gaurding her back
Injuries: Bruising where she was hit and where she landed, cuts on the side she landed on, and her right foreleg is torn and bleeding, has been injected with venom

Trixie takes 20 damage.
-35 mana

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Trixie - 06-16-2017

A maw filled of jagged teeth reached out for the limb of the one who clung so near to her own hide. That uncomfortable sensation of her side being filled with the strange blue liquid that worked to slather and run down a darkened coat with the other’s saliva. Something she wished to put a stop to with the snap of her jaws. Fangs sinking fast into the thinner skin of the forelimb but as the delectable taste of blood ran smoothly over her tongue. The other seemed desperate to make an escape as that toothy grasp threatened the very structure of the seized. A forelimb wrenched away as the stranger relinquished her grasp upon the hyena child’s form yet the force of her own is not released in turn. 

Tightness kept upon the leg of the flowered woman as it ripped from her jaws, flesh peeling back to remain as the blood now ran so freely over an orange capped muzzle. Pieces of that removed skin dropped to the mixed soils as a snarl rolled from the young one’s throat. A body turning to follow the movements of the antlered creature as she leapt away in great bounds, so careful not to place the injured limb upon the ground as the pale fur showed so easily the stains lain upon it. Though in the girl’s eyes this action was a retreat, seen as a cowardice, an unwillingness to face the force able to be placed upon her in such close courters. 

But such distance would not stop the assault of the violence ridden children. Paws reaching out over the grounds as she began to close the gap put between them as the storm began to brew overhead. A darkness engulfing the once lit area as heavy clouds formed weighed with the water that spilled from them. The rumble of thunder covering the sounds of battle as its brethren bathed in light reaches to the ground. Singeing the earth in its wake, tainting whatever it touched. Now a father had warned the child over playing in such weather yet it was a warning never heeded. So why would it be any different now? 

Though unlike times before steps are halted as the breath is knocked from her lungs and her body is thrown to the ground. An unusual feeling seizing her body as muscles tightened without her commands to do so, a silence befalling the child as she struggled to return to her feet to no avail. A form remaining upon the ground as a steady growl pushed from her muzzle. That vehement bicolored stare locking upon the other wolf as lips soon curled into a wicked grin. A near mad gaze locking upon the gaping maw of the wolf that stood on the lands before her. The one who had called upon the weather and it was this very storm she aimed to put against the one of silver fur. 

For no distance put between them would protect the stranger forever and even with the temporary pause of an uncooperative body, the fire burning within the hyena child could not be quelled. An unusual patience taken as she waiting for the opportunity to strike though it was one not needed for long. The thunder rumbling overhead as another string of lightning arches from the sky. Yet this is one which does not touch her as a glimmering shield is summoned over her form to block out what raged above. A bolt scattered back toward the one who had called it, aiming the electricity straight for the wetness of those wide open jaws. 


Remains low to the ground after being knocked down by the lightning strike, keeps head and ears low

Type - Magical
Action - Conjures a reflective shield in an attempt to deflect a piece of Sundara's storm back/hit her with her own lightning (kinda like the Pokemon move Mirror Coat/Counter), aim is taken to send the lightning bolt straight into that wide open mouth

Envenomed bite along back of shoulder near side
Tightened/uncooperative muscles, extreme soreness, and singed fur from being hit by lightning along the top line of her body, Cuts on side/belly from falling into the mixed terrain

Sundara takes 20 damage.
-35 mana

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Jahi - 07-11-2017

I WANT TO APOLOGIZE FOR THE DELAY. I'm so sorry for making you wait. ;~;

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Sundara Aethelbeorn - 07-25-2017

She watched the writhy wench squirm from the bolt that had struck her. Claws dug into the ground as the site unfolded before and the bloodlust of the battle took hold of her form. She felt the venom thicken over her fangs and dripped slowly to the ground. This was her playing ground, where she was ready to thrive and take over the competition and prove herself to be worthy of the admiration of others and their fear. It was her right, and she was going to take it no matter what she had to do. Her attention was drawn away from her thoughts to the girl who was now crouched on the ground like a wet puppy, young and inexperienced. Though she did have some respect for her, the charge that knocked the antlered women off of her feet was impressive. But she was still young, thought very smart.

The silver feanoticed too late what was happening, the shield was impressive but it was the bolt that rammed right into her mouth that knocked her to the ground. Her body wasn't hers, it was someone else's, writhing in pain in the mud. Silent screams tearing out of a throat that refused to work right. Her mind was blank and filled with nothing but blackness and pain. Nothing would work, the legs splayed out and the heart jumped and skipped, the body refused to stop the movements that the owner did not want. That was until she found her magic again. She pulled the electricity from her body and held it in her mouth like a ball. Her breath came out in short pants until she knew what to do. She took the electricity and used it to move, moving her unrelenting body to the other female so that she could ram her antlers into the other's body, piercing anywhere she would be able to. They were wicked sharp and meant to break and tear the skin of others.

Twitches and spasms still racked her body even as she attacked. A determination to win fueling her move, even if the best option was to stay put and let herself recover and think. But now was not the time, and this was not the place for such things. She needed to fight, and to fight now. Snarl tore from clenched fangs and more venom dripped onto the ground as she lunged.

Attack: Used electricity to move herself very fast over to Trixie and aims to shove her antles into the females side

Defense: Chin down, claws aimed at trixie, antlers aimed down
Injuries: Bruising and cuts on her right side, right foreleg is torn and bleeding, injected with venom, mouth burned by lighting, several burns along body (will feel this later), and insides are all messed up

-20% Mana

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Trixie - 07-29-2017

The hyena child’s cruel gaze never left the flowering stranger even as a body lay so forcibly still upon these grounds. Eyes watching on as that seemingly overabundant supply of drool fell from those distant gaping jaws. Yet if those strings truly were the saliva she believed them to be then it would only further conduct the malicious plans she held when that bolt redirected. An excitement filling her very being as it shot from her shield and she stared on in wonder as her proclaimed opponent was thrown to the ground in a way she could only imagine was similar to her own fall from grace. 

Though there was far more thrashing involved than the young wolf thought there would be within those foreign limbs. For where her form now locked the antlered woman’s twitched and jumped about. Such displays sticking within the girl’s mind as it only heightened the enjoyment she got from all of this. All of it boiling up inside of her as pointed teeth pulled briefly against those darkened lips before retreating back into hiding. Trixie’s thoughts began to rush as the silver coated female seemed to calm and relocate her bearings. A snort of air huffing from the younger wolf’s lungs as a body was fought against once more for a shield had long faded. 

Yet movement would not come even as she watched the way the other’s head lowered and body seeming to move without the will of legs. An oddity in her eyes though the maned one was not a woman who would give up so easily, another attempt given. Muscles aching and attempting to tighten further as she pushed against them. Forcing a figure to roll and avoid the path set by the electrically charged aggressor. Her attentions locking upon the other from where she now lay. Limbs still refusing to stand though she did not need to move in order to rend the flesh of the stranger. 

Ears folded against her skull as lips curled in silent threat. And even with a body still dampened by the rains which poured from the skies above the fires within her were never quelled. The weather doing nothing to stop the spotted child’s brash action. Her jaws parting to reveal a spark of flames dancing between those fangs before igniting into a spiraling pillar of fire. One directed toward the form of the other. A majority holding toward the upper portions of the flowered stranger’s body in hopes to keep those antlers from coming near her again. 

Forces self to roll out of the way of Sundara's charge, remains low to the ground with belly/neck protected, ears back

Type - Magical
Action - Shoots a fire beam toward Sundara, aiming to hit somewhere between her face/neck and the shoulder

Envenomed bite along back of shoulder near side
Tightened/uncooperative muscles, extreme soreness, and singed fur from being hit by lightning along the top line of her body, Cuts on side/belly from falling into the mixed terrain

Sundara takes 15% damage
Trixie loses 30% mana

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - KII - 08-07-2017

Sundara has failed to respond in the allotted time. -10hp and the fight may continue.

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Trixie - 08-10-2017

A silent protest rose from within the young wolf as the aches of strikes before still arched through her, only agitated further with such force movements. Yet she works to ignore them. Those reminding pains pushed to the back of her mind as thoughts set upon what it was she so craved. That bicolored stare resting upon the electrically charged female as her own powers began to surface. While she knew not the path the other would travel aim was still taken. 

Heated flames allowed to fly so freely against the woman who moved with the flash of a storm. Smoking embers falling from betwixt parting jaws to singe the ground where they lay before that pillar shot forth. And while focus never drifted an aim was not true for the hyena furred failed to predict just where that ever shifting target would go. The one who moved with magical means seemingly spared from the brunt of the attack even as those flames licked and danced along her hide. 

But this was not enough for the unrestrained girl. Trixie wished to see what the heat could inflict upon the flowering creature. All she had to do was get closer, or so she told herself. Her body shaking as limbs fought against none but themselves to lift the spotted child fully from the ground. A head kept low as dying cinders flicked from the teeth bore toward the antlered stranger. Action pushed to be taken even as those ignored pains shouted out against it. 

With a mind made up, sights follow after the one of silver fur as those paws stretch out to carry her on. That familiar snarl building up within her once more as a pace slowly quickened. Those orange capped limbs moving after the path blazed by the other in an effort to close the distance such a charge had worked to put between them. And when she feels she has grown near the freckled one surges forward with the intent to sink her teeth just behind the jawline of the unknown. 

Keeps head low/in line with body to protect throat

Type - Physical
Action - Aims to bite/hold behind one side of Sundara's jaw, somewhat on the neck.

Envenomed bite along back of shoulder near side
Tightened/uncooperative muscles (slowly loosening for proper movement), extreme soreness, and singed fur from being hit by lightning along the top line of her body, Cuts on side/belly from falling into the mixed terrain

Sundara takes 15% damage

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Isilzheha - 09-05-2017

@Sundara Aethelbeorn @Trixie

Sorry for the wait
-69% health to SS Staff Members

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Isilzheha - 09-08-2017

Sundara did not post within allotted time, -10% to health and fight can continue

RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Trixie - 09-10-2017

It is by will power alone that the hyena youth reaches the side of the other. Those fangs aching to taste the flesh of the flowered woman once again, though this time she could not allow for a chance at error. No route given for an easy escape for the silvery woman by simply ripping herself away from the teeth which held her. This time there would be a threat given in such a hold, if only contact could be found. Heavy paws thumped against the mixed soils as they carried that staggering hide on. Jaws parting the moment she thought herself within reach of the antlered stranger. 

And with a chance of luck those tainted ivories find their mark. Sinking deep behind the curvature of the woman’s jaw, a place where neither antler nor that ducking maw could protect her. A wicked gleam shines within the eyes of the freckled creature as the taste of blood falls against her tongue. One which threatens to pull her further from herself though she holds on to restraint. For she was not here to kill or even bleed the other at such close ranges. There was still that desire burning within her. A yearning to feel the spark of heat against her fangs once more. 

Rumbling snarls roll within the throat of the wild one as bicolored eyes narrow. Claws digging into the earth in efforts to slow the path forged by the both of them now, keep the flowered one from darting off again. Though in her mind perhaps it would not truly matter their speed. For even before her limbs could find rest flames and ash flicker against her tongue. Rising to course through the curving fangs holding on to the other woman so tightly and dashing between darkened lips. All in hopes to sear the flesh and fur of the stranger in a range where she would be able to smell it burn, up close and personal. 


Type - Magical
Action - Calls fire into her mouth and fangs in an attempt to further burn Sundara

Envenomed bite along back of shoulder near side
Tightened/uncooperative muscles (slowly loosening for proper movement), extreme soreness, and singed fur from being hit by lightning along the top line of her body, Cuts on side/belly from falling into the mixed terrain


RE: Sundara vs Trixie - Sundara Aethelbeorn - 09-11-2017

Do you believe in happy endings?

Or the mendings of human hearts?

The silver ones vision flickered, making her miss the site of the hyena girl while the lightning and fire both burned through her form and held her in place just long enough for the little wretch to find her mark. The searing pain of ivory fangs tearing into the delicate flesh of her lower jaw, a place where her antler could not go. Her body was burned and battered, the body of one who was badly losing to win against another. Deep, gutteral snarls tore from deep within the female with antler, the sounds rolling and pulsing, almost having a life of their own as she glared at the little bitch. She wanted to tear the girls throat out, and then drain her of all of her life force while she lay twitching. That was what the monster wanted, the thing inside all wolves that only woke with bloodshed and anger. It wanted blood, ot wanted pain to be given out to the one who held them up steadily and refused to let go.

That was when she felt the heat building up and insticnt made her twist her body around to grab the other with two front legs and lift up just enough to pick the other female off the ground and tumbling them both over, so that she landed on her and her head would hopfully crack against the hard ground and rocks beneath them. That was going to be her escape and attack, to disorient and badly injure the younger one as she slipped from those exposed fangs and try to leap away. That's all she needed to do, was simply get away from her, to keep distance and try to think of a plan to make the other go down and stay down. Blood and burns covered her body, giving a full visual of what happened and why she was so desperate to just get away. That's all she could think, all she could focus on was escaping those jaws and defending herself as soon as she could. She needed to live and think.

Almost without thought, she started to form a shield of spirling magic in the shape of small spheres that glowed light stars. They moved fast around her and where damn near close to being a blur but she could still see her. She new that is this did not work she might as well be done and out of this battle. The balls glowed brighter, ready to fly out and explode on their mark or attempt to absorbe any magic that would sent to their creator. And little to the other females knowledge, more were forming, slowly but surely, behind her.

Oh I believe in both I'm certain

Because these curtains are state of the art


OOC: Crappy post is crap :/

Attack: Lifting and pushing Trixe over in hopes that she slams and cracks her head on the ground while Sundara gets away with some distance
Defense: Low to the ground, antlers defending back, surrounded by balls of magical light that can explode on contact or within a few seconds (making more aorund the field)
Injuries: Sever burns all along her body, Bruising and cuts on her right side, right foreleg is torn and bleeding, injected with venom, mouth burned by lighting

Trixie takes 10% damage