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Precious - Daniella - 12-05-2017

The Grimrose...


As the sun rose with golden-coloured facade beaming towards these Earthly spires - noon hastily approaching against the gradients of hill and forest - their screams, this seraphic torment, tore throughout the surrounding canopies in an aria of malignant torture.  Each cry plucked upon the tender, benevolent strings of maternal instinct driving it mad, propelling it into a blazing inferno of overwhelming derangement that threatened to undo me piece by agonizing, crumbling piece.  I was alone; I was a stone cast into the suffocating waves of a hapless ocean where the threat of death breathed down the length of my quivering nape.  Water filled my lungs; breath abandoned; body sinking further into the beckoning black, motionless.  I was helpless as they writhed so fitfully against the crudely forged rucksack as if they could break the bind between material and liberation.  For a time we rest along the outer banks of a languid stream as it severed earth and mire in a soothing tempo that pulled me from the depths of that sinking despair.  Petal kissed nose gently nudged their little forms no longer so eager to fight against their prison.  Their hearts were now a steady flow that increased the racing pace of mine; they were fading.  Hours without sustenance and there was naught I could do to provide.  Frail woman; my womb a barren land; my teets a Sahara long since dried.  

Their screams dwindled to deplorable whines.  Their whines turned to pillowed, heart-wrenching murmurs.  It was all I could do to remain calm, to stand and caress them with every flourishing ounce of motherly affection that my sanity could dare muster.  Carefully, cautiously, I would lay beside them, pushing the mound of innocent bodies close against my breast and rest quivering jaw against them, cradling them, providing the only nourishment I could give.  Affection.  Devotion.  Warmth and company in what I presumed would be their last moments.  "Darlin',"  A voice rang out behind me, forcing a warning rumble to reverberate throughout my chest as pink eyes rose to meet the intrude with a flash of bemusement.  A goat.  "Ya wee ones are causing all kinds a stir, they are.  What are-"  The creature approached, worriment etched vividly on every dark feature posed on her ebony face.  Her gaze softened at beholding their deplorable state; sympathy replacing any ire that manifest.  "I cannot feed them,"  Solomn whisper cracked, threatening to release the lump that burdened my throat.  "I cannot... can... n-not... be a mother... mother...."  The reminder was vividly evident with their withering frames nested close to my body.  The goat clicked her tongue as if to chid an ignorant babe.  Of a sudden, she laid beside them, nudging them against her full breast to which they eagerly - and quite voraciously - began their feast.  

It was the beginning of our arrangement.

Nana had been the first to wake as the sun began to set and the moon eagerly took his waning place against the dark stain of blue and green.  "Do na forget that today ye are takin' out the wee ones."  She would remind as weary eyes blinked away the exhaustion that had encumbered but moments before.  Daniella would look out at the growing children that had pulled through considering the circumstances of that night.  They were no worse for wear; nary a scratch upon their pristine forms and despite herself, a smile reigned on rose tinted lips.  Warmth flourished throughout her breast, a fondness blossoming, an eagerness flashing in the soft curves of her girlish face as it neared the slumbering children.  Gentle nudge would be bestowed upon them each, in turn, to stir them from that seraphic realm of promised repose.  "Meredy,"  She would coo to the child before going to the next as she stood on shaken limbs.  "Aariak.  Julius.  Come... come.  You must wake... yes... wake."  It had been promised to them that they would be allowed outside of the den, outside of the home she shared with Mari who had been quite confounded about this abrupt turn of events.  "Aye,"  The goat would begin.  "Get ye wee heads up before I butt ya outta those nests."

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RE: Precious - Meredy - 12-05-2017

She slept rather peacefully, her dreams filled with images of what she imagined the outside world to be like. She'd only seen glimpses she'd managed to steal from inside the den whenever she would glance to the opening. But she had never actually been out to see it for herself. Nana would sometimes tell stories and, though they were nothing that would be considered super interesting to some, the small child was very intrigued. She loved to hear them and would often beg to hear more until the goat would send them off to sleep.

Her mother had promised that they would take them out tomorrow and Meredy was certain she wouldn't be able to sleep. She was far too excited to even consider it. But exhaustion had crept in and sleep took hold of her tiny figure. Her legs twitched as she lay there, dreams of racing around outside causing a small smile to touch her lips. She honestly wasn't ready when she heard Nana start to talk and the sound of mama's voice calling her name stirred her in to consciousness.

It took her a moment before she say up, blinking the sleep and weariness from her eyes as she looked around. She seemed almost confused at first as to why they were being woken up. But it took only a moment before she remembered and she was tripping over herself to try and stand up very quickly. "O-oh! Ooooooh! Mama!" It took another try or two before she was on her feet. Walking was not quite something she was too great at. Hooves were much different than paws though she couldn't honestly know the difference. She was like Nana with her hooves while mama was different. "Is it time? Is it?" She bounced in place as she brushed against her mother affectionately, more than eager to hurry with their adventure.

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RE: Precious - Aariak - 12-06-2017

A nervousness plagued the hooved child despite the excitement which radiated through the body of the lightly coated sibling over the very notion of the outside world. The boy of shadows seeming indifferent over the matter and yet it was in both that Aariak found small comforts. What lay beyond the confines of the den was a foreign place and yet still one could not help but to wonder at the possibilities of what was out there. Such feelings unable to be repressed as there was nothing to quell the rising curiosities that brewed within the youth. 

Thoughts only set alight by the tales which fell from Nana’s lips, causing a mind to race over the mix of intrigue and danger which seemed to lurk in the beyond. And yet all was nearly forgotten as the overly fluffed creature had drifted into the land of dreams. Small hooves kicking out as a light whine threatened to pull from the slumbering babe. Though whatever terrors had chosen to seize hold of those dreams are cast away when a familiar voice calls out in gentle tones as a nose brushed to her. Bright eyes flashing open in a spark of fear only to be greeted with the soft features of a mother. 

That sight alone easing the youth as a shaken breath blew from her lungs before those brilliant tones shifted upon Nana as she spoke. Hesitation finding the youth even as a sister near leapt to her feet moments after she had risen. Yet there were no plans to be left behind or scooted out of the place she rested. Warily cloven feet stepped against the smooth floor as gaze flickered between the faces which stood so near. A body stopping near a mother’s side as a voice chimed between the squealing tones of the other, “Is it safe out there mama?” While the stories spoken rang clearly in mind, it was still a question the child felt needed to be asked.

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RE: Precious - Marionette - 12-12-2017

traumatic performance

She’d been resting in the farther depths of her den. Hiding away since the ambush had occurred when those unknown beasts, or as Montaine had described them: shadow beasts – had attacked the King and a stranger woman. The feline had did his best to tend and clean her wounds, tightly wrapping guaze-like web where skin had been ripped and flapped over in hopes to repair and secure her injuries. It was the bustling sound of vivacious babes shrilling with excitement and her sisters soft and rigid words that had pulled her from a restless slumber. Body still ached, and there was an unforgiving pain that felt as if it coursed through her very blood stream. Deep scarlet eyes fluttered, a soft sigh of reprieve in thanks that she would wake to the rise of the lune maiden, as the sun was far less appeasing when her sight was taken by the fire-star. Marionette began to stir, Montaine resting by her side resting his head upon her bosom. “You shouldn’t move too much, Mari.” he protested; he knew his efforts were not as great of a healers though knew how defiant she could be and how much worse it would had made things then but his patience was growing rather slim with worry. “Les enfants sont éveillés” ( The children are awake.) she murmured sleepily like a fretting mother.

Forelimbs forced themselves upward following her haunches as she let out a pained groan and stumbled backward. Montaine sighed as he pulled away with reluctance though careful to watch his shadow companion. He couldn’t tell if there was any improvement or not. These last few nights had been more strenuous then when the purge had taken place. His skin crawled at that brief reminder. When she was finally on all fours, she stubbornly leaned into the wall of her den and slowly began to drag herself towards the mouth of the den where her sister, her soul shadow and three children of Lux blood were tumbling around the feet of her albino kin. Her eyes softened beneath weak complexion before slowly finding her sisters eyes. “How long will you be out this eve, Dani?” hoarse breath whispered, as if pained to ask such a question. Marionette unintentionally made it seem like her sister would be gone for days and the sheer thought of that clenched her chest with fear. Montaine was several feet behind sitting with cordial disposition despite the sheer annoyance plastered upon his face by his reckless companion.

“There is an errand I need to fulfill for the King soon, and I will need to be away for a night or so...” she trailed. “I was hoping you would be home before then.” Her gaze wandered to the entry and exit of their den. “Just so I know that you and the children have returned safely.”
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RE: Precious - Daniella - 01-12-2018

The Grimrose...


There was little retaliation from the little ones as their colourful bodies stirred against the brisk morning. Excitement flashed before their eyes; adoration etched in hers. Mama. Yes. Mother. She was very much their mother, the very creature that had sustained them, nurtured them, loved them when their biological dam could not. They were her children. My children... my... children. Smile languidly stretched across her girlish face as Meredy attempted to stand and she would offer a gentle nudge to assist the child to a stand. "Of course." Demure voice replied to the exuberant youth as she seemed to flounce in every bit of the den that she could. There was a sense of softness in the way Daniella watched the children; a weariness awakening at Aariak's query and Mari's concern. Would it be cruel of her to lie, to tell the truth, to warn them of the dangers that truly lurked outside of the den? "So long as we stay with the pack, it will be safe, little one." Before Daniella could say much more on the matter, Nana was barreling out of the den and beckoning for the children to follow.

Albino woman would turn them to the shadow of her sister, beautiful even after awakening from her fitful slumber. "We will return before nightfall." She feared for the children being out beyond that. Pastel eyes turned towards the entrance of their den where she began to squeeze through, squinting frail vision against the morning dawn. "Will you stay? Stay... until he calls. Yes?" She watched as Nana began to explain the essentials to the children; grass, sky, leaves. Each, in turn, she taught them and showed as they happened upon it in their little journey. "Don't wander too far."
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RE: Precious - Meredy - 01-13-2018

Excitement thrummed through her as she waited, eyes wide as her siblings stirred. Large ears flicked at Aariak as he questioned if it was safe or not and she simply huffed with impatience as she nudged him. She didn't want mama to change her mind because he was worrying about that. But mama answered him, saying it would be fine if they stayed close to the pack and she beamed. "See? It will be fineeeeee. Come on!" She bounced in place, hardly able to contain herself now that she was on her feet and moving.

Nana was ushering them out of the den but, before she followed, she stumbled over to her aunt in a hurry, pressing her face in to her fur affectionately. "Bye auntie Mari." And with that she turned to trail after the goat, hardly paying attention to what her mother had to say to her as she went to listen to the nursemaid's lessons. Her eyes were wide with curiosity as things were pointed out to them. The grass, the sky, the trees. She wasn't quite sure if she knew the difference between grass and trees. They both grew out of the ground so how were they different?

She considered this quietly for a bit, moving closer to a tree to investigate on her own. She supposed it looked a little bit different. She was still trying to consider this when mama came out and she perked up. "Look mama, a tree!" She pointed out her discovery proudly, as if this was the only tree they would ever find. And she beamed as she galloped clumsily closer to the albino, long tail flicking out in pleasure as she rubbed against her affectionately.

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RE: Precious - Aariak - 01-16-2018

Gentle tones fall from a wavering tongue as bright eyes peered up toward the pale figure awaiting the answers sought. Worry seizing the heart of the child over what may lay beyond the known safety of the den despite the undeniable curiosities which rose over the stories which fell so freely from Nana’s lips. And yet fear was a powerful thing, winning over all else which ran through Aariak’s thoughts as a body unconsciously shifted nearer to a mother’s forelimb. Hesitant to stray further even as a sister’s muzzle came to nudge against that near trembling frame with a huff. 

Easily drawing her gaze to where the other stood even as ears drew back to better catch the sounds of another. The shadow with which they dwelled making herself known in hoarse whisper with question of her own. A wonder over their return and while it had not been voiced it was something which weighed upon her own mind as well. Though it is the child’s inquiry which receives answers first in comforting phases, ones which ease those racing thoughts if only slightly on the matter. But it is not something allowed to be stewed upon for long though as Meredy pipes up as well, her hooves clacking against the floor as she bounced about in excitement. 

If only such joy could transfer between them. Then perhaps this simple task would not seem nearly as dreadful as it did. Yet unease is swallowed away as Nana beckons for the children to follow her out into the world. Bright eyes turning to glance upon both mother and Marionette as a voice softly bids the latter farewell, “Bye auntie we’ll be back soon.” Or at least it was what she hoped, still unsure of all of this even as hooves rose to trail after those already gone. Efforts to catch up to the few who bolted with a vigor that never quite seemed to find the pup’s limbs yet ears raise high to the strange sounds which reach out ever clearer from here. 

Capturing attentions in ways they never had from within the den. Yet it is the voice of the nursemaid which keeps her from being overwhelmed, explanation falling and pulling focus from everything at once to rest upon single objects. It was all so much to take in but so far nothing seemed to scream immediate danger. Most of it appearing harmless in appearance for the grass was soft and the sky seemed as if it traveled on forever. Wandering steps drifting nearer to the tree that Meredy investigated though instead of bounding away from it another question falls toward any willing to answer, “How do the leaves get up so high?” But more importantly could any of them get up into the tree with the leaves?

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