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Fire and powder | Joining? - Murmur - 08-29-2017

Azgeda had always heralded a particular deathwish against Murmur Nox, personally, stealing someone's voice certainly did not warrant eviction. But he supposed the unusually gated expanse was not exactly delighted to hear excuses. Even if they where from Murmurs shiny new voice. He was a big deal, dating the daughter of the most important man with nothing to lose. He'd left his family in the ashes of mactibilis and in turn Azgeda left him and he was bitter for that. The symmetry. In a sense he was kicked out far too young. Finding his feet, finding the world and he did that by tooth and claw, inching his way like the fucking parasite he was. But damnit if he wasn't persistent. He was patient when it came to Azgeda, the look on Elrisae's face as she stood by and let him be chased away like wildfire. He'd remember that for the funeral and nothing was more glorious than watching the fires fade as he'd lure in a hydra upon their lands, watching it burn. Watching her suffer. Now that was symmetry. That was justice.

From there on he continued his thunder trail. Pining his hopes so lovingly on Veritate, until he realised how punchable one of the many residents looked. Things went rather downhill from there. The whole pack turned against him and despite his most honourable efforts to abhail them in his chaos he was banished. They turned him away in his time of need. He called their king a bitch and he threw himself at the feet of the gods. His transgressions where just as good as they sounded. But he felt a little better in himself, a little less broken ribbed and a little more prepared for round two and although scoping revenge sounded sweet as any, he needed something more. So much more than something ephemeral and short lived. But he knew himself  better than any man and although he held no control over what his final intentions ever could surmount to. He was as ready as ever to try and steer himself in at least one good direction before he reigned bloody hell upon the ones that deemed it justice to harm him over a dispute. They should have looked the other way. They should have let him kill him and there was an intensity within Murmur that seemed to assure this thought as he'd walk in somewhat silence against the cold in twilight

he needed a home. Now more than ever. He was still young, there was still time.

He needed something. Anything to replace the anchor that Aether once was. Even if it was shoddy and artificial. A false sense of security governed by some form of mock head and as long as he didn't get too drawn in with any delusions of picture. He'd be ok. He was sure he'd be ok. He just needed to slow down. Maybe not mess this one up for himself for once in his life. Put a muzzle on his impulse and play nice. And so he'd walk their borders, he remembered the could of the north well from where he met Lualia upon the mountains. The old path seeming odd, displaced. But he'd make his way up it none the less. A tired look in his eyes. The glow of his throat luring moths in the dying of the light as he'd stop for a moment, stretching his shoulders as boreal wings unfurled to touch the newly yeilding stars. He'd find himself unable to look away as he always did.

He needed something.

@Asmodeus @Poltergeist @Anyone in carus that wants to jump in he needs all the help he can get lmao

RE: Fire and powder | Joining? - Ivandriel - 08-30-2017

It had been only a couple years or so since my last stint in a pack and while it was still taking some time to adjust things were going rather smoothly. All things considered, that is. Venturing into surrounding areas has proved to be rather volatile the last few times and even though a part of me craved it I needed a few days of relative silence before venturing out again. Who knew in all of the creatures that roamed these lands I would happen upon all the most violent ones? That being said, there were some chance meetings not quite as violent. Even still they tainted my mind with thoughts I would rather not have swimming around in my mind. I needed to keep a level head if I was to keep up appearances here, lurking about the edges of Carus territory like some kind of hermit. All in all it has been a better role for me. Plastering a false smile upon my face and taking whatever was thrown my way could get quite repetitious and tedious. Of course, this is something I knew all too well and the best course of action to retain this safe haven I claimed despite how short-lived it might be. My companion Nyx has grown rather comfortable here, much to my relief, and so the tiny beast didn’t cling to me like some kind of mouthy tumor as much as he used to and generally took refuge in the den we had been given.

Pale nostrils flexed, taking in a wash of scents as a stiff, cool breeze rolled over me from the peaks of the mountains. Evergreen bristles scraped gingerly, though lacked much movement. The stench of pack animals was strong in most spots, yet in this current pass along the border I found some areas lacking. Being a diligent completionist, even against my own internal intentions, I squatted among the brambles and underbrush to strengthen the markings. Straightening up I stalked from the cluster of trees and out into the open where pathways carved into the base of the mountains and climbed upwards. I stuck to the narrow and often treacherous alleyways that slowly became more familiar with each time I utilized them, climbing up to the outskirts of the valley and edging along to continue my trek.

It is upon the crest of a hill that a foreign man made himself known to me. There was little but his physical presence to mark the arrival, no sound nor call sent forth to coax the Carus wolves from their homes. I lifted a brow, doing little to hide myself as I approached the darkly hued man. Glass-like wings shifted at his sides, stretched to blend with the starry skies as the sun finalized its descent and some rather unpleasing insects hovered at his glowing throat. In the rapidly fading twilight he was quite the striking specimen. It was hard to tell if that would be the case when the sun rose in the morning. He was staring off into the mountains, something deeper lurking within cerulean eyes though it was hard to place what it was.

I cleared my throat abruptly to garner his attentions. You seem a little relaxed to be trying to raze Carus to the ground, though that means little to most, I began bluntly, suave voice filtering out to gently break the silence. Hopefully you’re here to join and not simply sight-seeing in all the wrong places.

He speaks

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RE: Fire and powder | Joining? - Caralise - 08-30-2017

She'd been in almost a daze since the blessing from Lune had been given to her. She'd been lost before, drowning in a sea of self doubt and hatred for herself, wondering if perhaps the loss of her healing had been her own fault. It had been a relief to meet Mbali, to learn that it was not just herself but everyone. Of course the long journey to the Immortal Forest had been well worth it as they had been visited by their respective gods in just a short matter of time. She felt blessed and truly thankful though none of it made sense. Why had healing been taken away in the first place? What did Lune mean for her to listen when she called for her again?

She had returned home not long after that. She'd taken a bit of time to absorb what had happened and had spoken with Mbali afterward before she'd left for the Mountains. Though she had been warned to be wary of Atrox and the Acerbus, she found the fellow healer to be rather pleasant and knowledgeable. She'd taught her more about herbs than she had known before going there. Even with her magic restored, she still felt the knowledge was something she needed. She did not want to ever feel that useless again should her magic be taken from her again. She would make sure she was useful to the pack, one way or another.

The wind was chilly as she cut through the night air, a shimmering golden light shooting through the sky. She had no particular destination in mind on this evening. She simply needed to clear her mind. She did not know what to do. She had yet to tell anyone about the blessing she'd received. There had not been a good opportunity for it. She supposed, in time, she would find the right time though the longer she kept this information to herself, the more she felt she was committing some sort of treason against the pack. She did not know anyone who required the gift just yet. If they did she would not hold back. How did she go about bringing it up then without bringing unnecessary attention to herself? Just the thought nearly brought on the usual anxiety attacks she often suffered from.

It was as she was circling that a strange light below caught her eye before making out the figure it belonged to. It was not a man she recognized. There was another there as well and, though he did not seem familiar, she could scent the pack on him. She supposed it was only natural she was not yet acquainted with everyone since her return. She descended then a moment later, like a falling star trailing golden stardust as she moved to land near the duo. Her wings settled at her sides and she looked nervously between the two. More or less, she looked to the stranger who was obviously new to these lands. There was a certain weariness to him and a small frown pulled at her lips. "Is everything okay?" It was not really her place to be here greeting newcomers though if this man required help, especially if he was a potential new member, wasn't it her duty to offer him assistance as a healer?

"Speaking." "Speaking."

Ooc// She's just trying to be useful and stay busy sobs

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RE: Fire and powder | Joining? - Murmur - 09-13-2017

He was lost in himself until he was coaxed from his daydream like a vole from the den and the sharpness of his glacial eyes where set upon in all their rampant hell, the amber of he who dared tried to lull Murmur back from any state of consciousness. There was an irony in his words. Murmur was extremely good at razing packs to the ground, in fact he was simply the best there was and so he’d state in a rather tempestuous tone “Is that a dare?” a smirk creeping upon his face as he’d exude a sense of betterment. Murmur was male Eris, an insidious kind of canary and like all songbirds he’d learn to play a coy argument which when parred with the wilderness of his gaze- feral and valiant, and the otherworldliness of him in all his rampant glory made him an enigma of the most primordial sense. Although he’d play nice for the hell of it.

Black lips pursed before he would state again, carrying along his running sentence with the pace of the winds “hopefully I’m here to come to my senses before I do something awful like-“ he’d lean in, breaching intimacy. Breath hot as his words where molten with the sarcasm of his overall venture. “joining for example.” Like an adder he’d pull away sharply with serpentine grace. Doe eyes feral as the dales as he would dip his head, stating sharply and voraciously “wouldn’t that be a true horror.” The velocity to his tone unusually violent considering its happenstance. The man, this interloper was an unusual sort, the fatal mistake to try and claim order over him had completely restructured Murmur’s thoughts to a rather spite ridden attack dog, but the rest of him was intrigued by this man with his stripes and his bright eyes.

She’d come on gold. Something of light and virtue who would offer her services, only Murmur didn’t really perceive it as such. He’d never been outwardly positive.

He'd study her. Scrutinise her like that which a microscope studied organisms that swarmed and multiplied in a drop of water. He noticed the subtle tweak of her expression and that was all he needed really, his feeling of somewhat esoteric hope draining in a single move. “I’d feel much better once I’ve exploited your resources and pillaged your lands like the drain on existence I am- I saw that fucking face.” Half pacing around the winged woman in a broken haphazard manner. “but since you asked I’m better than ever. I wasn’t, but then I had some kind of hallucination and I was ok? I don’t fucking know. I think I had a religious experience and now I think I’ve gone completely insane- but im working through it?” Lune had came and went like the seasons and he was in the aftermath of it all. A little lost along the wayside and rather unsure of what course of action needed to be taken or if he was even true in what he thought was right- that it was all some form of elaborate joke that he didn’t really want to take a part in. But he was near death. But the old end never came and what had come only further stoked the fire that reigned bloody chaos within him.

But believing he was blessed was a dangerous road and he knew that. He also knew how quickly it would take for him to uphold it as his sole identifiable construct and that frightened him. So he’d place it where he stood; on the wayside out of arms reach and tried to forget that night the stars spoke to him.

“I mean I’m the first person to down a load of hallucinogenic flora trust me, but that was different. Really changed my disposition on ‘life’ which ended up with me here?  I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. Ever. Especially if it leads me into conversing with carus; assorted pondlife.” he'd give his rambling a little symmetry even though it was more for himself to sound out than to inform or engage others. This was his time that he had stolen and contorted as his own and he would use it to better him, not others. Even if he was grasping at straws.