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work a miracle - Isara - 01-20-2018

I wasn’t sure how long I had been running. Perhaps it was from the moment of my very existence or maybe it was from the moment I felt the air rustle through my fur as the adults did their best to free me and the others from the darkness that consumed our lives. Whenever I began running, I was running towards the future - the glimmer of golden light that served as my beacon of hope. It had shone most vibrantly that day that I heard my mother’s screams of agony...the day that I know she had given her life for mine. No more was I going to watch this glimmer of light from within the darkness. No more was I going to cower in the depths of my cave of solitude. was the time where I was going to run after this light until it consumed my very soul and cleansed me of the evil that I was born into.

Breaths heavy and ragged echoed in the air surrounding me as I physically ran to the best of my ability. My wings - a curse in my eyes - dragged upon the ground allowing themselves to occasionally be stepped upon causing me to stumble and tumble into the ground. With each passing hour on this surface, I grew dirtier and dirtier. I didn’t know where I was going, and even where there was to be truthful. I hadn’t the slightest clue as to what anything was here on the surface. Sure I knew some objects here and there thanks to my mother trying to teach me something, but there was just so much.

A snap recoiled in the air and instantly I felt as though someone was out there amidst these tall things that stood in drove after drove. I wanted to scream. I wanted to yell from the fear that coursed through my tiny little body, but I just couldn’t. Mama had told me to run and to be quiet in order to escape our captors...and I had no intentions of going back into that dark cave. Heart raced within my chest as I waited for somebody, anybody to appear as I slowly inched backward until suddenly I felt myself falling. Apparently, the ground disappeared and I just so happened to creep off the edge.

Silently, I fell. I lashed out my legs trying to grasp at something, anything, but unlike being underground, there was nothing. Weirdly though, with the blink of my eyes the world grew dark and suddenly I found myself landing upon the ground. But I didn’t land on the ground like I should have. Instead, I found myself being spat out of some hole and onto a rocky earth before it. Orange-hued eyes scanned the area around me as I tried to figure out exactly what was going on.

Rock cover floor...darkness...and this weird hole that I came out of. If I didn’t know better I would have thought that I was back in the cave, but there was one thing that told me otherwise. The sky. I was still able to see the sky with its big glowing thing, that meant that I wasn’t underground.

But where was I? This place wasn’t even remotely close to the place in which I had begun my fall. Too nervous to move I remained where I had fallen with my wings drooped upon the ground. I had no idea where I was...or what this place was. I was so useless, so insignificant that it wasn’t even worth mama dying for me. Tears filled my eyes the longer I stood there until eventually, I decided to curl up on the stone ground and silently cry until I fell asleep.
Maybe one day I would know where I came from and what this place was, but obviously, today was not that day.

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RE: work a miracle - Benjamin - 01-22-2018

years ago he had fallen through a portal to this land called Victus. he had been lost, confused and a bit frightened. most people had never seen a portal, let alone fall through one, so many were at a loss at first. what had happened to them? where were they? was this place dangerous? would they ever be able to go back? he had gone back many times. it was just a question of being able to do so properly. it took some concentration, he found, and a clear picture of where you want to go. it also helped to find the right portal. but all that was tiring to teach other people. he just let them figure it out for themselves. these days a lot of travelers had come to this land. his daughter had been one of them. Imogen was seeking a pack right now, so he had quietly slipped away from the mountain den when she left. he didn't want to feel lonely without her. she had been a constant in his life for some time now. though he had given her his blessing, he hoped she'd come back from time to time to visit him. 

but back to the portal. Benjamin made his way to the destination with thoughts in mind. he would help whoever had fallen through this time, offer them a place of rest until they were back on their feet. he expected nothing in return. he'd even hunt for them. it was the least he could do what with people helping him when he first came here. he finally arrived and saw no one at first. the flames on his back burned brightly, scouring the land with their light. it was always dark here. it smelt of dark magic too. he likened it to nightshade. yes. that smell. it was sickly. he didn't want anyone to be here longer than they should. unless they were into this, then he just left them alone. he took a few steps forward, stopping as the back of his paw hit something. the man looked down to see the sleeping form of a small pup. her wings stood out the most and he almost mistook her for a large and colorful bird.

a singular blue eye cast a glance around, looking for the parents. when nothing but her scent reached his nose, he frowned deeply. Ben bent over, nudging the girl softly. "ey" he muttered, quietly and kindly "n't a good place te take a nap, eh?"

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RE: work a miracle - Isara - 01-27-2018


Crystalline tipped ears twitched at the sound of another’s voice. If I hadn’t been as exhausted as I was, I probably would have jumped up quickly and tried to run away. But because I was so exhausted, I simply lifted my head and slowly opened my eyes - revealing my orange irises - and let out a big yawn. After all of this, I looked over to the source of the voice just as they spoke again.

“n’t a good place te take a nap, eh?”

Confused I stared at the figure that stood before me. His color was similar that to my own eyes...but he had fire that licked at the sky upon his back. It was interesting to say the least, but I had seen others in the cave use fire before that didn’t seem to hurt them. Perhaps this wolf’s fire was the same way? The light from his flames illuminated the area around both him and I and even though I didn’t know or realize it the golden specks that covered my body seemed to reflect the light in certain ways. But his appearance wasn’t why I was confused, it was because of what he said. Not a good place to take a nap? How was this not a good place to take a nap? It was rock and dirt comprised which seemed perfect to me. Down in the cave there was nothing to lay upon but rock and dirt. So why wasn’t this a good place to take a nap? Was it perhaps his spot to lay down? Down in the cave we all had our own spots to lay in and when someone tried to steal your set spot they’d get all huffy about it. Perhaps that was why...this was his spot. Perhaps the surface this was still the same as it was in the cave.

Tiredly, I looked around the area to search for another decent spot to nap and when I spotted one a few feet away, I moved to get up. I groaned in pain as I got up. I hadn’t noticed how sore my body was from all of my running earlier. As I moved to walk to my new napping spot I noticed pain in my paws and even though my wings ached along where they dragged upon the ground, I couldn’t even manage to hold them up even if I wanted to. Not because I was that tired - which I was - but because nobody had taught me how to hold up my wings and I feared that nobody ever would.

A few minutes passed as I walked to my new spot and once I reached it I circled in it a few times before plopping my body down to the ground much quicker than it had risen. Once I was done settling into my new spot, I looked over to the other wolf for approval and waited for him to take his spot. As soon as he settled down, then I’d go back to napping like I had been, but first I wanted to make sure that he approved of my new spot and I wasn’t taking up another wolf’s sleeping spot.

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RE: work a miracle - Benjamin - 01-29-2018

he smiled down at her, the poor little thing lost and confused in this strange new land. he had an inkling that that was what it was but he was not sure if he was correct. why did no parent claim her? they would surely do so if they saw a strange male around their little daughter. he would have fought them with all the ferocity of a loyal parent, especially if the pup belonged to them. he thought back on Imogen and how he never seemed to protect her. that girl always did it herself with such ease, he was often left out of her life. true that he had only known of her existence after two years and returning to his old place of contemplation. his old mate, though brief they had been, shoved the girl in his face. like a weapon. told him that she was his and to 'deal with it'. he didn't understand her words. Imogen was a lovely girl. he couldn't see any problem with her. but ah, the problem lay with the mother. the warm being he had grown to love was now bitter and lost. he could not help her, for no words had righted that he had left her. he regretted that with all his heart, especially since they had a child together, but he couldn't turn back that far in time. instead, he focused on the future. the one thing he could fix.

the girl before him, in question, was the future. she would grow strong with ease despite her little appearance. she had moved, perhaps suggesting this was his spot and he didn't want her here. he shook his massive head at her quietness. "naw, meant..." how could he explain to a tiny thing like her that this place was very bad? it was full of dark magic and suspicious characters. instead, he returned his smile and walked a bit closer. "nev'mind. wouldn't ye like a warm bed ta sleep in?" he pressed gently. he had his own den, far from the pack lands so no one would bother her to join them. she didn't need that right now. what she needed was to sleep. he could tell how tired she looked. she was exhausted. but he could also see that she may not want to come with him. he was a stranger. time to remedy that. children responded to positive enforcement. speaking to them like equals was always a good thing to do. it netted brownie points. he sat down now in front of her again, shifting his body to get comfortable amongst the hard floor. "name's Ben" he added, thinking it would be easier than pronouncing his full name. "can ye tell m'yours?" was she able to speak, was his question true? she hadn't with him but she might be shy. some wolves just couldn't speak and that was fine. he wished he had his daughter's abilities at times. she could speak telepathically with others. 

he waited for her to return the favor, yet did not expect anything from the girl.

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RE: work a miracle - Isara - 01-31-2018

Head tilted as the fire covered wolf began to speak again. Was that not his spot? Or was it someone else’s spot? The questions seemed to swirl and fill my mind as he went silent for a minute. Then he smiled after shaking his head and walked closer to me while talking again. Was it okay to talk out loud like this here on the surface? Were there no guards to hurt you if you did? And of this bed he mentioned...what was it? Didn’t wolves on the surface sleep on the ground like we did down in the cave? Surely sleeping couldn’t have been much different, right? It was sleeping. You lay down, close your eyes, and drift off into a dream world or something. Seemed pretty simple. Was a bed another step to add now that I was on the surface? Was there some sort of thing that had to be done beforehand? Either way the question that he had asked had to have an answer of some sort, but unfortunately, I didn’t know how to answer back. It sounded like a yes or no I guess I had a good chance of guessing the right one, but should I chance it was the secondary question.


I decided that I wouldn’t try to guess when the wolf’s change of position from standing to lying down on the ground in front of me.  Muscles within my body initially tensed as I prepared to run. Quick and fleeting worries of this wolf being one of the guards from the cave raced through my mind - setting all other curious questions to the side - but soon after he settled down I caught his scent. It was a sharp scent. Something crisp in the air but overall definitely not one that I had smelled before. He was not from the cave. Not as a guard or a prisoner. After that decision was settled my muscles relaxed somewhat as he spoke yet again causing my quartz crystal tipped ears to tip forward more so than they had already.

“Name’s Ben.”

Ben...his name was Ben. It was a simple name. Easy to say and remember. My orange eyes looked towards the ground barely as I committed his name to memory, but they snapped back up when he asked if I could tell him mine.

My name? I knew what a name was but...

Fearfully, my eyes darted around checking to make sure that no one was around. All I saw was rock and dirt and the great big white thing in the sky. And Ben. Yes, I couldn’t forget about Ben. He was here too. For a while, there remained nothing but silence between the two of us as I feared that someone might be lurking in the distance - waiting for the perfect time to jump in and hurt us for talking out loud. Then I remembered how mama and I would talk with each other through our minds. Was I able to speak with others the same way or was it just with mama? Cautiously but curiously I gently tried to extend my thought-speak to him.

“Isara,” I started off with before continuing hoping that I had established a safe means of talking with him, “Mama calls…,” I paused for a second as I remembered that mama was no more. Or at least that’s what I was pretty sure of. An obvious glum expression washed over my face as I felt a sour taste in both my mind and mouth about talking about mama as if she was still alive. Inside my chest grew a pain that I was unaccustomed to. And even my eyes grew wet as I thought about her. Was it because she was gone? Was it because I was so tired from all the running? Was it because of the pain that racked my tiny little body? Self-conscious of the growing tears I rubbed my head against my paws as best as I could and settled down somewhat before continuing, “Mama called me Isara.” For a minute, I remained silent after that but after a little, while I piped back in before Ben could chime in after confirming my name, “What is bed?”

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RE: work a miracle - Benjamin - 02-04-2018

after a bit of mild worry, the girl spoke. she had even allowed him to sit near her. good. that was a good sign. he didn't want to frighten her with anything, especially his fire. he knew how hazardous it appeared to be to other people but he had it under a good control. he did not allow it to burn anything without his permission and the wall of fire that usually appeared when he was threatened was focused on his back to use. or until he did. but what was curious or perhaps even more worrying was that she told him of her parent in past tense. he got a name out of her. Isara. what a lovely name for a little girl. he didn't have time to tell her that for she went on about her parent. had? was she... no longer around? Benjamin's heart went out for the girl. he no longer had his parents either. he would have liked to get to know them as he grew older but that seemed impossible. he decided to not dwell on the little girl's troublesome arrival and instead focus on getting her speaking. the time for questions could always come later. for now, he didn't want to overwhelm her with them. 

she asked what a bed was, and he frowned. softly. ever so softly. not to make her feel inferior for not knowing what it was. "place te sleep. soft" he answered with a growing smile "comfy. lined wit'feathers n'fur." his own was lined with each. he couldn't tell at first glance how old the girl was. he had to guess six months or older, under a year at most. he wanted to take her to a place where it wasn't riddled with darkness like this area but he had to build her trust up before he suggested that. if she didn't have her parents with her, or they were dead, he would have to understand she was alone now. girls usually had more problems with that than boys. people took advantage of them if the wrong one came along. he decided right then and there to protect her from harm but his own ways prevented him from scooping her up and running off to safety. he thought back to the den in the mountains and how Imogen was no longer there. her bed was larger than this child's but it would due for some time. 

he could suggest he take her there. just until she gets on her feet. but again, he was prevented from saying this out loud. instead his curiosity reached a boiling point. "where ye parents, lil Isara?" he asked gently.

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RE: work a miracle - Isara - 02-07-2018

Ben’s growing smile was almost infectious as he tried to explain what a bed was. Someplace to sleep that was...soft. Even though my lips felt like curling up into a smile they didn’t because yet again there was another term that I was not really familiar with. When he continued one though, my confusion grew even more. Comfy? Feathers and fur? My gaze fell to the ground and then shifted to both my fur and then my wings. Was I...a bed? Was I soft? Was I comfy? Questionably, I shifted my wings around my body as best as I could and then shifted my orange hued eyes back towards Ben and tilted my head as I looked at him. He had fur...but he didn’t have any wings with feathers. Instead, he had the fire that licked at his back. Was he comfy? Was he soft? Where were his feathers?

Amongst all the questions that swirled in my head, I squirmed within my wings and then reached out with my mind yet again, “ Bed.” I was trying to what it meant exactly, but hopefully, it would become obvious that I noticed that I myself had fur and feathers. I tried to smile back at him, which wasn’t honestly all too hard even though I had never smiled before. Just the mere thought of knowing that my thought-speak was able to get through to him made me happier. But that happiness was short lived.

‘Where ye parents, lil Isara?’

His voice may have been gentle, but I still felt the sting of what felt like a thousand scratches on my heart. Instantly, my smile faded away into the darkness and my gaze shifted to the ground behind my wings. Parents? He obviously meant mama and a papa. I knew mama… the sour taste from before reappeared as did the pain in my chest. I didn’t want to talk about mama. I didn’t want to think about her really either. Doing so made me hurt and feel bad. As for a papa...I didn’t know my papa. I never had the chance to meet him and neither did he really. Mama had told me the story of how we were all separated from each other and others from the cave would occasionally tell me about my papa. His name was De-something - for some reason I could never remember its entirety. For a brief moment, my eyes shifted to the weird thingy that I had fallen through and then they went back to Ben before decidedly answering his question, though probably not with an answer that he was expecting.

“I don’t wanna talk about Mama,” my voice came out muffled as the words slipped between my lips. Quartz tipped ears fell backward as I lowered myself behind my wings - using them as a sort of makeshift shield. Why I hid behind my wings, I didn’t know. Maybe it was because I felt as though Ben wouldn’t be able to see the sadness that plagued my eyes and face? Maybe it was because I felt like I needed to hide? I wasn’t entirely sure of the reasons but I just felt...better? Not really better but I guess that was the best word for it. I still felt horrible. My body still ached and the pained feeling in my chest still radiated through my body as tears began to fill my eyes. I tried to rub them away with my paws but the more I tried to wipe them away, the faster they just seemed to come. What was wrong with me? Why? Why was I being like this with Ben around? Why was I acting this way after he asked about mama? I just wanted an answer or to forget everything all together, but I couldn’t. I could never forget mama. She gave birth to me. She took care of me. She got me out of that cave. And I was pretty sure she was...gone. I didn’t want to talk about her. I didn’t even want to think about her. Hopefully Ben wouldn’t press the matter much further. Maybe he’d even leave me alone and let me rest. Obviously, though, I had no say in what he chose to do. He was his own being after all.

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RE: work a miracle - Benjamin - 02-13-2018

she spoke again, but with her mind. Ben was never used to how people did that, and to have the ability in one so young? it was impressive. he felt the invasive thought move off quickly though. she seemed to believe it was a small joke; that she had feathers and fur. he chuckled, unable to correct her. it was too cute. her innocence, her childish ways... his daughter's youth had been stolen by an untold mother. his former mate, however brief it had been, failed to mention her pregnancy. when he met his daughter at long last, she was already a year old. her puppy stage was over. it seemed he had no experience with younger wolves despite trying his best with Isara. he couldn't even begin to guess her age. it might be she was older than she looked; if he had to guess she looked a bit malnourished. was she hungry? could he get her anything to eat? just as he was about to tell her to stay here, she gave a miserable answer to his question. she hid behind her wings.

Ben's heart tore in two. if she didn't want to talk about her parents - her mother specifically - it meant something had happened. the thought of her witnessing such a thing made him a bit angry. if he could tear into the bastard that did something to her mother, he would. but there was the possibility that she had died of natural causes. he lay his fur flat. "'kay" he suspected her burdens were her own to carry right now. if she was more comfortable with him, she'd tell him later. because there was no way he was moving from this spot until he knew she was safe. while it seemed nobody was coming for her, he wondered if he should drop her off on a pack's land. there were den mothers to care for her. other children to play with. protection. stability. but the pack may want to keep her after she was left with them, and that was unfair. she had the right to choose her own destiny. he tore his gaze from the little girl to look around. it wasn't the dead of winter anymore, but it was still chilly. she'd freeze out here. 

he inhaled then exhaled, willing the blue flame off his back to slide down his shoulder and onto the ground. a few tendrils of it remained on his shoulders, but otherwise, it burned brightly upon the ground. another spout of concentration and the flames shot to life, warming the area and anyone in its grasp. he held out a paw, beckoning her closer. "'ere, warm yerself by t'fire" he offered his family's flame lineage for comfort. we don't have to talk about your mother; it was an unspoken arrangement. his fur burned at the thought of a mother having left her child, but sometimes it was better. at least he thought so. in his effort to get her more comfortable, he added; "so, 'ell m'bout yerself. what does lil'Isara like? yer favorite foods?" he paused, dramatically humming and hawing as he thought. "fish fer me. could go fer a nice salmon. thinkin' bout crackin' t'ice. roast fish sounds delish."

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RE: work a miracle - Isara - 02-18-2018

He laughed? Why did he laugh after I said bed? Was I wrong in interpreting that I myself was a bed? I had the necessary requirements, right? Fur and feathers. I had both of those. Quietly, I pondered his reaction behind my wings. Though the longer I stayed hidden behind my wings, the more I felt horrible. Ben surely didn’t know anything from my past, did he? Probably not otherwise he wouldn’t have asked. The tears that silently trickled down my cheeks just kept coming no matter how much I tried to stop them. Ben didn’t need to see me like this. He didn’t need more reasons to ask what was wrong. He didn’t need to know where I cam from. He...he didn’t need to carry this hardship.

‘Kay.’ My ears pricked upwards upon hearing Ben answer back to me saying I didn’t want to talk about mama. For a moment my tears paused and I felt something shift within me. It felt like something that had been weighing me down was suddenly taken away. Though it wasn’t taken away in its entirety, enough to make me feel...better. Slowly, I began to wipe away my tears away - removing their existence as much as possible.I didn’t need to give Ben any more reasons to wonder or ask about everything.

It honestly didn’t take long after that for Ben to cast out his voice again. This time my head poked out from above my wings in response. Curious, I looked at what he was referring to. Warm myself by the fire? The time it took for me to realize what he meant was almost instantaneous because when I went to look at him I quickly noticed the blue flames that were now situated upon the ground. Like a switch, my worries were set aside and my childish curiosity grew rampant. But even still, I cautiously crept towards Ben and the fire. As I crept closer and closer, I could feel the warmth that began to fill the nearby area wash over me. I didn’t stop moving until I was pretty much laying right next to Ben.

I sat there for a few minutes staring at the fire with wide and curious orange eyes, but then as the warmth began to cloak me entirely I felt my exhaustion begin to weigh me down. My eyes grew heavier and my tiny four-month-old body began to relax until eventually, I found myself leaning against Ben. However, I didn’t let myself fall asleep like this. I actually couldn’t because as soon as I did lean against Ben I could feel vibrations as he spoke to me again. This time he asked me to tell him about myself - stuff like what I liked and what were my favorite foods. After that, he proceeded to say something about things called fish and salmon and ice. I didn’t have the slightest clue about what he was talking about. Although I wanted to ask him what he was talking about, I figured I could do that at a later time. Instead, I decided to answer his questions through my weariness.

“What do I like?” I pondered on it for a little while. What did I like? I wasn’t entirely sure if even I knew what I liked and didn’t like. Being stuck in the cave there really wasn’t all that much to do besides sleep and try to talk without getting caught. I guess I had never really taken the time to think about what I had liked before. A few minutes passed by as I considered everything that I had ever experienced and knew in my short life before answering the questions, “I like food that doesn’t make others sick or go to sleep so then I can eat it too and I like hearing stories about the surface and all its fun sounding things,” I paused as I yawned through my weariness and remembered how mama had taught me to wait to eat anything that the guards brought to see if it did anything bad to anybody else. Mama was always careful like that. She taught me to watch for others getting sick or falling asleep after eating because if that happened then it probably wasn’t good, “I also like days that the guards don’t come to pick others to leave for forever,” I paused again only this time it was because I was still trying to figure out how to answer his question to tell him about myself. Until eventually I just ended up blurting something out without even realizing it because I was already almost half asleep, “I’m Isara. I’m four months old and thanks to mama and the others this is my first day here on the surface.”

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