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Carus Updates & Events Log - River Janus - 12-24-2017

A sea of stars and lucid dreams

Carus.  Sanctuary of the Lux.

Star of the East, give us kindly birth,
Star of the South, give us great love,
Star of the West, give us quiet age,
Star of the North, give us death.
- Fiona MacLeod, Iona

Blessed by the sacred white mother, Lune, Carus is the pack of winter and wisdom. They are the children of the stars, the night, the holy spirit infused through virtue and guidance. They are the rightful sons of Victus and the same that proclaim to be her diligent guardians. Through Lune's guidance, they seek to purge the world of destruction and chaos to see it again in a time of peace and harmony; a time when only the Lux prevailed above all others. Carus welcomes those who have lost Lune's voice, her gentle warmth and endearing embrace, her knowledge and wisdom spread across the skies. They seek to teach those lost souls about their forgotten mother smiling down upon them from twilight rhapsodies. May the white mother smile fortune to you.
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Plot & activity logs as of 1.11.18
listed from recent -> old.

  • After a lengthy battle against illness, Asmodeus Trahern has died. — [read more!]
  • Asmodeus has stepped down and offered Poltergeist Tombstone his position. However, River Janus has challenged her and won the right to lead. — [read more!]
  • Bijela has initiated a pack hunt! — [read more!]
  • After some deliberation, Asmodeus seeks to abandon the island and reclaim the valley.  Their intent is to restore it via the first festival of victory.  — [read more!]
  • Asmodeus has returned from the war against Mirrorion to discover things aren't quite right in Carus. — [read more!]
  • Mirrorion has caused an avalance at the Lunar mountains. — [read more!]
  • Asmodeus has called a pack meeting.  — [read more!]
  • Tuska has mysteriously died.  Asmodeus has returned to take back Carus as its alpha.