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IT'S A SECRET [NERO/HUNTINGTON] - Nero - 01-03-2018

nero shook his blue fur and yawned. the daylight passing over the pale sky made him nauseous with anxiety. he found it more and more difficult to find prey that willingly succumbed to his jaws, and as a naturally passive hunter, this proved troublesome. scrunching up his snout he reached into the air, trying to take a whiff of whatever might be floating his direction. rabbit? nah. squirrel? too hairy. maybe he simply felt too lazy to eat. the boy sighed to himself sadly as he padded through the barren wasteland of a desert, giving up his quest for an easy meal.

hunt should be here soon, he thought. the older wolf was like a mother to him, but Nero still, after all these years, did not understand her true intentions? why had she rescued him? better yet, why did she insist on keeping him around? she occasionally had older males who followed them on their journey, wolves that Nero either liked to despised, but hunt cared neither for his feelings. it made him bitter inside, and he held some resentment towards the bi-colored femme but knew he would never find the way to express it outside of petty whining.

a shrew darted through his paws like an offering from the gods. Nero took no hesitation in stomping on its tail, sharp canine claws digging into the animal's small body until it's life juices poured from its orfices like water.  he cackled to himself, holding his squished prey in his teeth. "hey!" he called out, expecting hunt behind the dry, earthy shrubs. "look what I got. fucking squished it good, right?" he said crassly, though the dead shrew filled his jaws as he spoke.

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RE: IT'S A SECRET [NERO/HUNTINGTON] - Huntington - 01-03-2018

Nero was an impatient child. she did not know where she went wrong; blaming it solely on his budding hormones and not on her lack of affection. he would only grow more childish the more she allowed it. largely ignoring the youth as he went stumbling ahead she made her own pace. her slow gait was not to take in the surroundings. no. it was deliberate. as if quietly and silently insulting the boy with her lack of presence. he did little for her and with her. he was less than a beetle to her, yet she kept him around due to the fact his paws were small enough to collect cobwebs without breaking them. she felt nothing for him, save for some uneasy emotions that bubbled to the surface every now and again. she quickly pushed them away. should she be a whining sort, she would cry and wail how unfair it had been that her lover and she never had their own offspring. yet a mother could abandon their child in the woodland who could conceive. 

Huntington's ears swirled about at the boy's call, yet she merely went on her way leisurely. soon enough his blue fur was in sight. he was crouched over something and she moved to the side to see. almost immediately she cuffed him behind the head. "wasteful" she leered at him "killing the thing quickly merits no satisfaction." the lady moved his paws away with her own, bending over to take the shrew from his jaws. she had to yank it away from him. what a troublesome child... spitting it back on the ground, she beckoned him closer with a flick of her stubby tail. she would not pray for a dead thing. nor a living thing for that matter. her gods were silent. the gods she spoke of to no one, the ones she knew growing into an adult, and only whispered to her dead lover. "bring it back" she said quietly. he could at least attempt that much. his current skill and her own for that matter would allow small resurrections of dead things. not important things like others their kind. that would come in due time. for now, she was content to simply bide her time. 

her own techniques required Muti - a sacred medicine, a scared mixture - from her homeland. she had devised this to set herself apart from the other necromancers. she was still budding yet her ambition lay bare. she used the healing powers of the Muti to bring the flesh back. that which was broken was healed into a fresh body. ready to use and manipulative at will. though with the skill of a beginner, she only could control a small army of little mammals. it was up to Nero to find his own niche. she could only teach the boy what little she knew.

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RE: IT'S A SECRET [NERO/HUNTINGTON] - Nero - 01-03-2018

the old bitch just didn't understand. wasteful? worthless? what the hell? he'd caught that all on his own! and nero certainly wasn't a skilled hunter. if the damn things weren't dead they'd slip right through his jowls like an old wolf without teeth. nero snorted with utmost frustration, losing his temper with the she-wolf. she was just unreasonable, but her rage was real. hunt made it clear from day one she was not a mother for him, nor would she ever be. the boy's unlucky fate left him in huntington's care. when nero was younger he did not see things that way... but it simply progressed into, well, this.

his eyes went wide. "you're telling me I should have tortured it?" nero rolled his eyes at the she-wolf, snorting at such a stupid proposition. what was she thinking? honestly...  sometimes huntington made absolutely no sense. the boy made a face. "well that's fucking nuts." pouting, his precious prey removed from his clutches, nero thought he might be done with hunt's... lessons for the day. apparently not. instead of taking the shrew and eating his offering, she knocked it away from the pair and then demanded he go and revive his crushed prize. what? he gave hunt a confused, blue stare, not getting what she was after. slowly, he padded closer to her, slightly nervous for whatever punishment she might decide to dish out.

uselessly, he stared at the shrew, not even knowing where to begin. his tongue danced over his lips - he found himself salivating with nerves. giving hunt one last glance he stared long and hard at the shrew, trying to put all of his emotional energy into the want, the desire, the need to see it stand on its four paws once more. the shrew gave an unconscious twitch. interested, nero's ears shot up straight and he turned, searching for encouragement from his mentor. another twitch. but that was it. any further attempts resulted in nothing, and the shrew lay flat and bloodied, completely dead and void of re-animation.

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RE: IT'S A SECRET [NERO/HUNTINGTON] - Huntington - 01-03-2018

his words held no merit for her. if she would laugh at him, she did not miss her chance. instead, Huntington felt herself chuckling. it boiled to the surface. before either knew it, she was laughing madly. it sounded much like a hyena. ha ha ha ha...! and just as suddenly she was done. she sneered at him, showing her teeth as she leaned in to shove her face into his. her hot breath tickled his fur. she was almost as if a Cheshire cat, grinning madly at his laughable innocence. "you torture its soul by eating its flesh!" she stated, arching her back and rearing her skull to look down upon the youth. "how is physical torture any different? at least it fades. it fades into scars and stitches and burns. it fades from the flesh. yet the mind is sharper. the mind remembers, as does the soul" he was almost pitiful "spare me the righteous you hold, boy!" the world was not black or white. it was morally gray. gray as the clouds as it rained upon the earth, locking it into drear. she had no use for a person that continued to seek the world's treasures. better embrace the harsh realities of the world than live in a dreamscape. no, she would have to beat this out of him. a mother, after all, prepares her children for that reality.

he, however, went to work on his task. grudgingly at first, then he concentrated. the swirl of energy circled him, breathing and finally exhaling on the dead thing. Huntington lashed her head forward, sniffing as the shrew breathed a bit of life. then it was over. she leaned back, eyes expressionless. if he was looking for any praise he would be sorely mistaken. she only praised success. it could be argued he did some, yet she was looking for more than a twitch. she shook her head as if shaking a fly away. "you clearly have not been practicing" she rasped. the times she told him to do so... she could count them on both paws thrice. she situated herself on the ground, leaning once again forward. the teachers thus far had taught her many things. she adapted them to her own method, her own niche. a silvery ripple echoed the air as she breathed onto the thing. it twitched, yes, then rose. the flesh fell from the bones in sickening plops. the skeleton burning with small life, rasping for air it once breathed.

and in an instant, she slammed her paw on it. crushing the bones. destroying her work. one could almost see the look of betrayal she had caused the poor creature. if one was unable to destroy the thing they were fond of, they were truly weak. destroying one's creation was the ultimate test. she did not look at the boy, only speaking quietly. "we only have ourselves to rely on, dear sweet Nero" her neutral expression returned "I cannot protect you forever. you best learn how to defend yourself properly."

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RE: IT'S A SECRET [NERO/HUNTINGTON] - Nero - 01-06-2018

Her cackling made Nero's ears fly back in irritation. He glared at Huntington, sapphire-hued eyes narrowed and hostile. This was not easy for him. Never naturally gifted, Nero felt forced upon a prophecy he could not fulfill. Her talk of suffering and memories of the dead already painted a bleak and unforgiving image of his mentor. Cruel at times, Huntington held no patience for his novice ways, and when he failed to pick up knowledge at the snap of a claw she lept at him with a vengeful fury, her tongue snapping across the air as curse words and insults spilled out of her mouth like venomous serpents. Over the months Nero found himself unnaturally used to her outbursts.

"You can't even do it," Nero sneered, finding no comfort in her words. "You're supposed to be teaching me, and yet you're not good at this either." Regret for his tone may come in time, but in the moment he paid the price no mind. The wolf-child's blue tail thrashed back and forth like an irritated cat, thick-furred ears pinned to his skull as he demonstrated his irritation on a physical level. Hurt? Maybe. Then again, Huntington always followed her criticism with sickening sweet words that mended whatever scars she bore into the youngster.

He sighed heavily, not ready to apologize but knew it was coming. Gaze flicking to the shrew, Nero bit the inside of his lip as his shoulders sagged forward, slightly disappointed at how difficult reviving it had been, even in a zombie-state. Necromancers did not fully revive dead carcasses but possessed the uncanny ability to control its movements like a zombie. But dead was dead. What was the point in playing with them like puppets on a string? Their victims did not breathe real life, just a false, demonic, automated response to the bidder's will. It was a sham, and that upset Nero most of all.

So he sat, in the middle of the snow-blanketed desert where it was supposedly too hot for the existence of such a thing, and yet it pooled around his paws like cold, freezing sand. Nero leaned down and grabbed the dead shrew in his jaws once again, giving it three good chomps. The body, shredded by his razor-sharp teeth, fell to pieces beneath him. A paw, an ear, part of the head, the tail, and half the body scattered like patchwork pieces of Frankenstein's monster. The only part devoured by Nero was the main core, but limbs and such remained untouched as if Nero detested their taste and texture. "Now you bring that back," challenged the horned youth, tossing his head as if making his doubt in Huntington clear.

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RE: IT'S A SECRET [NERO/HUNTINGTON] - Huntington - 01-06-2018

 ha ha ha... her laughter seemed to echo upon the breeze. she felt like laughing now but held it in. a sneering grin instead replaced what giddy joy she felt at his continual defiance. what a problematic child. she had been taught of healing, not bringing back the things in life. if he expected her to display her power simply because he asked it - no, demanded - of her, he was going to be sorely mistaken. she had already given him a taste, and as such the hungry child demanded more of her. she brought the skeleton to dance for a bit yet he was not satisfied with such things. the road to power is paved in practice the lady told him practice makes perfect as fools say. yet there is truth in the fools this time, dear Nero even fools got lucky with their sayings at times. and if you think to bully me into submitting my power to you, you are mistaken. she leaned back as if to see him better. she submits to no one. that is why she belonged to no pack. she did not respect the alphas enough to order her about. and mayhap she was a daughter of some false god here in Victus, yet that did not mean she would jump into commitment. test the waters. see how far she could go with her budding powers. 

she cuffed him once more. albeit a bit late yet she did as if the thought suddenly crossed her mind. she would beat the defiance out of him one of these days. as much as it pained her, she required more of him. her high expectations made no room to love him, to comfort him... no, he could be seen too much of a slave to her whims over an adopted child. she could not bring herself to love him. she had lost a dear one to her crumbling heart already and had the idea that she could even bring her lover back if she learned these things. yet his body was rusted and decayed by now. only his skeleton remained. he had loved Nero in their brief time together. the plague did not take the youth nor herself. only someone she had held dear. if you desire such power, you must find it yourself she rasped a teacher can only teach you what she or he knows. discovery is the great seduction of life.
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RE: IT'S A SECRET [NERO/HUNTINGTON] - Nero - 01-08-2018

Admittedly, he was not prepared for Huntington's harsh reaction. No stranger to her punishments, either, Nero normally let the wolf's rage slide right off of him. Life was too short to stay upset, under any condition. But her slap, for the second time, made his heart thump with anger. No, Huntington never gave out free answers, but what was her reasoning behind hoarding all she knew? Nero picked up a piece of two, practiced a little bit, but there was such little incentive for him to care wholly that he almost felt this experience a waste. When would he ever need to bring anything back from the dead? Pinning his ears against his skull the youth pulled back his lips, teeth glittering in the light of the knight. She perceived him as weak, but over the past months, Nero had found an independence only sparked with the tinder of budding adulthood.

"Maybe I don't want your 'power,'" he grumbled under his breath, not exactly comprehending the words sliding out his mouth. Honestly, Nero didn't know what he wanted anymore. Was it necromancy? Something else? Something completely unique that Hunt simply could not help him with? Did he want to be just like her? That question tugged at his heart and he looked up at the white-masked wolf, searching her face for anything that resembled himself. But the harder he looked the less he found. Disappointment clouded his stormy gaze. She was nothing like him. Nothing about her resembled Nero in any way. Maybe he wanted to find a mother within her so badly he no longer cared to be her apprentice, for that meant even more distance between the two of them. While her markings were strange and her form a bit bizarre, Huntington looked like any other wolf born in a pack, a family, a belonging. And he? Nero desperately wanted to understand why his own parent left him all alone, to die in the frozen tundra of a dark, desolate forest as if his life no longer mattered to her or the spirits possessing this land.

Cheek stinging, he sharply turned his back to her, staring down at the torn, dismembered shrew. No longer did it look appetizing to eat. He batted a body part with a paw and sent it scattering across the ground. What was the use, anyway? Nero just wasn't good at this the way Huntington was. His shoulders sagged, but he kept his distance with her marginal, just in case the witch felt the need to defend her honor with tooth and claw.

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RE: IT'S A SECRET [NERO/HUNTINGTON] - Huntington - 01-12-2018

she did not understand anyone who did not want more in life. whether it be a personal discovery or the power she herself sought, the mysteries of living did not confound her much. what did, however, was Nero's lack of personal growth. under her tutelage, he had much potential. as did anyone she had decided to take in. she had hunted for him when he was but a babe taught him all she knew and he was ever ungrateful. he clung to the ideas of affection and love. it was not something she could give him. she was not an affectionate person, and love was a foreign concept to her now. why love when they all leave you in the end? it is best to shield your heart. nurture self-respect and keep yourself free of chains. she did not understand what more he wanted of her. perhaps she never would, even as he too left her. do not be ungrateful she hissed at him, though did not cuff him this time. I do not teach just any fool that happens my way. you have potential, dear sweet Nero. do not waste it on such petty ideals.

that was the most she would ever praise him. he lacked the ability to practice, so she would keep her praise short until he did. the world itself was a harsh place. people were harsher. she wanted him to grow up with a strong will. shrug off the words of others, defend against the abuse of them and persevere in times of doubt. a blank mind was a miserable thing. it shaped easily until the will of others changed them. he had to stand on his own with his own ideas. the ideals she instilled upon him. for she thought she was right in all manners. she did not shake herself free of the conversation. a slow blinking came to her face as she turned back down to the shrew killed. we have been extended an invitation to stay in pack land she nearly whispered. it would be a good idea for the boy to watch and observe others in a more natural setting. and we will take it for what it is; experience. she did not need to tell him they would not be officially joining. she had offered her services to Eden Dawntreader, the commander of the Wardens, in exchange for food and safety in the winter months.

it is a place of healing of body and mind she went on to explain we will take what we learn there and apply it elsewhere. Huntington was not below having tutors, nor expanded her skills. the fact of commitment, however, did not sit right with her. come spring she would easily slip back into a rogue's way.

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