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Determination - Ophelia - 09-05-2017

Ophelia Marie Antoinette

I remember falling. I remember the inexplicable pain that coursed throughout my nervous system eating at me when my body shifted and returned to its normal state. I knew I could shape-shift but I did not do it very often because of the price that came with it. I do not like pain, as I am near certain not many others do.  The pain still feels so very new, as my body still aches and my skin burns from the wind-swept laceration that had cut through tender flesh like a knife to warm butter. My head is  throbbing A flashback strikes my memory of the chaos ensued by the late False God’s wrath and my heart begin to rapidly thrum against my chest. 

“Ani!” A girlish shriek slipped from her pink hued lips, subconsciously body making the mistake to move abruptly as the young albino girl had been ripped away from her unconscious state. Her heart was racing with worry, adrenaline pulsing through her veins for a moment in which for that brief moment, she felt numb. “Miss… miss Eden?” Childish voice choked while left ear twitched as albino eyes searched her surrounding setting.  It had taken her a moment to realize she was not in the forest where everything had happened: no.  She was in a den – but was it hers?  Confusion meddled with her innocent features taking a moment to study the area. This did not look like the den she had shared with her Ani and Miss Wanda.  Glancing down she noticed the web-based bandages that were neatly wrapped around all of her legs and some on her side and abdomen.  While they appeared properly wrapped it seemed as if they would need changing soon. Hm came a curious hum.  The young Acerbus albino went to stand only to fail miserably as she felt sharp pains sear through her muscles and joints – her entire body.  A pained yelp cried from her pale pink lips over-estimating herself in the struggle to stand. It was as if she were a newborn trying to take her very first steps and it was so infuriating when she’d fail time and time again. Her body was slow to heal: despite knowing this – Ophelia was dangerously stubborn and filled with defiant determination. She wanted to find Ani and Miss Eden. She needed to make sure that they were alright. The question never did arise to her with just how long it had been since the fall of Mirriorion and at the moment, it did not matter.  

There was an unsettling wave of nausea churning in her stomach – unknowingly she had inhaled the toxic mist which seemed to not be fully expelled from her system.  “I need...”  she began in a breathy gasp, pausing to find her words and hopefully ease the excruciating pain that still lingered. The lower feathering of her coat was stained in dried blood and soil. Ophelia did not quite understand just much of a mess she truly was at that moment. “… I need to… find...” She searched for her strength of what little had returned.  A another sharp pain seized her legs, new blood stain formed from beneath the gauze of her bandage on her stomach as a tear had been reopened – which she hadn’t quite noticed. At the moment, she wouldn't cared.  She yelped again at the pain, tears swelling within her pink eyes however bound and determined to find Andromeda and Wanderer. Ophelia managed to make it to the entry and exit of the den, sunlight washed against her pale coat and sensitive skin as she slumped against the arch way in a pained groan. Her breathing labored. "Ani… Miss Eden...” she muttered breathlessly. “I need… I need to find them.” 
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Open to anyone, just tagging these two ladies because Ophy loves them and she wants to know that they're okay ;u; 
The den she woke up into can be anyones ¬x¬ kinda hopefully left that open.

RE: Determination - Trixie - 09-09-2017


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Ears perked as attentions turned from the torment of a slow moving shadow. That piercing stare shifting to rest upon the pale creature that she would have presumed dead if not for the way a body had moved with shallow breath. And while to her injury had not seemed too severe the other had been unconscious for a good deal of time now. An unsought welcome long overstayed in the eyes of the hyena child. Harsh suggestions so oft ignored as she insisted that they do away with the den intruder. Yet it is by the word of her father that the injured had stayed in their care, promise that it would not take much longer even as the days dragged on. 

The very presence of the other irking the young girl for she had to stop herself from giving in to temptations. Those which cried out for her to pick at the one who slept so soundly. Each curving tooth aching to snap against those limbs and pull at the flowing coat as it feathered away from her hide. This wolf seen as a stranger despite the way her aroma’s screamed out that she was supposed friend, a pack mate. And so she resisted in those times past even as the desires threatened to grow stronger. 

But at last it seemed the day had come, one where the snowy interloper would awaken. That girlish voice screaming out into the emptiness as wild eyes turn around the area as if she were looking for those she cried out for. And it is only now that Trixie began to regret those chances missed for if she did anything now it would only alert the others to her thoughts. Bicolored gaze narrows as paws shuffle silently over the soft earth, a figure kept to one of the branching paths from the main area of the den where the albino sat. The girl simply watching for now. 

Lips pulling back in silent snarl only to shift into laughter as the pale beast cried out and feel from attempts to stand. And while she was uncertain if the other had heard such mocking cruelty fall in such sounds, her own limbs began to shift. While she cared little for where this one was trying to get off to the hyena was not about to let her attempt to slip away. For she knew the wild dog held concern and questions he wished to ask. And since such a man was not within her sight then it was up to her to keep this wolf in her place. 

Towering figure of the freckled being pushes out from the neighboring den space. Those darkened lips parting to allow phrases to snap out in unfriendly tunes, “Where do you think you’re going?” Limbs carried her swiftly to where the other stood, paw reaching out to step on the trailing tail of the girl who made such pathetic attempts at escape. Words still resounding against the spotted girl’s ears as the albino seemed incapable of silencing her tongue over finding those specific beasts, only one of the names familiar to her. “Will you shut up? I don’t care who you think you need to find so badly. You’re staying here!” A muzzle shoved toward the other’s face as those last phrases fell, hoping to get her point across. 


RE: Determination - Ophelia - 09-10-2017

It was all so blurry still. Her head felt as if it were spinning in a constant rotation with no intention to stop. There was a fogginess that clouded her sinuses and that over all dread that one would feel if they were ill with something similar to that of the flu.  Her body ached so much as if she’d been tossed around like a rag doll that lost nearly all of its stuffing. Her bones quivered with discomfort with each aching movement her muscles were forced to shift when she slowly began to make her way towards the exit. There was a kindling flame of adamant determination and the yearn to find the overseers of the Wardens. Andromeda, or as Ophelia referred her by: Ani or her Ann. The snow leopard woman that seemed to be by her Ann’s side, Wanderer, Ophelia addressed her as Miss Wanda or Miss Eden. It only seemed fit, at least in Ophelia’s eyes. It made sense in her own little head. Soft sigh exhaled wearily from her pale lips as she leaned into the cavern walls of the large structured space which seemed to house other dens at a time.  If she were not so focused on finding the Peacekeeper and Warlord, and if she had the energy to do so, she would’ve explored the place more. But no: she needed to find them to make sure they were okay. Though just as the young albino maiden had finally made it the entry and exit of the den she was stopped by a sharp tone with hard demand: 

Where do you think you’re going? Delicate brows furrowed with baffled confusion as Ophelia’s hind flopped to the ground and she winced considerably as she still hurt all over. She landed with a soft pained Ooph! Her breathing still rushed in soft pants with a racing heart, though it was beginning to settle when she’d flop against the wall for support. Innocent pink eyes peered as they rolled with the motion of her head to turn back noticing the stranger approaching from a neighboring room. White ear flicked curiously as a blank expression read evidentially along her permanent youthful expression.  "Hello.  she managed neutrally, though couldn’t help but feel just the slightest bit confused. The girls face was not familiar to her – but she did have the Warden’s scent lingering thickly around her.  Pinkish eyes studied the girl, quickly noticing the very pretty blue rocks that formed the girls face. Her lips then parted to speak though was quickly interrupted by the strangers harsh choice of words. This further baffled Ophelia, uncertain as to why she’d seemed so angry. Will you shut up? The albino maiden clasped her jaws together as they curled inward in silence. Shoulders rolled though tensed as she felt a wave of pain coursed through her nerves, like a tidal wave crashing down with all of its brute force. I don’t care who you think you need to find to badly. You’re staying here!   

Red tinted saliva slivered down her chin as it then splashed onto hard surface, feeling nauseated. "Um.  Ophelia stammered, trying to search her words, "Who are you? She paused for a moment, "I like the blue rocks on your face. she pointed out rather forwardly with an innocent chime. "They are very pretty. Small smile crept along her pink lips  as she fumbled with her paws. 

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RE: Determination - Trixie - 09-13-2017


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Nails curved into the soft earth as a paw pulled back from the flowing tail of a would be escapee as hind quarters fell to the ground in gentle thump. Pointed ears turning to catch the rush of delicate panting though it is a matter she does not concern herself with. All she cared about was keeping this girl within the confines of the den, at least until a father got home. For it was clear even to the hyena girl that this one was not in the state one might desire before allowing a patient to wander freely. Even from a distance the blood stains could be seen against carefully placed bandages and upon the filthy mats which littered her coat. 

Those strangely soft eyes peering toward her whenever the stranger found focus upon a creature so rude. Confusion quite clearly lacing the features of the other female though whatever questions that currently coursed through her mind went unsaid. And Trixie for one was not complaining, she simply tired of the repetition that had seized the pale woman. Such a plague seemingly gone for now as faint sounds of greeting rise between those slowly steadying breaths. Though it does not stop jaws from pressing toward the face of the alabaster woman. Her own bicolored stare glancing over the female in the next moments. 

The very same felt upon her as well in the dancing gaze of the one sitting before her. A name unknown for it was one she never bothered to ask for, even if a father had learned it long ago from their leaders. But it is in this eagerly welcomed silence that she pulls back from the other. A muzzle still held above though not in nearly such a menacing manner as mere moments earlier. Yet it seemed that the quiet could not last forever as gentle tune rises from the bloodied lips of the albino. Words which lacked confidence as they stammered in uneven melody, broken in their focus as a question falls only to be quickly followed with compliment. 

Hardened gaze of the freckled girl mixing with hints of confusion at this. Though she tries her best not to let it show before a sigh rushes forth in sudden exhale as if it were truly a hindrance to give introduction. Yet it is seemingly in the very same pull of air that phrases find her. Each holding the false embellishments she so often placed upon herself. Titles given in her times alone where none could say they were untrue, “I am Trixie, the guardian of these caverns. Tasked with the unfortunate duty of keeping your sorry ass here within my hold.” Though she would not leave the other with that alone. 

A slow grin pulling over her features as her gaze flickered to remain upon the face of the other, “But know that while the great one accepts compliments they will get you no closer to freedom. I can’t let you leave.” Well she supposed she could but then it would likely only upset those who wished for her to recover without much fault. But whether she truly cared for the young looking wolf before her or not there was a question she supposed should fall from her tongue, “And who are you?” Other than one allowed to bask in the presence of one who attempted to paint herself in such lights. 


RE: Determination - Ophelia - 09-13-2017

Innocent weary gaze studied the stranger woman with hinted curiosity. She had not ever seen another with such a strange disposition that did not appear as wolfish as herself. But then of course, Miss Wanda sometimes wore a mask and Ani had horns similar to a ram. She’d even met a man with wings at on point in time. Everything that made an individual unique had often times stuck out to the little albino maiden in such a way she admired its exotic beauty. In this case, the gemstones that decorated the woman's face in such a way that she nearly mistook them for speckles or freckling and the wild dog appearance. Needless to say, Ophelia was easily intrigued. What had also been noticed was that this girl too held the Wardens scent on her – yet she had never seen her before. I am Trixie, the guardian of these caverns. Sweet pink eyes flitted from wall to wall of the caverns with an aloof gaze, small innocent and very tired smile seemed to never leave her lips. Tasked with the unfortunate duty of keeping your sorry ass here within my hold. The young den mother then blinked as she tilted her head. Ophelia didn’t know an insult when it was thrown at her, taking everything with a grain of salt. For a moment, she felt an uncomfortable sharp pain forcing her shoulders to drop following her gaze and noticed the fresh stain on her bandages. Brows furrowed as if confused by the dressing that seemed to appear around every corner of her delicate form. Oh, I am such a mess she though to herself before her attention was withdrawn after complimenting the girl who named herself Trixie.

But know that while the great one accepts compliments they will get you no closer to freedom. I can’t let you leave. Delicate pale claws dug into a tough surface of cavern floors in the efforts to grip a hold of the forming pain while trying to keep her attention to Trixie. “I see.” her voice tightened with a soft chirp. And who are you? Ophelia did seem a little out of sorts, but that did not stop her from trying to make friends. "Oh, a breathy pause slipped in between her words, feeling winded again; "My name is Ophelia. her voice sweetened with generosity. "I am the Wardens Den-Mother and-…. The little albino paused to catch her breath, she found her shoulder meeting the column wall of the cave. She might have been a little oblivious to her current state as she continued to trudge through to the best of her ability. Her determination was kept her going. She needed to find Wanderer and Andromeda. "...and-- she’d begin to continue in between breaths. " sincerest apologies for any troubles I may have caused you. Ophelia managed to keep her smile on her face, regardless of how tired and beaten she may have seemed. "I am most certain you make an excellent guardian though – but I do need to find Miss Wanda and Ani… They founded the Wardens of course.

Pink eyes turned as she gazed with worry just outside the walls of the cavern. It was so bright and sunny out though: she wasn’t entirely sure how kind the sun would be feeling today without harming her delicate skin. Everything else was hurting from her head to her toes basically. She wanted a bath for certain, though something told her that this Trixie character wasn’t going to let her slip away so easily. Ophelia was a little bold – perhaps too bold for her sake. She would not hesitate to take two steps out regardless of what Trixie explained- that she was in charge of keeping her here. But why?

RE: Determination - Trixie - 09-24-2017


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Even as her voice falls silent those bicolored eyes are trained upon the delicate albino. Fighting to hold upon those features rather than dance between the obvious injuries which decorated the other’s hide, something the hyena child was certain could be felt despite the ways this one attempted to move about. Stains spilling so beautifully over the purity of the bandages adorning her as what tried so hard to mend only ripped open by the actions forced. 

Yet in the eyes of a wild dog father she was certain this development would not be seen as so delightful as troubles were already frequent in tending to this creature’s figure. Emotion held beneath a mask as it attempted to hide away the wild glint that ached to shine forth from the speckled girl’s gaze. The darkened beast doing her best to keep attentions from shifting and lying upon such delicacies. Struggles only fought for a few moments before focus is found once more. 

That voice rising in gentle breaths as name is given to the one seen as so frail. A creature tasked with the duties of temporary motherhood though Trixie could not see the joys in having to deal with another’s youthful burdens. And seeing as how just giving such information seemed a task too difficult for the other now, she had to wonder what this pale wolf was like in better health. For now she only seemed fragile and easily broken by even the young of the pack as she sought support from the cavern’s wall. 

Though she could not take the hint as phrases rose on finding the two whose names she had called out upon rising. Pointed ears flicked back in momentary threat as lips parted in stern tone, “Ophelia.” Simple phrase of name falls into the air as paws shift to carry the hyena child across the gap left. A form swiveling to shove its way into the mouth of this shared den before head ducks to press into the injured party’s chest. Pressure placed against it as efforts are made to push the woman back as words filled the little space between them now, “You are not leaving.”

How did she even think she was going to get anywhere if she could not find footing within the hold of these caves? There would be nothing and no one outside of this reach should she wander too long without locating whatever she sought whether it be those wolves she seemed so keen on rediscovering or some other self-assigned task. Warning dripping from exposed ivories now as she pulled back just enough to stare the other woman in the eyes, “Do not try again. Or your hide will be torn apart.” Not from the hyena’s fangs, no matter how they may threaten, but from all which marred her now. “Can you not feel it falling to pieces?”


RE: Determination - Noah - 09-25-2017

Many tones echoed against the walls of his cavernous den. They bounced against the sleek stone as they rounded each passage till such mixed voices were allowed to settle upon large dished ears. There was the guest, a small albino woman, who had been delivered during the night for care and treatment. Not much had been offered at the time apart from rest in the coverage of his home beneath the watchful eyes of the healer and his rebellious daughter.

Each of lyric twisted against Noah’s eardrums in a call for his attention for there seemed to be tones of rising conflict. A demand for another to stay as Trixie, a girl as outspoken and wild as her mother, allowed her voice to carry against the breathless wind of the other. It seemed their injured guest was attempting to leave. The man would have had to have been a right fool to miss such subtle clues which befell his daughter’s lips, “You are not leaving.” Demanding, to the point, why did the injured try so hard?

It was as he drew closer that the scene was able to be absorbed. The shockingly small albino inching towards the coveted escape route as his daughter’s crown was but inches from the other’s form. Fangs bared as warning, not threat surprisingly, pulled from within. Though it did not change the way Noah allowed himself to become known as an interruption to a hopeless venture.

“Trixie,” a gentle call for her attention but not eyes, “What seems to be the problem here?” A question that needn’t an answer for the wild dog was not blind to the being who tried to escape the den and purge herself beneath the blinding rays of the sun. So his action comes to mirror that of his daughter’s as delicate steps, adorn in a weak trail of flora, come to guide him to the young hyena’s side. Flanking her at the entrance as his form, equal in height to her own, comes to wrap about her back.

Golden pools looked down his darkened snout as he gazed with a kindness upon the albino. Words dripped from the male’s tongue like a sweet wine as each lyric was bound to the magical charm that flooded from unknowing lips. “Sweet Ophelia,” a name he had heard his daughter call her, “You must rest. Stay here and relax, whoever it is you seek in the day will surely wait for one such as yourself.”

Steps were taken towards her as Noah allowed his crown to dip to be more level with the pale one as a smile slide against dark lips, “I’m certain they would want your wounds to heal." There was a seldom pause to wrap about his cords as his brow lifted upon the next line, "Why would you make them worry?” Why bring more torture upon a form they wished to be healed?

RE: Determination - Ophelia - 09-25-2017

The longer she stayed around, the less time she had to find Wanderer and Andromeda and she wanted nothing more that to find them to make sure they were well ever since the great battle. Blank expression read innocently upon her pale face as she sat in her place trying to muster up the strength to leave. She was grateful for Trixie and allowing her to stay here in her living quarters, though Ophelia was wanting to leave and had the stubborn will and determination to do so. A soft huff exhaled from her lungs, as she was so easily winded with still a long road to recovery despite her wishes. Pale lips curled inwardly as she batted her little lashes towards the woman who stood between her and freedom. Left ear twitched only to pull up right with its neighbor as her name was spoken with a hardened tone of the guardian. The next thing she knew, her delicate little frame was being pushed back with ease like a child sliding though slippery floors in playtime leisure. You are not leaving. Innocent brows furrowed as if to show the struggle of comprehension as to just why she would not be allowed departure. Shoulders rose and fell in a stubborn huff this time as a small tantrum was beginning to swell in her chest. Do not try again. Or your hide will be torn apart. Pinkish lips then formed the biggest pout like a child’s disapproval. Just as her lips parted to speak in protest, a man called from behind speaking to Trixie has if he were familiar with her.

Ophelia pressed her lips then as they folded inwardly almost biting her lower lip with uncertainty. Her brows furrowed as she glanced between the duo trying to piece together why they looked so similar. Biology was a knowledge which the young girl lacked so she wasn’t entirely coming to the understanding of the potential of the two being related let alone how they could even be possibly be related. She was orphaned incredulously young and despite her age there was still so much the girl failed to learn in her youth between the wars and the purge which happened in her lifetime. Despite her lively and rather euphoric nature: she was very familiar with war and destruction yet still looked to the positive in all the negativity. It was difficult when others blocked her escape. What seems to be the problem here? Young albino maiden could then feel the salt sting delicate pink eyes as tears were beginning to form with that hint of discouragement to refrain her from leaving the den. She watched with teary eyes as the man then approached her with kinder features than the woman though her pouting features did not falter. Sweet Ophelia. her gaze instantly dropped to the ground with a huff and tears beginning to roll down her cheek with the inability to argue at that moment.

You must rest. Stay here and relax, whoever it is you seek in the day will surely wait for one such as yourself. A little storm cloud was beginning to form above her head without warning or intention. She was frustrated and upset. Being told no was something Ophelia was not accustom to. I’m certain they would want your wounds to heal. She began to sniffle and whimper the more she was persisted to stay and the lesser chance she would be allowed to seek the Warden leaders. She wasn’t worried about herself – but she was worried about Ani and Miss Wanda. Where were they? Were they alright? Ever since Ani had disappeared the first time, Ophelia was terrified that something could’ve happened to her, or even to the snow-leopard woman. She felt her heart race at this thought. "They will worry if they do not know where I am. tears began to pour down her cheeks as she began to break down and cry. Her lips quivered while she trembled in her place. The little storm cloud above her head grew as small droplets of rain began to weep from the cloud. She was unintentionally straining her magic, as crimson began to drizzle from her nose in the process. Never mind her own pain which never did go unnoticed, she did not want to be here and she certainly did not want to be stuck somewhere she was unfamiliar with for a prolonged period of time. Especially with a healer. ...They were scary.

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